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Main cast:
D O M I N I C........Vin Diesel
T O R I.......Anya Rene
T A I.......Kyle Draper
M I A........Jordan Brewster
A N G E L A........Aj Angel

	As the driver stepped out of the car, paying no attention to any 
of his crew, he looked her over, studying her profile for later info. She was 
about 5'9, about 6 inches shorter than he was and wore her hair up in a white 
glittering clip. Her hair an unnatural though natural looking, blond, he could 
already see the roots of deep brown growing out and looked like it would be 
long when let down. She had sky blue eyes that were squinted with the sun 
and a medium sized body. Not slim, but not overly large. She looked like 
she didn't belong in a city like this, but niether did many of the people that 
lived here. She wore brown jeans that fit like a glove and a light green tank 
top with a sleevless black leather jacket over it, shorter than the shirt 
underneith. She also wore brown leather zip-up ankle boots with three inch 
heels. Over all she was a new sight to the crew. He had a funny feeling 
Letty wouldn't have liked her. But business is business, he thought.

	"Can I help you?" he asked. Most times noone came to this garage 
unless it was for exotic or racing parts or they were completely lost. 
Either way, they were business he took.

	She could feel his eyes on her from the moment she stepped out of 
the car. She was never what any of them expected. But then again, she was 
never what she would have expected either. Lifting her head up to meet the 
man approaching her, she took the silent moment to admire his physique. 
He was well muscled, usually not what she went for in a guy, but he was 
different. He had a shaved head and amazing features. He stood at about 
6'3, 6'4 she figured and he walked like he knew the stage loved him. She 
could only imagine what he looked like when his ass was to her. Resisting 
the urge to lick her lips at that though, Tori simply gave him a small 
'innocent' smile.

	"Can I help you?" God even his voice was incredible. 

	"Yeah, actually. I was wondering if you knew a cheap place that my 
brother and I could hook up our trailer?" she asked in her kindest out-of-
town voice. True they were only about 200 miles from home, but no reason 
not to act like it was a foreign country, she almost laughed at her own 

	It wasn't the question he was expecting. "Uh, yeah, I think there 
is one two blocks down the street on the right. Rents for twenty five dollars 
a night." he answered preparing to return to his work.

	"I was also wondering where I could get a new exhaust valve and 
replacment NOS intigrator for an RX-7." she said with a small grin.

	Dominic stopped dead in his tracks and turned to her, looking her 
over with undisguised interest. What in the world would she be doing 
with racing equiptment. Or even knowing about it. But then again, there had 
been Letty. She had known and Mia too. But they were....were family. 
This would be interesting. Maybe he could make more of a profit than he 
had origionally thought as an idea came to him. 

	"Yeah, actually, we deal in those parts." he said walking back to 
her and wiping his hands on a rag before sticking it in his back pocket 
and extending his hand. "I'm Dominic. Dominic Torretto. At your 
service..." he deliberatly left it open.

	"Whitton. Tori Whitton." she replied taking his hand and shaking 
it. Hmm, strong. Turning, she motioned to the person in the car to get 
out as well. Dominic watched as a teenage boy got out of the car and walked 
toward them. He had dark brown spiked hair. Some of them had the remnents 
of white on them from where the boy had obviously tried bleaching his 
hair. It looked interesting. He wore an Adidas shirt and kahki pants with 
Dockers. He came up and took Dominic's hand as well. Yeah, he could definiatly 
see this one racing, but the girl?

	"And this is Tai. My brother."
	"You said you needed a place for hookup?" at her nod he continued.
 "Tell you what, I'll give you a deal. I'll help get you and install those 
parts AND I have a hookup round back that I can let you use for only ten 
bucks a day. All I want in exchange is the money for the parts and to know 
how the hell you two came apon racing....especially with those parts you 
requested. Most women I know wouldn't even know what those were, let alone 
ask to buy them. I assume you were going to install yourself?" he nodded 
toward the car being pulled along behind the trailer.

