The Powerpuff girls: The High School years

By Persona (



The Powerpuff girls are a copyright of Cartoon Network and Craig McCracken. I'm just borrowing them for this story, I have no intentions to get any money from this, so don't sue me.
Besides, I heard that McCracken likes to collect every unofficial product based on his series, so this must be good news to him :)

Author's notes about this story READ THIS OR YOU MAY NOT UNDERSTAND SOME THINGS!!!!:

One of the biggest success of Cartoon Network's 'Cartoon Cartoons' are the Powerpuff girls. Not only do they have their TV series and motion picture, they also have tons of merchandising (official and unofficial) their own comic book made by DC, video games, an original sound track CD, they even have a Daytona 500 car and a commercial airplane with their pictures painted on them!

They are, in few words, a world wide success. Their show has been translated into 14 languages across 145 countries. From french to german.
In each version, they have different names so they will be easier to understand by each country. Over here, in Argentina (and every other country that speaks spanish of course), they are known as 'Las chicas superpoderosas', and their names are Bombon, Burbuja y Bellota (As you can see, the only one that still has its original name is Bubbles). In France they are known as 'Les Super Nenas', an their names are Belle, Bulle and Rebelle. In Italy they are known as 'Le Superchicche': Lolly, Dolly and Molly. And in Poland they are 'Atom—wki' and their names are B—jka, Bajka and Brawurka. And this is just to name a few.

Having only seen the spanish version of the series, I only know the names of the characters in that version. By looking around I have found out the original names of almost every character of the series. But unfortunately I wasn't able to find the original names of the characters that I'm going to use in this fic, and that only appeared once during the whole series.

I'm talking about the episode were Mojo Jojo creates three super kids that are the opposite of the Powerpuff girls. At first these new super kids beat them, but finally they are beaten when the Powerpuff girls give them a peck on the cheek.

Since these three boys have only appeared one time in the WHOLE TV series. I wasn't able to find their original names.

I only know their names in spanish: Los Chicos Jocosos: Bandido (The blue one), Bajeza (The red one) and Bacteria (The Green one)

And so, I have no choice but to translate their names to english, not really knowing if they are their original names or not. If someone knows their original names, please e-mail them to me so I can change them, and erase this long and annoying author's notes section :)

The names of these characters will be: The Bully Boys - Bandit (the blue one), Brat (the red one), and Bacteria (the green one)

Also, this series is set in the future, where the girls are teenagers and go to Townsville's high school.

Well, after this LONG explanation, on with the show.


Chapter 1:

The bell rang at Townsville Central High School, it was time for the students to go home already. But some students still liked to stay to use some of the school's facilities.
And so, some students were outside at the school's soccer field, practicing for the school's homecoming game next week.

One of the forwards ran towards the goal and dodged a defender, then kicked the ball with all his might. Unfortunately for him, the goalkeeper managed to punch it away, sending it to a side.

"I'll go get it." Said the boy that had kicked the ball and jogged over to where the ball had landed.

He was just about to pick it up, when a pair of hands beat him to it.

The boy looked up to see who had picked the ball up, and drew in breath as he saw that it was a girl.

She was probably a sophomore, and was really good looking (which was why he was speechless in the first place).
She was wearing black jeans with Air-Jordan Nike Basketball shoes, as he looked up he saw that she was also wearing an army green T-shirt and a grass green jacket over it, she had green eyes and her black hair was cut short in a tomboyish manner. She also had a great figure that any supermodel would envy.

What was even weirder was that she was smiling at him. Usually a girl as pretty as this one was either taken or wouldn't give him the time of day. "Hi there." She said to him, still smiling.

"Hum ... ah ... Hi." The boy answered after finally finding his voice.

The girl began to toss the ball up and down with one hand. "You boys playing soccer?"

"Hum, yeah. Can... Can I have the ball back?" Asked the boy.

The girl dropped the ball to the grass field and kicked it with all her might, the ball went at top speed towards the goal. The goalie jumped to try to catch it, but he wasn't fast enough and the ball entered the goal.

All the boys watched in amazement at the girl who had just scored a goal from outside the field. The boy that was standing next to her turned back to look at the girl, who was still smiling at him. "Wow... that was cool! Do you play soccer?"

"A little." She replied smiling, "I'm Buttercup."

The boy gasped at that. "B... Bu... Buttercup? As in Buttercup the Powerpuff Girl?"

Seeing the boy's response to that she stopped smiling and looked kind of sad. "Hum... yeah."

