Bobby strained his eyes to read the incredibly small text on the map in his hand. The hunter was parked on the side of the road with his dogs in tow, trying to figure out where in the hell he was. He knew he had to be somewhere close to that Men of Letters bunker, because his truck had just crossed into Lebanon. But snow was starting to flurry around which made it harder to focus on the road signs. Plus, Willy and Humphrey were rough-housing in the seat beside him and it didn't make it any easier to concentrate.

"Would you two knock it off?" Bobby snapped at the dogs to his right, "You're shakin' the whole damn truck."

Willy and Humphrey instantly popped their furry heads up and untangled themselves from a wrestling pose at their owner's command. Bobby usually didn't mind them playing with each other, but he was trying to find the boys' place now. It was Christmas day and he really wanted to see the kids open their presents before the sun went down. He had been traveling since nine o'clock that morning to get here and he wasn't about to let his rabble of demonic hounds screw it up. Peter, unlike his rowdy brothers, was an obedient statue at Bobby's side; still and level-headed as ever. Once silence settled in the truck again, the old man went back to looking at the map.

Dean and Sam told him that the bunker was easy to miss because it was hidden in plain sight, but Bobby didn't realize that the place would be this hard to find. When he first got the key from a guy at his doorstep – an encounter that Bobby barely remembered because he had gotten drunk off his ass after a successful ghoul hunt and wasn't expecting visitors – he figured that he would eventually get around to investigating the bunker. But his was the first trip he had ever taken to get there.

The Winchesters, on the other hand, had been living there for almost a month now. They had all given Bobby good reports about the bunker, and the affectionate way Dean and Sam talked about their new 'home' made the old man proud to be the one that gave them the key. Bobby figured that place was always meant for the Winchesters and their babies – who were undoubtedly having a great Christmas at the moment. And he was missing the whole thing...

"Balls," Bobby grumbled.

The old man folded up his map and tossed it aside, overcome with frustration. He had been on the road for six hours and he still wasn't there yet, dammit! There was a bag full of gifts in the truck that Jude and Jessica still needed to open before the day was over! How in the hell was he supposed to find the damn place when it was completely hidden from view?

"Screw it. I'm callin' 'em," the old man huffed under his breath to his dogs.

Peter, Willy, and Humphrey all watched with their ears perked up as Bobby dug his phone out of his pocket and dialed Dean's number. His eyes were fixed on the snowflakes falling on the hood of his truck as he listened to the phone ring in his ear. Willy and Humphrey eventually went back to wrestling each other in the seat when Dean finally picked up.

"Hey, Bobby," he answered, sounding pretty chipper, "Where are you, man? The kids have been asking for you."

"I, uh, must've gotten turned around or somethin', 'cause I don't see the power plant anywhere," Bobby replied, looking out through the windshield.

"Alright, well, where are you now?" Dean asked.

"I'm not sure. I'm parked on the side of the road near a gas station... Gas-N-Sip? The hell kinda name is that?" Bobby uttered to himself, giving the sign another strange glance.

Dean chuckled on the other end of the line, finding humor in Bobby's distraught question.

"You're not too far away. Just sit tight and I'll come and get you in the Impala, okay?" he offered.

"Alright," Bobby sighed, "Just make it quick. Snow's pickin' up."

"Okay. See you in a few," Dean replied happily.

After the line went dead, Bobby took his cell phone down and gave it a small smile. It was nice to hear actual happiness in Dean's voice for a change. The boy had been through enough heartache and it was about time things started working out for him. The old man put his phone back in his pocket before shifting around to give a short whistle. The dogs in the seat paused their new wrestling match to look up at him, maroon eyes wide and tails stuck straight up.

"You two are gonna earn yourselves a night in the basement if you don't cut it out," the old man warned.

The hounds whimpered a bit as they let go of each other and backed up to sit next to their brother. The next fifteen minutes seemed to drag by. It wasn't long before Bobby found himself staring out at drifting snowflakes... and thinking about Crowley. What was the old demon doing today? Was he still taking care of his mother? Was he out collecting more souls? Surely Crowley didn't celebrate Christmas. Bobby knew the guy probably couldn't take time off from his busy schedule of running hell to visit the lowly humans on the surface anyway. Even if it was a holiday... Still, Bobby wished that he could see him. Getting to talk to Crowley again would make a nice present. Plus, Bobby had a little present of his own to give the old bat, too...

