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"Son, you are the only person I know that could look so bored after having sex with two girls you seduced."

Raven had to shake her head as she looked at her son. When she had taught him how to seduce women, it was a useful skill for him to learn for the good of the tribe, she never thought that he would take to it even better than his uncle took to it. Then again, Qrow usually came off as a drunk asshole, which meant that he usually didn't get the women that he intended to go for. Instead he got the women that were trying to have sex with him, which really was not something she could call seduction.

Naruto did look bored.

"I thought the bunny girl would have more stamina than that... surprise, this girl had more stamina..." Naruto commented in a low tone as he looked between the two butt-naked girls that were resting against his chest, his arms wrapped around both of them. "I mean... This girl only lasted 4 hours before she passed out." Naruto gestured to the rabbit girl as he sat up, rubbing her between the ears on top of her head.

Raven sat on the edge of the window, hoping that the open window would let the smell of sex leave the room.

Naruto had gone on a 10 hour sex spree with both of the girls, and whenever one of them would wake up he would have them join back into the sex marathon. Raven was not only surprised at her son's ever increasing stamina (she blamed herself for that), but the fact that he still seemed ready for more sex.

"Do you even know their names?" Raven asked, curious if he remembered their names.

"... I don't even think they remember their names... I think this one is Coco... and this one is Velvet?" Naruto spoke as he gestured to the girls. Both of them were brown haired beauties, but the rabbit (Velvet) had a more slimmed down, petite frame than the more bodacious (if lacking in chest) Coco had. Coco was clearly the more stylish one of them though to be sure, while Velvet was a little more down to remnant. "... You want a turn?" Naruto asked his mother with a smirk on his face.

Raven snorted with a small smile on her face.

"With them, or with you?... Anyway, you don't want to be late for your initiation. I wanted to make sure you remembered." Raven reminded Naruto that he had somewhere that he needed to be. "... though you shouldn't be offering your mother sex, I would believe that you would be satisfied with them." Raven added on at the end when she looked at Naruto shrugging his shoulders.

Naruto had his lazy smirk on his face and looked down at the girls who he seduced, both of them covered in head to toe with their own sweat, literally copious amounts of his cum dripping onto the bed out of their snatches. He didn't even try to count the number of times he had made them reach the finish line, but it was more than they managed to get out of him.

"... I couldn't get the thought of fighting that enemy in the forest out of my head... Not to mention there is somebody strong going to this school as well... It was so hard not to just run into that forest and slaughter everything there... I have to get rid of this energy somehow..." Naruto said with his smile turning into a glare at the ground, before he returned it to a smirk. Knowing that there was something powerful nearby, and that he had to wait to fight it was harder for him to do than he would care to talk about to most people.

To stop himself from doing something he wanted to do was hard.

To stop himself from fighting was harder.

"You have a hour until you need to be at the Emerald Forest' launch pads... I guess those girls didn't leave you satisfied." Raven saw her son's dick rise to attention as he had given his speech about why he had been fucking the girls all night. "... Be careful you don't kill somebody with that thing." Raven stated with a raised eyebrow when she saw him chuckle.


"Too late for that one... I've already killed some men and women using my dick as a weapon... Oh, my entire bodies a lethal weapon now... one of my dreams has been realized." Naruto told his mother, not even caring to put his pants on. Naruto sat at the edge of the bed, gently smacking Coco's ass, watching it jiggle with a light grin. So he continued to lightly smack her on the butt.

Raven rolled her eyes.

"What do you plan on doing with them?" Raven asked, and Naruto shrugged.

"Don't know yet... ignore them, befriend them, make them my women, maybe I'll just enslave their minds to the pleasure I can give them. I think I already broke one of them." Naruto spoke with a scratch of his chin. 10 hours of constant and continious sex could do a lot of things to a person.

You could train yourself to resist mentally breaking to pain.

The same couldn't be said about pleasure, since if you broke from pain, you could recover stronger than before. Yet, if you were broken via pleasure then that was it, game over. Your brain would grow instantly addicted to the pleasure, the chemicals released during sex could be worse than any drug. Breaking a person with pain was just making them break down, give you what you want.

Break a person with pleasure, and like a bad addiction, they would do anything to get more of it.

"... Put your cock away..." Raven deadpanned to Naruto.

"Hey, Rabbit, wake up." Naruto firmly stated as he smacked her on the ass hard enough by far to wake her up. Velvet jolted away and gave an orgasmic moan, before she turned bright red... before she moaned again when she saw Naruto. "... Yep, I broke her... Rabbit... Your Velvet right... or are you Coco?" Naruto asked her as he glanced up and down her body, seeing her nipples growing harder.

Yeah, she was that one that he broke.

Raven was honestly impressed when she saw the look in the girls eyes... the look of somebody that had an addiction, something that gave them so much pleasure that they wanted to do it, no matter the cost.

Velvet opened her mouth, but she could barely speak.

"Na..." She put her hand on her throat, her throat was extremely dry, and not to mention it was sore. She had been screaming his name for hours last night, and as much as part of her wanted to crawl into her bed and die from embarassment... the bigger part of her wanted to simply accept it. "... Pa..." She continued to try to speak, but the second she got the first syllable out, her voice stopped working.

Naruto leaned forward, grabbed the back of her head, and pulled it towards his face, touching foreheads with her with a pleasant smile on his face.