"Oh, well, sorry I have to go now, I'm busy." He said before turning around and running back into the school's soccer field.

"Wait, how about we talk later?" Buttercup asked as the boy ran away from her.

"I'm gonna be busy the rest of the day." He said before getting out of hearing range.

Buttercup just watched him run into the soccer field, then sighed and walked away and towards the school compound.

She turned the corner and her hands balled into fists.
"Damn it! Argh!" And then she punched at the concrete wall of the school, forming cracks all around where her fist had landed.

She just remained like that for a second, then her eyes began to get glassy with tears, but she refused to let them out. "Damn it!" She whispered to herself, "why can't I get a boyfriend?"

It has been over a decade since any of the usual crooks of Townsville had made any attempt to take over the world, or steal anything.

They were all either in jail with life sentences, or dead, or retired, or nobody knew where they were. Whatever it was, there hadn't been any action in Townsville for a loooong time.
Still, the girls still had their superpowers, even though they began using them less and less as time passed by (they didn't fly back home for example), but they still had them. Problem was, it intimidated everyone else. At first, when they were at kindergarten they didn't have much trouble, back then there was always some monster attacking Townsville, or a giant robot made by Mojo Jojo, or something. That made them heroes in the eyes of the other kids, and besides the kids all saw them as equals. That changed when they began to go to school, the monster attacks, or things like that began to get rarer and rarer, and the kids, both boys and girls, began to get some distance from them, they began to see them not as their schoolmates but as people that were different from them.
During mid school the problem only got worse, and now that they were in high school it was just unbearable. They always sat alone during lunch, not even one of the students would give them the time of day, all they saw were not their childhood friends, but three freaks that had super powers and could kill them if they wanted too. They feared them.

"Why can't I be normal." Whispered Buttercup.

"Hi there sis, got dumped again?" Came a familiar voice from behind her.

"Shut up Bubbles, I'm not in the mood." Answered Buttercup as she slowly turned around to look at her sister.

Physically they were very much alike, Bubbles also had a figure to kill for. Unlike Buttercup she was actually wearing makeup, with red lipstick on her lips and light blue eyelids, which looked very nice with her light blue eyes. Her blond hair was tied up into twin pigtails that reached a few inches past her shoulder blades.

She was wearing a one piece white sun-dress with light blue flowers all over it. She also had a tiny light blue backpack with a golden flower like button. Her feet were encased in blue shoes with light blue socks that reached up just below her knees. She also had a silver chain necklace with a silver heart with the word 'Bubbles' written on it and a pair of silver earrings shaped like hearts.

Buttercup then noticed that she was holding a white furred cat with gray spots. She was holding it with one hand and caressing its back with the other. "What's with the cat?" Asked Buttercup.

"Oh, this kitty? It just followed me. Isn't it cute?" She said with a smile.

Buttercup just rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Just be sure to leave it before we get home. You know you can't have pets."

Actually, the Professor said that Bubbles couldn't have any kind of big and noisy pets. Small and soundless pets were still allowed in the house, so Bubbles had a goldfish a hamster and a turtle at home. Unfortunately a cat was still in the Professor's not allowed list.

"I know." Replied Bubbles, her smile a little smaller than before. "And you know you shouldn't use your super strength in school." Said Bubbles pointing at the cracks on the wall behind Buttercup.

Buttercup scratched the back of her head in embarrassment. "Yeah, well, it was an accident. I was holding back but not as much as I should have." Then she remembered what she had to do in the first place. "Bubbles, you know where Blossom is?"

"Where else." Replied Bubbles, "In the school's library."

"Let me guess, some extra credit work?" Said Buttercup in an annoyed voice.

Bubbles nodded.

Buttercup sighed, "Come on, let's get her so we can go home." With that she walked into the main school compound.

Bubbles watched her walk in, then placed the cat down on the floor. "Come on kitty, go, I wish I could keep you but I can't. Come on, shoo." Said Bubbles signaling the cat with her arms.

The cat just looked at her, and then turned around and ran away.
Bubbles watched it go, a little sad that she had to, and then entered the school too. "Sister! Wait up!"

The two teenagers walked towards the school's library.


If you looked up the meaning of "teacher's pet" in the dictionary. There would probably be a picture of Blossom next to it.

She always got straight A's in all her tests, did all the extra credit work that she could, laughed at all the jokes that the teachers made, edited the yearbook... well, you get the idea.