	Placing her hands on her hips in a relaxed gesture and nodding, 
Tori smiled. "Well, most women I know don't race." she replied with a secretive 
grin. "And thank you for the offer. I think we'll try that out. Sure beats 
twenty five a night." 

	After pulling the trailer and car around back, Tori watched as Tai 
went to unhook the trailer from the racer. She felt before she saw Dominic 
come up beside her.

	"How old is he?" he asked, nodding toward Tai, who was busily working 
at the interlocked metal.

	"Fifteen three months ago. I kinda feel sorry for him. Being around 
all of this, learning and never really able to do it. Stupid laws. Sure he 
can drive a Motorcycle, but that's nothing compared to the cars he's been 
eyeing like a dog without a bone. He practically drools." Tori snorted.

	Dom chuckled. "Yeah, it's hard getting started. So, what about you? 
How in the world did YOU of all people get started in something like this. Not 
that I doubt your abilities. It's just you look like you don't belong in 
something like this. You look like you were born for the better life." he 
said turning to her.

	Again, an unladylike snort came from Tori and she rolled her eyes 
before turning to him, her dark sunglasses covering her eyes. "Yeah well, 
that may have been the case at first, but you have to live with what you got. 
I love the race. It's my life...and his too soon," she nodded at Tai who was 
nearly done. "It's how we live."

	"So you race for the money?"

	"Yeah. That's part of it of course, but it's also for the rush. 
Racing, especially street racing, has an adrenaline rush you can't get 
doing anything else. Hell, I'd say even sex just might pale to it." she 
laughed, not noticing his amused gaze as she walked over to her brother, 
arms crossed. 
	He watched as she talked to Tai, then helped him hook up the 
trailer's utilities.


	"So, how exactly DID you get into racing?" Dominic asked as he 
and Tori sat in lawn chairs just outside the trailer. Tai sat beside them 
not paying attention, but racing his own mini sized cars on his gameboy(tm). 
 Tori sighed and sat back, relaxing under the shade of the canvas that 
stretched out six feet over their heads.

	"Well, when I was a little girl my father loved cars. He used 
to teach me all about them and take me to work with him. He was a pit hand 
at the local racing course. Hently Speedway. Real little place just 
outside of Los Angeles, about thirty miles. I remember he used to take me to 
work with him, show me off to the guys and the racers. I even remember once 
when they put me in the car while it was off and let me have a 'go'. They 
taught me everything about cars and how to race them. Daddy said I was gonna 
be one of the best women racers that ever lived. He was so proud of us. 
Those were some of the best years of my life. And when Tai was born it just 
got better." she smiled reaching over to press her hand down on her 
brothers head, which just moved away. Smiling she continued."But it 
didn't last. Nothing that good ever does I suppose."
	"What happened?" Dom asked, leaning forward and clasping his 

	"The worst day of my life happened. Tai was only four when it 
happened so it's vague to him, but me, I was 13, old enough to remember 
it in detail for the rest of my life. Sometimes I wish I weren't able to 
remember it so damned well, but it's there, permenatly burned into my 
memory." Tori paused and her mind seemed to drift back into time as she 
spoke. "It had been a routine day for us, drop daddy off at the races 
and then get dropped off ourselves at the daycare while mom went to 
work. I was a little old for the place but I insisted, always wanting to 
take care of Tai. I wouldn't leave his side." she smied briefly, "Anyways, 
four o'clock came and went and still no parents. It was around five thirty 
I think that the one of the owners of the daycare came to get us. She said 
she needed to talk to me and that maybe I could help explain it to my brother. 
I had no clue what she was talking about. So, she took me into her office and 
there were these men there. They were police men and I remember wondering 
what was wrong. I had only seen them on occasion when someone got hurt." 
Pausing again, Tori sighed, feeling the pain well up in her chest as she 
finished. "I think I knew before they actually told me. They said it had 
happened so quickly that they were sure mom and dad didn't feel a thing 
before they passed. The other driver that had hit them wasn't so lucky. He 
suffered an amputated leg and a few broken bones.....He was arrested for 
involuntary manslaughter and severe DUI when he was released, but he broke 
bail not too long afterwards. Last I knew he had split town and wasnt' coming 
back. After that, Tai and I were sent to a foster home, but that didnt' 
last long. The people that were supposed to be our parents took off whenever 
they felt like it and left us alone for as long as a week at a time. 
Sometimes longer. So, about two years later on the day of my birthday, I 
grabbed Tai, one of their many cars that I knew would get us the farthest 
the fastest, took some food and split. We've been on the road since. When 
we can't get money from racing, we do it with odd jobs or the little donations 
we can get. That's how we can afford to eat and to keep going." sighing 
yet again, Tori looked up at Dom, wiping her eyes. "And there you 
have it. Our life story. I know it's not exactly flowers and rainbows, 
but its all we've got." she smiled sadly.