A few loud honks stirred Bobby from his deep thoughts.

The Impala was suddenly parked behind his truck, housing Dean, who was waving through the windshield. Bobby took a deep breath before reaching over to grab the huge bag full of gifts from the floor board.

"C'mon, boys," he beckoned, ushering the dogs out.

Pete, Willy, and Humphrey hopped out of the truck in a single file line and followed the old man to the Impala, where Bobby let them all into the backseat. He figured that Dean would say something about the animals stinking up his car or something, but the kid never said a word. He just watched them all climb in with a smile on his face, seeming giddy beyond measure.

"Hey," Dean smirk when Bobby finally sat down in the passenger seat, "Whoa, that's a big bag. Did you rob Santa on the way here?"

Bobby glanced down at the large bag in his hand as Dean pulled a U-turn and got back on the road.

"Pretty much," he mumbled, "I just hope the kids like it. How was their Christmas mornin'?"

"It was... amazing," Dean grinned, staring out at the road with an indescribable amount of joy, "Hands down, best Christmas I've ever had. Jude and Jessica both got bikes and, ugh, you should have seen the looks on their little faces, man. They freaked right out. They were so happy. I've never seen Jude smile so much. After they opened presents, we all had a huge pancake breakfast – Oh, by the way, the kitchen is a wreck right now, so you'll have to over look the mess when you get there – but after we ate, Gabe made Sam dress up like a reindeer and pull the kids around the study in an old wooden bobsled. It was hilarious, Bobby! Jude and Jess loved it. But then they got really tired, so we all piled up in front of the TV in Sam's room and fell asleep to some Christmas cartoons..."

A subtle smile lifted Bobby's face as he listened to Dean go on and on about the amazing Christmas morning he had with his family. It sounded like the boys were finally able to have the life they always wanted, and Bobby was truly happy for them... But hearing about their happiness somehow reminded him of his own sadness. Dean must have been able to tell it was affecting Bobby too, because his delighted story trailed off and he gave the old man a few worried glances.

"You okay?" he asked.

Bobby cleared his throat and shifted in his seat.

"Uh, yeah. Fine. Why?" he replied.

"You just seem a little quiet," Dean pointed out, "How was your morning, huh? Did you get a visit from the king of hell?"

An uneasy discomfort came over Bobby at the mention of Crowley and he lowered his head to block his face with the bill of his hat.

"No," he admitted, hearing the ache in his own voice, "I... I haven't seen him since we went to hell..."

"What?" Dean blurted.

The kid accidentally jerked the wheel in surprise, making the Impala swerve on the road. The dogs in the backseat huddled together between Jude and Jessica's car seats, acting like they were afraid of Dean's driving skills.

"Why hasn't he come to see you? It's been a whole month," the kid said, sounding outraged.

"I don't know," Bobby mumbled in response, "I guess he's busy dealin' with his mother or somethin'. It ain't my place to ask questions anyway. His business ain't none of my business."

"But you're in relationship, Bobby. That means his business is your business," Dean challenged softly, "Look man, you're like a dad to me. And I don't mean to lecture you or whatever... but if you seriously love this guy and he loves you, don't you think he needs to start proving it? I mean, you went to hell for him. Hell itself! If he can't even spare five minutes just to come and check on you, then maybe he's not, you know, 'boyfriend' material."

The old man only took a deep breath in reply. In his mind, Bobby knew Dean was right. The kid was just speaking the truth. But in his heart – way down deep, where he kept all his most private emotions – Bobby couldn't agree. Over the few short years they'd been together, Bobby had come to know the king of hell better than anyone. Crowley acted like a pompous asshole most of the time, sure. But when they were alone together, the guy was a totally different person; so caring and sweet, always leaving treats for the dogs, cleaning up the salvage yard, and restocking Bobby's liquor supply without even being asked. Crowley was a really easy man to talk to when no one else was around, too. Well read and almost philosophical. Just remembering some of the deep conversations they had on the couch at two in the morning made Bobby's heart ache. Damn, he missed that bastard so much...

"I'm sorry... I just... I don't want to see you get hurt, Bobby," Dean mumbled gently, reaching over to give the old man's knee a single pat.

"I know, son," Bobby breathed, finally raising his head to look out the window, "I know..."

