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"Aaaaaaaaah!?" A young man jolted up as he had a fist implanted into his stomach. The young man was a blond boy of over 17 years old, with slightly tanned skin, and bright blond hair that was spiked and wild in appearance. He had three whisker marks on each cheek, and bright blue eyes that were looking around the... place for the cause of him being rudely awakened by said fist in his stomach. He was a well built man, though he was missing most of his right arm at the moment.

Naruto looked and saw his teammate was responsible for this.

"Finally, we've been trying to wake you up for minutes now." She said as she crossed her arms over her flat chest. Naruto was only wearing his boxers, while she was wearing a medical gown at the moment, suggesting that she had been performing some kind of surgery before she had seen him. She had bright, hot pink, hair that went down to just under her shoulders, and bright green eyes as well, with very light skin.

Sakura Haruno.

Naruto looked at the "we've" of that sentence.

There were three more people around them.

There was another young man, Naruto's own rival Sasuke, a boy of about the same height as Naruto, though he had his head wrapped in a turban-like bandage at the moment, and his straight black hair covered his left eye, showing his onix right eye. He wore a cloak over most of his body though.

Sasuke Uchiha.

Then there was Sai, just Sai, a man the same age as them with short black hair, and pasty white skin with black eyes. He was a little less muscled than Naruto was, though he was currently wearing his own hospital robes showing that maybe he had been in the hospital after being hurt on a mission. It would make some sense if Sakura was wearing her hospital uniform then.

"Hey guys... why are... not my bedroom." Naruto noted when he saw where they were not.

They were in a white room, with a tiny person.

The tiny person shared some... a lot of similarities with Naruto. He, Naruto could tell without looking this girlish-boy was a male, had three whisker marks on his face, the same spiked up hair as Naruto, though the color was silver, the same tanned peach skin as Naruto, the same blue eyes. He just seemed younger, more feminine... and wearing small silver armor over his chest, forehead, arms, hips, and legs. He had a suit on underneath the armor as well, and was writing a note.

"This person is... Who are you again?" Sakura asked as she tried to introduce Naruto to the person in the room.


"OH Cool! So we are... Sasuke, did Orochimaru do this?" Naruto asked with a look to Sasuke. Orochimaru was a man that did a lot of experiments, and Naruto would not put it passed the same man to make a modified clone of him.

Sasuke just stayed silent.

I am from an alternate reality.

Nobody even bat an eyelash at that.

"Of course an alternate version of you would be this weird." Sakura sighed out. Naruto was the weird one on the team, so of course the alternate version of him would not only be weird, but also have weird quirks and powers no doubt.

She had been checking up on Sai, before flash of light, she was standing in this room with not only Sai, but Sasuke and Naruto as well.

"Figures." Sasuke muttered to himself mostly. He had travelled across many dimensions in his journey, and he had seen a few Naruto's as well in those dimensions. Naruto's from different timelines, or alternate realities. He was the least surprised of anyone that a different version of their Naruto existed, and was calling out to them with a strange power.

For one, he wasn't able to use his Rinnegan to open a portal back to their dimension for some reason, so some foul play was at work there.

"Nothing is normal with Naruto around." Sai commented as they all looked towards Naruto, who was staring at Naruto with a dull look.


"Makes sense to me... Pretty sure meeting another me ranks lower on the weird scale than fighting an immortal goddess who destroys and recreates entire universes... So other-me, what do I call you?" Naruto asked Naruto, who was already writing down his title that he would refer to himself as. He knew it would get confusing for everyone involved if they kept hearing the same name getting used, but referencing multiple people.

I am Naruto the Silent King of the Underworld, also Naruto Hellscythe you could say.

"Cool, I'm Naruto Uzumaki... fancy title you have there." Naruto greeted himself by extending his hand to shake.

Naruto shook Naruto's hand.

"Great, now we are all friends... What do you need kid?" Sakura asked Naruto-SKU with a raised eyebrow, arms still crossed.

This wasn't the weirdest thing she had seen, but it was still weird.

I was bored, and had an offer.

"Offer?" Sai asked as he looked at Naruto-SKU suspiciously, before he stopped being suspicious, this was still a version of his friend, so he would be more than happy to give ythe benefit of tjhe doubt here.

Naruto-SKU put a cystal ball on the ground.

I have been watching many worlds.

"So you want us to save these worlds, be super badass heroes right!?" Naruto shouted out with excitment. His new arm wouldn't be ready for a few months anyway, so he could use a good old round of saving a world in danger to get himself hyped for his arm. Sasuke didn't want to get a replacement arm, but for the members of Team Seven (including Sai) this would be a good way to do another mission together.

Sakura sighed and elbowed Naruto in the side.

"We can't leave our world willy nilly Naruto. Anyway, we don't know if that is what this Weirdruto even wants." Sakura pointed out to Naruto.

Sasuke nodded slightly.

Your world will be safe, that I promise.

"How?" Sai asked with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto-SKU pointed a figure at them, and their bodies glowed for a moment, before they seperated. He whispered a world that all of them could barely hear, they could only hear the word though, his voice still mostly a mystery to them.

Now there were two copies of all of them standing.

"Clones!" Naruto, and Naruto-Clone, shouted out as they high-fived each other. Everyone started to stare at their own clones, before in a white light the clones were gone.

Sasuke looked at Naruto-SKU with narrowed eyes.

"Why should we leave our world to those clones?" Sasuke asked with his eyes both narrowing in suspicion.

