This is about how I think how the lives of victims, who used the Jigoku Shoujo website in Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori, went afterwards.

Sequel to Jigoku Shoujo Season 1 Aftermath from Celestialfae

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Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori: Aftermath

All Fools - Shizuko Amagi

Shizuko Amagi was sighing in her apartment; she had been regretting her choice of sending her neighbour Kyouko Tachibana to hell. Of course Kyouko was the one at fault because she played nasty pranks on Shizuko all because of a cat. The truth was though the cat belonged to Kyouko and she wasn't happy Shizuko adopted it after it became ill. Unfortunately Kyouko didn't think about just talking to Shizuko and telling her she was the owner of the cat. Kyouko was just a foolish woman.

After sending her neighbour to hell Shizuko finally learnt the real truth about Kyouko. Ren, after learning the truth from Kyouko herself while she was being ferried to hell, told Shizuko everything about the cat belonged to Kyouko and while she played a lot of pranks on her.

Poor Shizuko felt very foolish indeed for what she did, and she wished her neighbour just told her the truth earlier. But now there was nothing Shizuko could except live the rest of her life in regret and remember her foolishness. As for the cat, it would stay with Shizuko for the rest of its life but never see her or Kyouko in heaven.

I bet Shizuko learnt the truth after seeing the pictures pf her neighbour with the cat.