(*ok, I know you wanted violence or something but come on, I'm not that good 
at killing and chasing away scenes I think*)

	Two weeks had passed since Tori had come home and only a week since 
Dominic had come home to her that night and whispered softly into her ear 
as he thought she lay sleeping. "Your safe now." before kissing her 
cheek and falling into a deep sleep beside her. Ever since then, things 
had been back to nearly perfect. Well, as perfect as you got with a set 
of two brothers and sisters. But everyone was like family and Angela 
and Tori began spending more and more time togather. She had become like 
a sister to Angela and Mia and the girls were almost never apart, except 
for when Dominic claimed time with Tori.

	The two had grown so close in such a very short time. So much 
had happened and so much had been pushed onto their lives. Tori had had 
thoughts during the first week about leaving sometime, but Dominic would 
sit her down each and everytime and show her exactly why she wasn't going 
to leave. She was amazed at how many different things he could be at once. 
Soft but hard, sweet but tough, it all astounded her and everytime he 
kissed her, her mind dropped a little more of the need to run, until the 
day she woke up, two weeks later and the epiphany of her lifetime came 
to her. It had taken Dominic almost two hours to get her to stop crying 
enough to tell him what was wrong.

	"They're gone Dom...." she sobbed softly, as he wiped tears 
from her eyes.

	"Who's gone Tor?"

	"Mom and Dad. They're dead. I never really believed I'd lost 
them, that they were still there with me, but....they're not." 
she sighed.

	"Oh." Dom said quietly. "What brought this on Tori?" he asked, 
pulling her onto his lap and stroking her arm.

	"I woke up and tried to think of a reason that we needed to leave. 
I-I've always done that to distance myself..you know, I mean I always 
wanted to think of myself as the person to make the decision that we 
had to go......and I couldn't think of one."

	"And that made you sad?" he asked almost incredously.

	"No...no..you see...the reasons were always that there WAS 
something better....something like my father and mother and their 
life out there. But there's not. I'm always looking for some way to 
get a little peice of that life back and I've never been able to find 
it." she paused and looked up at him. "Until now."

	Dominic was confused. "What do you mean?"

	Tori looked down a little then around in thought as she 
spoke and explained. "You see, my parents had this kinda of love 
that I thought noone else in the world could ever have. It was 
special..just for them. And not just that, they had this connection. 
This way of knowing each other and I guess that may have been what I 
was looking for...a connection." she looked back up at him.

	He pointed to himself and her, back and forth. "Like the one you 
and I have." he understood.


	"So does this mean your gonna stay?"


	"For good?"

	Tori smiled and kissed him. "For good."


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