	Reaching over, Dom pat her hand. "I'm sure you do just fine. I'm 
pretty damn amazed you made it this far without loosing it. I don't 
know if I could have lasted that long, especially with someone else besides 
me to look after. I mean I have Mia, but she's a grown woman and I know she'd 
be fine on her own." then he added with a smile."I'm glad you ended up here. 
Glad I got to meet someone like you."

	Tori smiled then stood. "Well, we'd better get going if we want to 
find a place to eat. Come on, Tai." she said, tapping her brother on his 

	"Yeah, yeah, I"m comin." he grumbled, not looking up from his 

	Dom sat for a moment before standing. "Hey!"

	Turning back, Tori covered her eyes from the sun. "Yeah?"

	"Why don't you come over to our place. Mia and I can make you guys 
something good. Something homemade. Not that cheap fast food shit." he 

	"Well, with a smile like that who could resist?" Tori laughed, 
walking back toward him.


	"So where are you two from?" Mia asked the girl and her brother. 
Her own brother had brought two strangers in for dinner, the least he 
could do was let her know a little about them. So far all she knew was 
their names and that they were brother and sister. Oh and that they raced.

	"Little town about Thirty miles from L.A. Hentlyvillle. I'm sure 
you haven't heard of it. Population is pretty near none." Tori laughed.

	"Can you pass the corn, please?" Tai asked through a full mouth 
which got him a glare to which he simply shrugged and ignored. Mia laughed 
at this as Tori replied. "Sometimes he can be a handfull."

	"Aren't all brothers?" Mia laughed to which Dominic mumbled a 
'hey!' around his food. Tori laughed and stood with Mia, grabbing a few 
of the empty plates to help her take them into the kitchen.

	Tai looked at Dom and nodded the direction the girls had gone then 
rolled his eyes. Dominic gave an answering smirk. "Interesting sister 
you got there."

	"Yeah, she's interesting alright. Kinda wonder if she's a little 
crazy." Tai snickered.

	"Nah, she's just looking out for you. I know how hard that's gotta 
be, especially on the move all the time. You two move around alot don't 

	"Yeah, I don't think we've ever stayed in one place for more than 
two months at a time. It's always 'gotta move' or 'there isn't any more 
money for us here' or 'there's something better out there, Tai, I just 
know it.'. She's always gotta be on the move, she's always searching for 
something. I think she's still searching for dad." at the look he got, Tai 
elaborated. "I mean, she has this thing. This...theory if you will. She 
thinks that if she goes fast enough she's gonna see him again. On some 
level she's gonna be able to be with him for a minute. I don't think she can 
face the reality that it's not gonna happen. He's gone." Tai sighed, 
looking back toward where his sister went.

	"It's gotta be a little easier for you, not really knowing him or 
anything." Dom said understanding.

