My Dearest Corat,

Humans have a custom called the love letter that, while not what Cardassians would deem as great literature, has its own charm that I hope touches your heart in the way I hope.

But I fear that my reasons for writing you aren't confined to sharing my feelings or another ancient Earth custom. I may not be able to see you again. At your insistence, I paid a visit to the Chief Medical Officer which brought me the most incredible, but terrifying news. My hands are trembling even as I write this.

I'm expecting our twins. I apologize for the shock I know this must be to you, but I hope that when it sinks in the news will bring you some joy. And if it does, I truly hope you will be able to be a father to them. The latter unfortunately, seems to rest on the skills of those conducting the peace talks.

Whatever happens, I want you to know how deeply I love you and how painful it will be to be parted from you. I am optimistic that the peace talks will succeed, but either way, our children will be the light of my life as you have been these last several weeks.

With deepest love and affection,


"How delightful?!" Weyoun crowed to the wardroom as he regarded the datapad in his hand with such glee that the smile was borderline savage. Across the room from where the pale skinned Vorta sat, Gul Dukat stood pensively at the window. A baseball, the cherished possession of his respected enemy, Benjamin Sisko, ro lled securely on his fingertips. Turning his head, he spared Weyoun a withering look.

"Thirty minutes ago, you were appalled by what was on Damar's datapad. Now you're delighted?!"

Mischief danced merrily in Weyoun's violet eyes as he continued to regard the little device. To observe the Founder's most trusted subject one might have thought he'd just discovered a treasure trove of Federation secrets.

"I have to admit that Damar's idea to poison the Jem'Hadar's Ketracel White rations was unexpected and rather passive aggressive for him, but this…! This reveals a whole new side of Damar and it is positively mesmerizing, don't you think?"

"What are you talking about?!"

"Here! Come see for yourself!" Weyoun waved Dukat over excitedly, extending the datapad out to him with the other hand. He was going to positively savor the look on his comrade's face as he looked into this window of Damar's past. Weyoun had never particularly gotten along with or trusted Damar. Not that the Vorta trusted many, but he and Damar had different ways of approaching almost any situation. Damar was aggressive, impulsive, and brutal in both word and deed and Weyoun found such tactlessness repulsive. He never would have guessed Dukat's chief thug would have gotten mixed up with a Federation woman; a romance so laced with intrigue and fraught with consequences it made Weyoun's mouth water at the possibility of learning more.

"Come on, don't be shy!" Weyoun chirped excitedly as Dukat reluctantly joined him at the table. He took the proffered datapad and began scanning the contents.

"I always knew Damar was impulsive, but I never suspected he was such a hypocrite. And irresponsible," Weyoun whispered, enjoying the gossip.

After a long moment of silence, Dukat's head fell back and his bright blue eyes drifted shut. The datapad slipped listlessly from Dukat's hands onto the table with a soft clack.

"He still hasn't forgotten her," Dukat croaked.