Right now she was sitting at a table in the empty library. She was, of course, dressed as the school rules said. She was wearing a red scottish skirt with black and white thin stripes, a white button shirt and a pink vest over it. She also had white leather shoes with bronze buckles and short white socks. Her hair was tied up in a long ponytail that reached the small of her back, tied up in a red ribbon. Like her other two sisters, Blossom had a great figure.

Next to her on the table was her big pink backpack that she used to carry her books and folders. Right now she was reading something from a book about the elements and their attributes and writing down something in her folder for an extra credit work for her chemistry class.

She was so into her work that she never heard when two boys walked quietly behind her, holding a small snake. Then, when Blossom was less expecting it, they held the snake right next to her face.

Blossom turned around to see who was it, and was greeted with the head of a snake just inches away from her.

"Whaa!" Blossom jumped back and fell down on the floor.

"Ha ha ha ha! Tell me Blossom, is the snake above you in the food chain? Ha ha ha ha!" Laughed the boys.

"You shouldn't scare people like that Mitch Mitchelson." Said Blossom from where she was sitting on the floor.
The bully from the girl's childhood hadn't changed much after all this years. The only difference was that now he had a friend that he met in mid school that helped him made all his stupid pranks.

Blossom was standing up as the two boys turned around and were about to leave when they bumped on someone.

"Hey get out of the... huh?" Mitch and his friend stopped as they saw who they had bumped into.

"Bothering my sister again, huh Mitch?" Said Buttercup in a menacing tone.

Mitch relaxed as he saw that it was just Buttercup, knowing that the girl wouldn't do anything to him. "Yeah so? What are you gonna do about it? Use your super powers against an innocent high school student?" Said Mitch in a mocking manner.

Buttercup's hands balled into fists, but she managed to keep her cool. "Just go away Mitch."

Mitch smiled mockingly and turned to look at his friend. "Let's go Johnny, let's leave the freaks alone." He said.

Before he had a chance to do anything, Buttercup grabbed his shirt by its collar with just her right hand and lifted him until his feet couldn't touch the floor anymore. "What did you just said Mitch?"

"Hey! Let him go!" Mitch's friend, Johnny, punched Buttercup on the face. She did turn her head from the punch, but it didn't leave any kind of bruise. She turned her head to look at him, and grabbed his wrist as he was about to punch her again. "Big mistake." She said and her eyes began to shine with a red light as she was about to use her heat vision against Johnny.

"Buttercup no!" Blossom cried from the side.

"Fine." Buttercup's eyes stopped shining and she let go of Mitch and Johnny's wrist. Mitch fell down on his butt.

Johnny just helped Mitch up and the two of them ran outside the library saying, "Freaks!" Just as they left. When they ran out of the door they passed next to Bubbles who by now had guessed what happened as she resumed her walk to the library.

It was just their luck. The only persons that didn't fear them, considered them freaks that should be made fun of every day.

"I'm sorry sis, I know I shouldn't have done that. It's just that Mitch is such a jerk!" Said Buttercup to Blossom.

"I know he is Buttercup. I'll file a complaint against him tomorrow."

"Big deal, they'll just get detention and then will come back to pick on you again." Replied Buttercup, crossing her arms and turning her head in annoyance. "I just would like to punch him in the nose at least once."

"And then you wouldn't be any better than he is." Replied Blossom, "Besides, you know what the Professor said about our powers. We aren't supposed to use them if we don't need them, and we are not supposed to use them against a normal person."

"You know Blossom. Just because we don't use our super powers doesn't mean that we don't have them." Said Buttercup.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Asked Blossom.

"Nothing." Replied Buttercup, moving her hands in a dismissive manner.

"I just saw Mitch running out of the library. Is everyone okay?" That was Bubbles, who had just entered the library.

"Yeah, Mitch was picking on me again. Buttercup tried to beat him up." Said Blossom.

"Oh. I guess that she's still upset about getting dumped again." Said Bubbles as a joke.

Buttercup didn't saw it that way. "Shut up Bubbles! I didn't get dumped! To get dumped you first have to have a relationship with someone! I never even heard his name! He avoided me as soon as he found out who I was." As Buttercup kept saying each sentence, her voice was beginning to break and her eyes were getting glassy again.

Seeing what was happening to her sister, Blossom moved to hold her reassuringly. "Don't cry Buttercup, it'll be okay."

"I'm NOT crying." Replied Buttercup, her eyes still downcast, "And don't say that it'll be okay 'cause it wont."

"Buttercup..." Whispered Bubbles, who preferred keeping her distance for now. Blossom was just silent for a minute.

"Sure it'll be Buttercup. Why do you say that?" Asked Blossom.