	"Yeah, I mean, she talks about him every now and then and you'd 
think he was a god. I wish I had gotten to know him. Maybe then I'd 
understand this little quest of hers." Tai paused. "It may just be that 
she doesn't even really think he's gone. After all this time she still 
may think they all got it wrong and their out there somewhere, waiting 
for her...for us to come." he dropped his now bare chicken bone down 
on his plate. 

	Dominic looked at Tai, then to where his sister and Tori had 
gone. Now he understood a little more. That would help. There were still 
alot of things he wanted to know, but there was time. He had a feeling she 
wasn't going anywhere soon.

	Tori awoke to the sounds of machinery whirring outside. Ratchets, 
electric bolt screws and various other mechanical noises roused her 
from her peaceful dream. In an attempt to block it out, Tori moaned and 
flipped over onto her stomach, covering her head with her pillow. In the 
process, she knocked half of the covers off of the bed and her bare leg was 
hit with the cold air of the fan blowing through the trailer. It had become 
a nightly thing to turn it on because the metal trailer felt like an 
oven during the night. With a small screech, she reached down off the 
bed for the rest of the covers, scooting carelessly closer to the side of 
the pulldown bed. Not being awake enough to judge the distance she was 
scooting, Tori screeched as she was caught off guard being on the edge 
of the bed and fell with a loud thud to the floor. She quickly sat up, her 
left shoulder and lower right leg covered in the thick comforter she had been 
grasping for. Her hair was strewn all across her face and shoulders. The 
door swung open and Dom, Tai and Mia rushed in. 

	It was then that Tori remembered that she slept in a night shirt 
and panties, which just happened to be leopard pattern. She gave a 
small squeak as they came to a hault, wide eyes at seeing her sitting on 
the floor, three feet down from the bed, knees up and partially open as her 
feet were spread for balance and leaning back on her hands, hair everywhere 
as well as comforter benieth her and part on her. In the next few seconds, 
Mia turned red, Dominic turned, eyes wide and stepped out of the trailer and 
Tai burst out laughing, bending over and grabbing his stomach. Tori turned 
red and stood quickly, wrapping the comforter around her waist. Mia grabbed 
the laughing Tai and gave Tori an amused and sympathetic look before 
exiting the trailer with a still giggling Tai behind her. 

	With a sigh, she plopped down on the edge of the bed, again misjudging 
the distance and bounced right back on to the floor on her ass. Simply putting 
her head down to let out a snorting laugh, Tori realized this would be 
one of those days.

	"Interesting way of getting our attention this morning." Dominic 
commented in the afternoon as Tori and he bent over the inside of her car, 
installing new and upgraded parts. Truth was, he couldn't get the image 
of her laying there with nothing but her panties and that small tshirt on, 
out of his mind. Tori immediatly turned an interesting shade of red, making 
him laugh. Putting a hand on her shoulder, he simply smiled and shook his 
head then stood and walked around to the Pepsi machine to grab them both a 
drink. He pushed a button and banged his fist into the box, grinning as his 
drink fell into the slot. Grabbing it, he did it once more then headed back, 
handing Tori hers before going back to the car. Tori had dressed in blue 
jeans that were fading and a dark blue tank top, her hair up in a ponytail.

	Tai came running in and stopped behind them. He almost tripped on 
his shoelaces, which were untied. He had on knee-length tan shorts with 
unnumbered pockets and a green t-shirt. "Hey Tigger Butt."He said to his 
sister in reguard to her underwear that morning. Tori glared at him as Dom 
laughed and wiped his hands on a red rag."Hey, Dom, there's some chic out 
there askin for ya. She has the coolest pink bug....not that I like pink, 
just the bug." Tai quickly put in, making Tori smile, then follow as Dominic 
made his way out to the front of the garage. There, leaning against an 
Easter pink 2001 Volkswagon Beetle was a girl about Tori's height. She 
wore short black jean short, combat boots with two inch platform bottoms 
and a light blue unbuttoned shirt over a white tube top. Her dark dirty 
blond hair reached down to her shoulders and curled outward a bit. A smile 
was on her face as Dom approached. She pulled off her oval RayBan sunglasses 
and stuck one of the earpeices down inside her shirt, effectivly letting the 
glasses hang in front of her bust. She crossed her arms.