It didn't take very much longer to get to the bunker. The giant abandoned power plant was perched way up on a hill, and Bobby figured that was the reason he couldn't find it before. He assumed that Dean was going to park the car on the side of the road and lead him inside – but instead, a large hidden door opened up around the side and Dean pulled into a huge garage.

Bobby's mouth fell open as he glanced around to see multiple old cars parked around the space. Motorcycles and vehicles that looked like they dated back to the thirties and forties – even a Model-T Ford that seemed to be in good working condition – were sitting on both sides of the room in individual booths. Bobby's heart nearly skipped a beat. After working a salvage yard for most of his life, seeing these antique cars in such a good state made him feel like a teenager all over again.

"Is that a... 1952 Porsche Speedster?" he gasped, nearly pressing his face against the Impala's passenger window.

"Damn right it is," Dean nodded with a smirk, "I've got the keys in my room. Feel free to take her for a spin if you want."

"What? Really?" Bobby exhaled, spinning around to look at Dean with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah. Me casa es su casa," the boy shrugged, shutting off the Impala and opening his door, "In fact, if you see one you really like, it's all yours. Apart from the Impala, of course. Consider it a Christmas gift."

"Huh?! N – no, I couldn't just take one of these... gorgeous cars..." Bobby slowly denied, even though his eyes were still fixed on the beautiful cherry-red Porsche to his right.

Dean chuckled again as he stepped out to let the dogs out of the backseat. Peter, Willy, and Humphrey all hopped into the garage to race around, giving the place a nice sniff. Bobby shifted the large bag of of gifts around in his grasp as he slowly got out of the car and followed Dean across the room while gawking at all the amazing vehicles. He couldn't believe that he actually had permission to drive one of them, let alone actually keep one. Bobby didn't have the heart to take any of them from the bunker, though. After everything they had been through, the Winchesters deserved every single one.

"They're all waiting in the study," Dean informed as he led the way to a door, "and, like I said, the kids are covered in flour from where we made pancakes this morning, so you might get a little dirty if they hug you."

"That's alright," Bobby mumbled, looking around in wonder as he followed Dean down a maze of white and gray tiled hallways, "This place is huge. Do you boys ever get lost?"

"Not really," Dean answered with a shrug, "It's a pretty basic layout. Plus, Jessica and Gabe know where everything is. It's nice, right?"

"Nice ain't the word for it," Bobby said, shaking his head in disbelief.

The bunker was bigger, cleaner, and more detailed than Bobby originally imagined. Here he thought the place was going to be a run-down hole that the boys would have to fix up, but no. The underground space was actually fully-functional and livable, and it made Bobby proud.

After cutting down a few more hallways, a doorway to a larger room came into view and Dean led the way inside. Bobby maneuvered his giant bag of goodies around as he and the dogs stepped up into the bright room. A lit table displaying a map was at the center of it, surrounded by chairs and old-timey circuit boards. Bobby kept gawking at all the fancy boards and symbols carved into the floor as he moved, unable to keep his focus on where he was going.

"Uncle Bobby!"

A sudden chorus of children's voices serenaded the old man as he stepped into the next room, making him jump in surprise. Jude and Jessica came rushing up to tackle Bobby's legs and waist, swarming him with an excited embrace. A smile flashed on Bobby's face as he looked down to see the youngsters' smiling faces. Man, they were so adorable. Like seeing little versions of Dean and Sam all over again.

"Hey, lil' rascals," Bobby grinned, reaching down to pat their heads with his free hand.

"Did you got us presents, Uncle Bobby?" Jessica asked, her pretty eyes sparkling as she eyed the bag in Bobby's grasp.

"I sure did," Bobby nodded.

"Jess, give Bobby some room, okay? We can open more presents in a minute," Sam called.

Jude and Jessica both took a step back from Bobby, letting the old man see them properly. Jude was dressed in a green sweater and Jessica was wearing a red dress, both covered in flour and looking like something from a Christmas card. Sam and Gabriel were standing together near a table of the huge study and Dean had wandered over to stand near Cas in front of a Christmas tree, which was clearly decorated by the toddlers. Peter, Willy, and Humphrey found their dad and were currently chasing him around the room. Faint Christmas music was humming somewhere in the distance, too. And for a second, Bobby felt truly welcome. It felt like he had come home to see his own kids for the holidays and everyone was there... except one person. And it was the one person he missed the most...