"... Thirsty... sore throat... You happy with last night?" Naruto asked her with his voice changing.

His tone changed from his usual "fuck off, I'm the boss" tone to a more sensual "suck my dick, I'm your alpha" tone that just set everything off in Velvet's head, and more importantly, her crotch.

When she heard that voice, Velvet felt a very throb in her pussy as it trembled, unable to get anymore wet than it already was, his cum already dripping from it. She would have collapsed, but she was already sitting on her butt, on the bed. She could only stare into those burning red eyes, and nod her head yes.

"Wa... wa... mo..." Velvet tried to speak to him.

Naruto gestured to Coco with a twitch of his head.

"There is a drink... right there for you. You see it, dripping from her... use it to nurse that poor, sore throat you have." Naruto's voice dropped lower, and as she looked at her friend, her mouth began to water when she saw what Naruto was talking about.

She had seen it many times last night.

Every time she saw it, she had felt extreme pleasure moments later. Whenever that juice came out of Naruto, her brain had also registered great pleasure as well. Hours and hours of nonstop pleasure. Her brain grew fuzzier, her eyes dulling, as the memories of what Naruto did to her clouded her mind, her judgement... just the memories of the pleasure caused her body to feel phantom touches.

'Ooooooh, he's good...' Raven thought as she watched a broken girl bow down and lick her teammate downstairs, lapping up everything that spilled out of her as her friend shivered in her sleep.

She glanced at Naruto, who was back to his earlier expression of boredom.

"... Rabbit, would you like for me to do this to you again?" Naruto asked her, and Velvet's rabbit ears stood straight on end.


"Ye... yes... pleasure..." Velvet lowered her head as she turned back towards Naruto, her throat a little soothed from the 'drink' that she had gotten.

"... I thought you loved to fight more than anything. I didn't know you've taken such a liking to carnal pleasure." Raven commented blandly, hiding how impressed she really was.

Her son had actually mentally broken a person using nothing but pleasure as a tool. He had actually broken this girl, a girl who could have one day been a powerful huntress, and an asset to the world. In a mere 10 hours, he had literally gave this girl an addiction to pleasure. He had used his dick as if it were a drug to the girl, and now Velvet would forever be "hooked" on his drug.

No... it was because he took 10 hours that this happened.

Whenever the girl passed out, she was woken back up by pleasure... she passed out from pleasure, she woke up from pleasure, she existed in a state of pleasure caused by his scent, his body, his penis inside of her. Her brain had been rewired into considering Naruto as a source of a very addicting pleasure, to the point that everything about him brought pleasure to her. The sound of his voice, his smell, and looking at him all caused her brain to release chemicals that would cause her body to register pleasure and happiness... and then the memories of the cause of the pleasure would make her body crave sex with him once more.

He broke her.

"... Good... I'll give you everything... as long as you become mine... or rather, you are already mine... I just want to hear you say it." Naruto almost growled under his breath at her.

'... I'm moist...' Raven thought to herself when she watched the display of dominance. She made mental notes herself, because there was no way she wasn't going to be using this in her imagination when she needed some... material for her alone time. 'My son made me moist... but I'm not going to act on it.' Raven thought to herself as she walked back towards the window, but she kept an eye on what was happening with a turned head.

"I'm yours."

Velvet didn't so much as hesitate, and Naruto smiled at her. His hand went to under her chin, and he cupped her face. He leaned in close, and she looked like she was going to try and kiss him, before he stopped her short.

"What are you?" Naruto asked her, and she trembled.

"I'm your girl." Velvet continued, and Naruto pushed her face a little further away. Naruto leaned forward though, and placed his mouth next to her ear.

"Tonight, mine me... and wear your sexiest lingerie, and nothing else. At the stroke on midnight, I want you outside of my door dressed to impress... if you do, then I'll give you all of the pleasure you could ever dream for... and more, because this time... she won't be there to share." Naruto told Velvet, before he pushed her face away, and got off the bed. He walked towards his pants on the floor, and Velvet actually whined when he pulled them up.

He smirked.

"Don't be late." Raven stated to him as she turned into a raven, and flew out of the window.

Naruto shrugged, before he looked down at Velvet.

"Here are the laws you are going to live by... 1. Grow stronger, I won't have you as some weakling. 2. You are not to die unless I say you can die. 3. My word is law. Follow these rules... and you will find that we are going to have a very happy relationship." Naruto smiled at her, and he gently kissed her forehead. He stood up and stretched his back, before he put his hands in his pockets. He stopped at the door, and looked back at her, before pointing a figure at her. "Oh... and have some self-confidence... See you tonight." Naruto waved himself out as he walked through the door.

Naruto dropped his smirk.

This was great.

First he had a drug addict, and now he had broken a girl and turned her into an addict for his body.

Oh well, this might be for the best.

It was best that he have something to keep him amused when he no longer had strong enemies to fight, might as well make a hobby out of fixing girls... and maybe breaking them too. After all, he didn't have many things he enjoyed. Fighting, fucking, and eating ramen were three of the few things that he actually had fun doing.

"I'll wear my best underwear!"

Naruto heard that as he heard her shout, and he started to close the door behind him.

'I hope the enemy in the forest is worth my time... otherwise I'm going to have a lot of pent up energy for my little bunny tonight... can you break a person twice?' Naruto thought to himself, before he shrugged.

He had a test to go to.

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