	"So how come you never call me, Dom? I gave you my number you 
know." she grinned.

	"Yeah, well, got lots of things to do, work, know." he 
grinned back, crossing his arms as well. 

	Tori watched with amusment and slight jealousy as this woman openly 
flirted with Dominic. He obviously knew her well enough to smile when 
she did. 

	"Yeah, that's true, lots of shit going down lately. Especially 
with these stupid cars, you know, they just keep messin up on me, 
bringin me back here all the time. Not that I mind seeing you, cause, " 
she looked him up and down purposly taking her time "I don't." she grinned 
almost evilly.

	Dominic rolled his eyes. "Get to the point, Angela."

	"Yeah, yeah. It's this bug. It's bumpin. Jerkin me nearly out 
of my seat. So I thought I'd bring it in to you to see if you knew what was 
doin it. Do whatever you need to, you know I got all the money I need." 
she gave that seductive smile again. 

	Dom walked around to the front of the car and popped the hood up, 
propping it up on the small stand. Leaning over into the car, he moved 
his hands around a bit checking with his eyes and hands for what was 
wrong. Angela walked over and stood unnervingly close, her shorts riding up 
purposly as she leaned forward near him, not really looking much into the 
car. Moments later, Dominic came up with a dirty spark plug in his hand.

	"Found the problem, Ang. You got a spark plug or two that need 
cleaning. Angela, you know all about cars, you could have fixed this yourself." 
he said, unamused by her attemps.

	"Yeah, but then I wouldn't have gotten the chance to see you, 
now would I?" she smiled, moving a little closer.

	He reached down and took her hand and she smiled until he placed 
the spark plug in her hand. "I've got things to do, Angela, don't fuckin 
waist my time." he said lowly. Angela frowned.

	"Yeah, like what?" she asked following him as he walked back to the 
RX-7 inside the shop where Tai still waited, looking around inside the top 
of his car. He smiled back at Dom as he smiled at him, walking up to the car 
and picking up where he left off. Angela followed still, Tori not far 
behind her, but walking at a slower pace. She kept walking toward Dom 
even when Angela stopped just inside the garage doorway. It was time 
she worked her way back into the conversation.

	"So, how's the car coming?" she asked walking around Angela up to 
the car on the right side and inspecting the engine.

	"Pretty good. Almost got the injector reinstalled. That one 
was pretty messed up. Must have been a long time since you've changed it."

	Tori laughed. "You have no idea."

	Angela crossed her arms and sighed harshly. "Well, like you 
said, got better things to do. See you at the races, Dom. And this time, 
your gonna loose," she smiled. Turning to Tori, she walked up to her. 
"I'm Angela by the way."

	Tori took her extended hand warily. "Tori." she pointed at Tai. 
"That's Tai."

	"This your ride?" Angela asked, walking part way around the car, 
very aware of the warning look Dominic was giving her and ignoring it.

	"Yeah. Sure is."

	"Nice. Gonna race it next week?" 

	"Um...yeah, I guess, if it's ready by then." Tori said, starting 
to get nervous around this girl.

	"Ah well. Good luck. Your gonna need it." Angela whispered the 
last as she walked by Tori and out the garage door, yelling a 'bye, Dom' 
on her way. Moments later, a reving engine could be hear then the sqeal 
of tires as she left.

	Tori walked out of the garage to let Dom do his work and over to 
where Mia leaned against the pole outside by her trailer.

	"What was that?" Tori asked in a quiet voice.

	"That? That was Angela doing what she THINKS she does best." Mia 
laughed. "She's been after Dom for years and she's still not comin close. 
Course I wouldnt' worry about her, she's never serious. Had guys on 
and off for years now, she happy that way. Major player, but Dom never 
even thinks about her that way." Mia grinned looking over at Tori, who 
wasn't really paying attention, but staring over at where her brother was. 
She had a feeling Tori would be staying longer than the woman had 
originonally planned.