Bobby quietly cleared his throat and sat his bag of goodies down, trying not to let the emotion show on his face. He didn't want to be the one responsible for ruining everyone's fun time.

"Well, I heard you two got some fancy new bikes for Christmas. Can I see 'em?" he asked, giving the toddlers a smile.

Jude and Jessica both gasped and sprinted away, darting toward the other end of the room with the dogs on their heels. Bobby grinned at their overzealous behavior, secretly enjoying their eagerness. While the toddlers went to get their bikes, Gabriel stepped out from under Sam's arm with a wrapped box in his hand to ease his way toward Bobby.

"Glad you could finally make it to our humble homestead, old-man-winter," the archangel winked, hold out the box, "Here. We all chipped in and got you this."

"Y'all didn't have to get me nothin'," Bobby grumbled, feeling hesitant to take it.

"Well, we didn't exactly 'chip in.' It kinda came with the bunker," Sam casually mentioned.

"Plus, it's something that you and the ol' British ball-and-chain can use together," Gabriel persuaded, bouncing his eyebrows.

The mention of Crowley added another sharp jab to Bobby's heart. In the corner of his eye, Bobby saw Dean cringe, too. But the old man didn't want anyone else to worry about his problems, so he quickly took the present and tore the wrapping paper off to reveal an old box – containing a bottle of finely aged scotch. Bobby pulled the glass bottle out of the container to read the hand-written label taped to the front.

"1894?" he read aloud, feeling his jaw drop again, "This scotch is over a hundred and twenty years old..."

"Yep. And it's never been opened," Dean nodded, "We found it in one of the dorm rooms."

"It's so strong, it'll probably make your chest hair curl up. You better use it wisely," Gabe grinned, nudging Bobby's side.

Bobby didn't know what to say. First the boys offer him the chance to drive around a classic Porsche and then they give him age-old scotch? This was too much. Bobby didn't need all this fancy stuff. He just needed the love and support of his family.

"Th – thank you," he mumbled, setting the bottle on a nearby table, "You boys are too good to me."

Before any of them could reply to Bobby's statement, Jude and Jessica came rolling up on their new bikes. Each one had a set of training wheels to keep the kids balanced, but the bicycles each had their own distinct colors. Jessica's was covered in rainbow colors and sparkles, with plastic streamers hanging from the handle grips. And Jude's bike was painted with metallic blue and red colors, with hints of yellow running through it. Both toddlers were grinning from ear to ear as they pedaled up to stop in front of Bobby.

"Look, uncle Bobby! It has my name!" Jude proudly announced, pointing to the tiny license plate on the back.

"And mine has pretty wings!" Jessica sang, pointing to the white designs hidden through the metal bars.

"They look great, kids," Bobby nodded, "You must have been real good this year - "

A loud 'ding-dong' suddenly interrupted him, echoing through the whole bunker.

Everyone in the study turned to look toward the entrance where the sound came from, including the dogs, who all paused to raise their heads in question. All the adults were equally surprised. Bobby didn't know that secret bunkers had doorbells. Who would be knocking on the Winchesters door on Christmas day?

"You fellas expectin' more company?" Bobby said, glancing toward Sam and Dean.

"No. Just you," Dean replied, already stepping forward, "We better go check it out."

"Maybe it's Santa," Jude whispered, his blue eyes growing with excitement.

"I don't think so, son," Cas denied, stepping closer to his child.

Dean and Sam left their angels with the toddlers and Bobby decided to follow along just in case they needed back up. His three dogs – who were now on guard with their ears up and jaws fixed – stayed loosely around his ankles, acting like his own private security detail. The old man tried to ignore the dull ache in his back as he hiked up the stairs after the Winchesters, who led the way to a door. They all huddled around it before Sam cracked it open to steal a peek outside. It only took him a single glance to decide to pull the door the rest of the way open – revealing a pair of familiar brown eyes and the distinct scent of cinnamon.

"Hello boys," Crowley purred.

Bobby almost couldn't believe it. The king of hell himself was standing on Dean and Sam's doorstep, wearing his usual black suit and red tie, along with a black knee-length coat. Snow was collecting on his shoulders and in his dark hair, but the demon seemed indifferent to the cold. His deep dark eyes were focused on Bobby instead; piercing straight through him, as if he was staring at a pile of gold.

