TITLE : Mummy Dearest

AUTHOR : Karen Gomes )


RATING : Strong strong R

SPOILERS : Probably

DISCLAIMER : All of the known characters/premises/plots belong to their respective owners. So there.

SUMMARY : A series of bizarre murders lead the VCTF team to Brooklyn, and a strange encounter brings Sam and Bailey closer than ever.

NOTES : It's been awhile, huh? Are there still SBR fans out there? big grin Sorry for the delay – blame my current addiction to CSI...


---------------- Mummy Dearest, part 9. ----------------

Comfort Inn, Brooklyn

Glancing up, Bailey saw that the elevator still had another three floors to tend to before opening its doors to them. He kept a firm grasp on Sam's hand and smiled just a little, revelling in the comfort; aching to perform this very movement over and over again. His thumb gently rubbed the back of her hand, sending an affectionate message; one of protection and love.

Sam glanced down at their intertwined hands and sighed contentedly. His grasp was so different than that of Coop's and she couldn't help but melt whenever he offered her his strong arms; giving her a moment to lose herself in his secure embrace. She closed her eyes – she needed to feel his chest against hers, his arms squeezing the air out of her...she felt her desire building, striking from her core to her heart.

The elevator dinged, signalling its acceptance of boarding, and Bailey entered, holding the door open for Sam, while letting go of her hand. He waited for her to step in and pressed the ground floor button and stared ahead as the doors closed. He willed his libido in check; being so close to his desire and not being able to taste of her sweet skin was driving him insane. He was about to speak when his back came into contact with the wall and he felt her soft lips press against his.

Sam couldn't explain what propelled her to take such a bold move, but she couldn't control herself anymore. She pushed him against the wall and attacked his mouth, craving him desperately. She gasped when she felt him respond, felt his arms around her waist, drawing her closer to him. Her body now pressed flush against his, she drank in his scent, moaning when his tongue pushed past her lips and dove into her mouth. She felt his arousal press against her thigh and bucked her hips against his, telling him of her need for him when the loud 'ding' of the elevator caused them to quickly break apart.

"Going up?" Nathan asked cheekily, stepping in with an equally grinning John.

"Yes." Bailey deadpanned, staring straight ahead. The ride back to their floor was silent, and Bailey tried to sedate his heart beat, and calm his erratic breathing. Stepping off the elevator, he grabbed Sam by the hand and walked briskly to his room.

Sam grinned at John and Nathan right before being carted away by her 'David'. She followed him into his room, closing the door behind her. The two just stood, staring at eachother; chests heaving, desires brewing and logic leaving.

Outside the room, John and Nathan were making their way to their own respective chambers when they heard a loud bang coming from Bailey's room. "Should we...?" Nathan asked, inching towards the door.

"No...angry and horny Bailey is NOT a good thing to deal with." John opened the door to their room and walked in, Nathan soon following.

Back inside the room, Bailey pinned his blonde partner against the door, kissing her mouth with a frenzy of emotions. He moaned, feeling her draw his lower lip into her mouth, sucking fiercely until it bruised. He lifted her up with ease, her legs wrapping around his torso as he carried her to bed. "God Sam..." He breathed into her mouth.

"Bail..." She moaned herself, as his hand found the swell of her breast.

He placed her gently on the bed, slowly unbuttoning her blouse. His hands found either side of her, and glided down her waist all the way to her hips and back up, his fingers memorising the curves of her body. "Sam...Sam you're so beautiful." He kissed her lips, and journeyed down to her neck, his mouth branding her creamy skin. His tongue traced her collarbone, moving to reach her breastbone and stopping where her bra stood strong. He leaned back, kneeling on the bed and began to take off his shirt and pants.

Sam took the opportunity to observe his manly physique. Her eyes roamed his well-developed chest as it came into view, and she reached a hand out, letting her hands glide down his smooth skin, save for a light dusting of hair. She let her hand travel downwards, fingers lightly dancing around his navel before feeling him, hard through his pants.

Bailey tried not to move against her hand, but his carnal desires were soon in command of his actions. Throwing his shirt on the ground, he stepped out of his pants and boxers, standing naked before his beauty.

"Oh Bailey..." Sam whispered, her eyes taking in his majestic body as she felt him near her again. She unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the side. Unbuckling her belt, he gently pulled her pants down, along with her panties. She raised her hips slightly, feeling the material hug her legs as it left. Holding out her arms, she closed her eyes, enjoying his weight over her body. Their mouths found eachother, intensely though dimming in aggressiveness.

His hand found her centre, pleasing her, watching her writhe under his touch, while his other hand found the golden strands of her hair, letting his fingers thread through them. "I want you, Sam." He whispered, placing butterfly kisses near her earlobe. "I need you..." He trailed along her jaw, reaching her mouth, conveying his love.

"Please..." She whimpered, arching into him. She pressed a hand to his arousal, stroking the length of him before guiding him in her. Both lovers held their breaths, enjoying the feeling as the barrier was finally crossed: no more wishing and hoping, no more fantasies and dreams, for reality finally reached both of them together, and each realised as their pinnacles were ascended to.

"Stay with me, Sam." Bailey coaxed her, feeling his release begin. They peaked together, enjoying their bond and ultimate connection as the pleasuring ripples coursed through their bodies.

Bailey collapsed on top of her, and she held him close; her hands running up and down his sweat-soaked back. "Bailey, that was..." Sam panted into his mouth, before she was cut off his searing kiss.

"Good?" He smiled mischievously.

"Great!" She echoed his look. They gazed into each other's eyes.

"It was bound to happen, Sam." He offered. "The tension was becoming unbearable."

She nodded, one hand brushing through his hair. Her lips sought his neck, wanting to return the favour, and she began to suck his skin, leaving wet kisses in its wake. She heard his baritone voice vibrate deep in his body as he groaned, moving to pick up his ringing cell-phone.

He flipped their positions, so his body was now underneath hers. "Malone." His voice was calm, and he smiled at her, as his hand cupped her cheek, gently stroking near her mouth. He thanked Grace and hung up. "Grace just called, I think we may have a lead..." He said, standing up, taking her with him.

"Bailey!" Sam giggled, trying to wrestle herself out of his grasp.

"We have time for a quick shower, and then we're heading out." He slung her over his shoulder and headed towards the bathroom.

Comfort Inn, Brooklyn

Nathan and John stood chatting, waiting for Bailey and Sam to join them downstairs. They spotted the pair getting off the elevator, and both pressed their lips together, to stifle their laughter.

"Shut up." Bailey muttered, walking by, not even throwing them a glance.

Sam broke out into a smile, and followed him, feeling her cheeks turn a rosy hue. Nathan and John threw a look, shrugged and jogged to meet up with the two.

Sitting in the comfort of the car, Bailey left it in park. "Okay, Grace called me and I think I know why we couldn't locate Keri Yule." Bailey passed around her picture.

Sam took the portrait of the woman, her eyes trailing over the natural beauty that emanated. She had intense green eyes, and light brown hair that fell just past her shoulders. There was this unmistakable symmetry that just attracted the eye. She frowned, passing the picture to Nathan.

"The sample skin I managed to get a hold of, from the Museum..." Bailey began, looking at his team expectantly.

John's eyes widened. "No..." He shook his head. "She was mummified?"

Bailey nodded, disgusted. "Yeah..." He glanced back at the team. "Right now, Valerie Klunk is our main suspect."

"What about the curator?" Sam asked, as she watched her boss key the ignition.

"She might be an accessory..." He sighed, as they pulled out of the driveway and headed towards the museum, with a hope that their questions would be answered.