How do you know you aren't the clones?

"So, we can go under the assumption that we could be, but are not, the clones. So, our choice needs to be made with the knowledge that our world and it's future won't be affected by what we chose to do..." Sakura analyzed the situation. She didn't know if she was a clone or not, just having the same memories didn't mean she wasn't a clone. She could have the memories of a clone being created as well, even as a clone, thus making her clone mind believe that she herself was the original, and not a clone.

Naruto looked confused.

"Eh?" Naruto asked with a dull look.

"Basically, the real us might have been sent back to our world, and we are the clones... or we are the real ones, and the clones were sent back." Sai summarized for Naruto, who had it click for him with that.

Okay, that was cool.

It was super weird knowing that he might be a clone, but it was cool for him to experience what it was like to feel like a clone.

"So what do you need us for Little-Me?" Naruto asked as he grinned at his Alternate Version.

There is a world, a world that has many branching timelines, many of which already have alternate versions of their own Naruto.

"... How many Narutos are there out there?" Sasuke asked with a raised eyebrow.

Many. I myself manipulated the events in several of them.

"Manipulated... You have some form of Reality Altering ability?" Sai confessed his confusion with the statement, and asked about the Naruto in front of them.



Everyone looked at both Naruto's, wondering what their Naruto would do if he had the power to alter reality at a whim like this one seemed to be doing... then they realized their Naruto wouldn't really use the ability all that much. Other than making instant ramen actually instant, he wouldn't do much with such a powerful ability.

The world that I wish for you to go to has had a seed of Kaguya planted.

That got everyone to become serious instantly.

"A seed of Kaguya... a Black Zetsu?" Naruto asked with his eyes now narrowed, serious as he had ever been. Kaguya could travel to alternate dimensions as well, so he wouldn't be surprised if there was a world where she had left something behind in. Something dangerous that needed to be destroyed, or sealed away if it could not be destroyed.

Sakura looked worried now.

Not only a Seed of Kaguya, but you also changed this dimension.

Naruto-SKU looked at Naruto directly.

"Me/You?" Naruto, Sakura and Sai, looked and pointed towards their Naruto.

Not you, an alternate you from a different timeline in this universe.

"I'm confused." Naruto said what everyone was thinking. So an alternate version of himself from a different timeline did something that effected this universe, and that was causing this version of him to come to them so that they could fix it? Of course, he was going to agree to go.

If he caused a problem, he would fix it.

"What did you do?" Sakura accused Naruto, her tone annoyed.

"Nothing!" Naruto shouted out as he jumped away from Sakura incase she decided to get a little "punchy" for him.

In a different timeline, you sent the source of Gelel to a different dimension... this was that dimension.

"So... this Gelel source and something from Kaguya are in this dimension, and we need to track it down and destroy it?" Sai asked, and Naruto-SKU shook his head.

That would not be amusing for him.

If you agree, I will alter the reality of that dimension, to include you into it. You will gain families there, and new bodies.

"I'm game! If I caused a problem for this dimension, I'm going to fix it!" Naruto shouted out as he slammed his fist into his hand.

Everyone looked at Naruto, before deciding on their answer.

"I support Naruto in this." Sasuke stated simply, seeing as this was too serious of a matter to simply shrug off and leave for later. Anything concering Kaguya, or something an alternate Naruto had to seal away, was something that he was concerned about.

"I'll follow Naruto and Sasuke." Sakura stated with a sigh.

She couldn't let her idiots go alone.

"... I'm going." Sai finished off the answer.

Naruto-SKU gave them each a note.

Pick a trait you want to keep, and a power you wish to keep.

'I'm a medic at heart... so it would be best for me to stick with that.' Sakura thought to herself, and while she would love to keep her strength... if all of them could only keep one ability each, the others would need to have somebody that could heal them when they got hurt. She wanted to be able to fight on the front lines... "I want to be able to heal others, and... I want to keep my hair." Sakura told Naruto-SKU.

He pointed at her and she vanished in a flash of light.

"My ink techniques... and my hair I guess." Sai didn't have a preference for any of his appearance, but he had only ever fought with ink and painted techniques. He vanished in a flash moments later as well.

Naruto and Sasuke put more thought into this.

"The Rasengan/Chidori." They said at the same time.

Pick something else Naruto.

"Eh?" Naruto asked, while Sasuke looked at the Narutos with a raised eyebrow. To both himself and Naruto, the clashing of their techniques had been something they bonded over, so they wanted to keep the core of their rivalry alive. "I can't keep the Rasengan?" Naruto asked in shock.

The Rasengan is energy manipulation, you will be able to recreate it, so pick something else.

Sasuke and Naruto calmed down.

"I wish to keep Lightning Manipulation then, in a general sense... and I wish to keep my eyes." Sasuke stated as he looked towards Naruto, before he nodded to Naruto and vanished in the same flash of light.

Naruto looked at his Naruto-SKU.

"My whisker marks... they have been apart of me for my entire life. I don't think I should part with them... and... Sage Mode..." Naruto said, though he didn't go into his reasoning out loud.

He learned Sage Mode after his teacher had died, and he learned it from the toads, two very important things in his life.

He couldn't part with them.

In a flash, Naruto was gone, leaving only Naruto-SKU in the white room. He opened a portal, before he walked through it and closed the portal behind him.

He had a glint to his eye.

This would kill his boredom... for now.

Chapter End!
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