"I'm lonely sis. I'm so very lonely." Replied Buttercup, she sounded like she was going to cry again. By now, Blossom and Bubbles also had glassy eyes, with tears threatening to come out.

"You... you aren't lonely Buttercup. You still have me, and Bubbles, and the Professor." Answered Blossom.

"You're my sisters and he's our father. Who else do we have? Who!? We don't have any friends! When we sit down at the cafeteria everyone at the table leaves. Nobody invites us to any party. Remember our birthday last year? Nobody showed up! We were loved when we were kids, but now that they don't need us anymore, we are just freaks that nobody wants to be with." As she said this, the tears in Blossom and Bubbles eyes finally came out. Amazingly Buttercup was able to keep hers at bay.

"Now even that spoiled rich girl Princess gets more attention than we do. Only because she has the most expensive clothes, and comes to school everyday in a limo! She used to try to defeat us when we were kids... and now she has finally won! Nobody likes us anymore. She accomplished what she always wanted, steal the thunder of the Powerpuff girls." As she finished saying this, Buttercup looked up to look at Blossom and Bubbles.

"Buttercup, we..." Blossom started to talk but Buttercup interrupted her.

"And don't say that you aren't lonely because I know you are!" Her sudden outburst scared her sisters, so she calmed down. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have yelled."

"No Buttercup, you're right. You're right about EVERYTHING. We are lonely, we just try to hide it as well as we can. I shield myself behind my homework, I always get A's but I can't get into any of the study groups, or the science club. I whish I could have a boyfriend too, or a friend, anything." As Blossom said this, a tear fell down her cheek.

Bubbles didn't say anything, but she did walk closer to them to hug her sisters. It was true for her too, she hid her lack of friends with her pets. But even if she loved animals, they could never replace a friend. She too was lonely, she too wanted someone to share her life and experiences with.

The three super heroine sisters gathered in a group hug, all three of them were crying by now, Buttercup finally let her tears out. "Why? Why can't we be normal girls. Why did we had to have this damn super powers?" Asked Buttercup to the universe.

"We just have them Buttercup. They are our gift, and they are our curse." Replied Blossom.
(Thank you Peter Parker for this cool phrase. Spider Man rules!)

The three girls stayed like that for about a minute, letting it all out.
Then they broke the hug and cleaned the tears from their eyes.

"Thank you Blossom. I needed that." Said Buttercup.

Blossom smiled at her sisters. "You're welcome. Now come on, let's go home." She turned to place all her books and folders inside her pink backpack, hung in on her shoulders and then walked out of the library with Buttercup and Bubbles following suit.

Unknown to any of them, a small robot fly, standing on one of the shelves a few feet from them, had recorded everything that had happened with its built in mini-camera and mike, and had sent all that information to someplace else.


"So, the Powerpuff Girls are lonely. They are alone, and they do not wish to stay alone. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup feel lonely, and they want to change the fact that they are lonely."

The lab that Mojo Jojo had in Townsville's park had been abandoned for years now. The arch-nemesis of the Powerpuff Girls had taken a break after the girls stopped going to kindergarten since he saw how every single one of his plans failed.

After that, he had build another lab inside the mountains that were miles away from Townsville, and there he built a special mini-robotic fly that he used to spy the Powerpuff girls since then without them ever knowing about it, in hopes of finding a way to beat them once and for all so he could take over the world.

Finally, today he had found something that he could exploit.
In all his life he would have never guessed that the Powerpuff Girls would be alone as they were now. Since there had been over ten years since they were needed for something, the people of Townsville had actually forgot about them. And the kids at school stopped seeing them as the cool heroines to see them as freaks with super powers.

After seeing that, he had an idea to defeat them. They didn't want to be lonely? Well then, he would have to do something about that.

And for that he would use his only creation that was able to defeat the Powerpuff Girls, before they retaliated and won.

The Rowdyruff Boys: Brick, Boomer and Butch.

After the Powerpuff Girls defeated their three male equals, Mojo Jojo had gathered all the separated ingredients. After mixing them again, and using the Chemical X to form them once more.
Of course that he knew that at the present time back then, the Powerpuff Girls would just defeat them again. So Mojo Jojo had them placed in stasis capsules for future use.

After all this years the three Rowdyruff Boys had grown up to be three handsome teenage boys. Which was perfect for Mojo Jojo's plan.

"Wake up my children! Revenge hour has finally come! The day that we'll have our revenge on the Powerpuff Girls has finally arrived!" Said Mojo Jojo as he pressed the open button for the three stasis capsules.