	Dominic slammed down the hood of the RX-7, now upgraded, making sure 
the top stayed down and wiped his hands togather, then turned to Tori who now 
leaned against the side of the car with her arms crossed, a small 
smile apon her lips as she sipped on her pepsi through a straw. She and Tai 
had been there now for over a week and a half. Every day they ate at Dom's 
resturaunt in front of the shop and every evening they ate at the house 
with Mia and Dom. Every night, they slept in the trailer, despite her 
new friend Mia's attempts to persuade her and Tai to sleep in extra rooms 
in the house they had had for Vinny and Jesse, who were no longer around. 
Dominic had explained the incident and how Jesse had been shot and after 
all the trouble with the group, Vincent decided it would be better to 
join Letty in Mexico. 

	Tori had also learned about Dominic's last relationship and how 
terribly it ended. After sending her on a plane to Mexico, he got a call, 
about a month later, much later than he expected. She explained how she loved 
him, but if it meant watching people she loved die and being at risk of dying 
herself it just wasn't worth it. And with a 'sorry and take care of yourself 
and Mia for me', she was gone....out of his life forever. He had taken 
it pretty hard, shutting out people at first and that's when he lost 
Vincent. His friend pretty much told him the same thing Letty had and 
joined her in paradise. She felt bad for him, but knew what he needed now 
was to forget the past and look forward to the future.
	"Done." he said in a quite voice. 

	Tori just stayed there smiling and rolled her eyes and her head 
off to another part of the garage, the smirk still playing on her lips. 
Dominic stood up fully from leaning over on the car and walked around, 
then leaned forward over her, placing his hands on either side of the 
car. Tori was now backed up and almost sitting on the edge of the car, her 
smile still partially in place, but fading.

	"You wanna tell me what's so funny?" he asked in a low seductive 
voice, leaning in further so that their faces were barely apart. He 
leaned forward a bit more, tilting his head and eyeing her lips, following 
her tongue as it wet them. That did it.

	Swooping in, Dominic captured her lips with his, the warmth almost 
searing him. He felt her small gasp against his lips and pressed deeper. 
She tasted so sweet, almost like a smooth liquid honey and cinnimon with the 
slightest bit of pepsi flooding off of her tongue as he touched it with 
his own.

	Tori felt the can slip from her hand and fall to the ground with a 
splat of the dark liquid inside. Her arms found their way to the sides of 
his arms,running across his thick tight muscles and ran their way tentivly 
around inside to his sides. Her long fingers gripped the sides of the sweaty 
white tank he wore. She could feel the muscles underneith it and moaned 
slightly as he slid his tongue further into her mouth. She felt his arms move 
closer to each other behind her back as he moved himself in closer, pulling 
away only slightly to reset his mouth more firmly against hers. His mouth was 
so sensual, so delicious.....

	"Hey guys!"

	Tori and Dominic abruptly broke apart as they heard Tai, just noticing 
his footsteps running toward the very open and exposed garage side. He came to 
a stop in front of the door, taking in the scene.

	"Hey, Tor, drop your coke there?" he pointed down to the fogotten can, 
spilling out Pepsi all over the floor.

	"Uh, yeah..hehe, must have slipped. Butterfingers, huh?"

	Tai looked at her weird. "Uh yea....butterfingers. 
Well hey, Mia sent me to tell you guys that lunch is almost ready. We're 
havin burgers and chips. Come on." he said, taking in the two one more time 
before shaking his head in bewilderment and running off to eat.

	Tori looked down to the ground and after a few minutes, when Dominic 
didn't leave, took a chance and glanced up at him. He had a smirk that just 
screamed trouble, but it was cute and Tori couldn't help but smile back. 
Moments later the two were sharing a light laugh and Dominic threw his arm 
around Tori's back and guided her with him to the house.