A deep fog came out of the three capsules as soon as they opened, and when it finally dissipated, the Rowdyruff Boys were awake and up.

"Yawn... man, that was some nap. How long have we been asleep?" Asked the red haired Brick.

"I have no idea. But it must have been a looong nap." Said the blond Boomer.

"Yeah, I mean just look at us. We are teenagers!" Said the black haired Butch.

"Yeah, but we're dressed like geeks." That was Brick again.

"Yeah!" Replied in unison Boomer and Butch.

The three of them were still dressed in the clothes that they were created in. Black tennis shoes, black pants, and a color shirt with the color of their counterpart with a black stripe in the middle. Boomer had a navy blue shirt, Butch an army green shirt and Brick a fire red shirt. Brick also had a plain red cap on his head.

"Hello my children. I believe you had a good rest." Said Mojo Jojo as he walked towards them.

"Dad? Is that you? You have grown old." Said Brick. Which was true, Mojo Jojo's fur was white in many places and he used an oak cane with a handle made of gold to help him walk.

"Shut up. That's not important right now." Said Mojo Jojo.

"Why did you re-form us if you were going to keep up in stasis mode for over a decade!?" Asked an annoyed Brick, crossing his arms.

"Yeah! And why wake us up now!?" Added Boomer.

"Allow me to explain." Replied Mojo Jojo, signaling for them to follow them, which they did. "A lot has happened since I re-constructed your bodies and placed you into the stasis capsules."

"First of all, neither me, nor any of the other 'enemies' of the Powerpuff Girls have attempted any attack on Townsville or try to defeat the Powerpuff Girls for over a decade. Mainly because they got tired of loosing all the time, got life long prison sentences, they have died, they retired, or in my case I have been hiding for all this years, trying to figure out some way to defeat the three annoying heroines."

The Rowdyruff Boys just walked behind Mojo Jojo, looking around the lab as they listened.

Mojo Jojo stopped as he showed the three super teenagers a computer screen showing Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup walking back home. "As the years passed by, and they became less and less necessary, the Powerpuff girls grew up and matured, right now they are attending Townsville Central High School. As they grew up, they began to use their super powers less and less, and finally they promised not to use them except that there was some emergency. Since there hadn't been any attack in Townsville they hadn't used their super powers in years now."

"All that's very interesting dad. But you still haven't answered our question." Said Brick.

"I'm getting to it boy! Do not rush me!" Replied Mojo Jojo in an annoyed tone. "The people of Townsville have forgotten all that the Powerpuff girls did for them, and the three girls can't seem to form any kind of relationship with kids their age. They either fear them for their super powers, or see them as freaks because of their super powers. These lack of company with the exception of themselves and Professor Utonium has made the Powerpuff Girls feel lonely." Mojo Jojo made a dramatic pause, then smiled evilly. "This is what made me come up with this genius plan, a plan that will help both you and me to get even with those three girls!"

Brick, Boomer and Butch looked at the screen with a frown, remembering the humiliation that the three Powerpuff Girls forced on them so many years ago. When they gave them a peck on the cheek, back then they had been angry and would have beat the crap out of them if it weren't that they actually exploded into their components. But now, as they remembered that event, they began to blush at the memory of that. But they shook it off, reminding themselves that the Powerpuff Girls were their enemies, they had to defeat them, that was their mission. "What's your plan dad?" Asked Brick in a very determined tone of voice and a frown on his face. Boomer and Butch nodded, just as determined and with a frown on their faces.

"Simple, first take these with you." Mojo Jojo handed them three credit cards, on for each of them. "I want you to use this to get some new clothing and whatever else you might need for this mission. They are credit cards of a bank account under a fake name filled with washed money that I managed to steal without the Powerpuff Girls stopping me."

"Wow! Thank's dad!" Said Boomer.

"Now we can get something better than these stupid clothes." Added Butch.

"What is the mission anyway?" Asked Brick.

"I'm getting there." Said Mojo Jojo gritting his teeth. "Second, I want you to stay here for a few days, studying everything you can about today's world and the Powerpuff Girls life style and tastes."

"What for?" Asked Brick.

"I want you to become the boyfriends of the Powerpuff Girls." Said Mojo Jojo with an evil smile.

"WHAT!?" Said Brick, Boomer and Butch in perfect unison.

"Yes. And when you do, you will kill them when they less expect it. Hah hah hah hah!"

Brick, Boomer and Butch looked at their new credit cards, then at Mojo Jojo, and then at the screen showing the three Powerpuff Girls as they walked back home.