"Hello love," he hummed in his delicious accent, letting a smirk tease the edge of his thin lips, "You're a difficult man to find these days. I've been trying to track you down since nine o'clock this morning."

Bobby wanted to give the demon some kind of sassy retort, but his mouth suddenly felt dry. He only smacked his lips together and let himself take in the sight of his favorite drinking buddy. Had Crowley really tried tracking him down all day? Why was he wanting to find Bobby? And how did he end up at the bunker? Bobby couldn't even find the place without Dean's help. Although these questions were pressing at the front of Bobby's mind, he didn't ask any of them. He was too happy to be in Crowley's presence again to worry about stupid questions.

"Uh... Hey?" Sam offered with a wave, obviously trying to break the long stare that Crowley and Bobby had gotten themselves trapped in.

Bobby coughed and finally blinked away, freeing himself from the demon's powerful gaze.

"What do you want?" Dean almost demanded, narrowing his eyes at Crowley and crossing his arms defiantly.

"Oh, I want a great number of things, Squirrel," Crowley purred, his brown eyes still flickering toward Bobby, "but right now, all I want is that stoic man in the worn hat."

Dean and Sam both looked toward Bobby, who could feel his own face flaring up with heat. He hated being the center of attention, especially when he was put there by flirty comments. Hoping to lighten his discomfort, Bobby shifted around the Winchesters and stepped out the door.

"You boys better give us a minute," Bobby sighed, "Tell the kids I'll be right there."

Although they both seemed a little hesitant to leave Bobby alone with the demon, Sam and Dean both nodded and stepped back with the dogs, letting go of the door. The heavy 'thump' of it closing behind them gave Bobby chills. He was finally alone with Crowley for the first time in months. It was just the two of them now, standing outside the bunker in the middle of a snowfall with nothing to look at but each other.

There were a million things Bobby wanted to say – and even more things he wanted to do – to Crowley, but for a moment, he just stood there and blinked like a goon. The demon made the first move. He reached up with a pale hand to brush away some of the snow that had collected on Bobby's shoulders, even though his own were covered in the stuff.

"You look as handsome as ever, Robert," he breathed, "Life doesn't seem to effect your dashing appearance in the least. If I could bottle your youthful glow, I would sell it to millions of desperate souls..."

"Where have you been?" Bobby blurted.

The question just sort of slipped out. He didn't mean to be so blunt about it, but the answer was killing him. He needed to know why the guy never came to see him after his visit to hell. Crowley took a long breath and shook his head a bit, as if thinking about it made him exasperated.

"I've been dying to see you for weeks, love. Believe me, I have," he began, his dark eyes full of sincerity, "But... my mother – "


Bobby flinched at the unexpected Scottish voice that echoed down the concrete stairs to their left. A large bundle of red curly hair tossed around in the snow as Rowena – who was dressed warmly in a green velvet dress and fluffy white coat – rushed down the steps as quickly as her tiny feet could carry her. Crowley's hand dropped from Bobby's shoulder and he let out an audible groan, glaring toward the sky with fire in his eyes.

"You didn't tell me you finally found him! It's a yuletide miracle!" the lady rejoiced, smiling brightly.

"Mother," Crowley growled without looking at her, "I told you to wait in the car!"

"It's so nice to see you again, lad. You look as strapping as ever," Rowena said, ignoring Crowley and extending her hand to Bobby.

Bobby gave Crowley a small glance before carefully taking the lady's tiny hand. Her fingers were bony and cold, but Bobby gave it a gentle shake.

"It's, uh, nice to see you again too, ma'am," he mumbled, giving her a small smile.

Rowena blushed and shivered in the snow, making her red curls dance over her fluffy coat.

"Oh, I just love hearing you call me that!" she giggled, scrunching her nose, "And ya have such warm hands! Those will keep my wee Fergus plenty warm in bed – "

"Mother!" Crowley hissed, yanking Bobby's hand away from hers, "Stop forcing him to endure your insufferable yapping!"

"Oh, keep yer trousers on, boy. I only came to give him a gift," she replied.

Rowena started digging around in her big coat pockets while Crowley exhaled furiously.

"What could you possibly have to give to him?!" the demon demanded.

Bobby couldn't help but smile at the dysfunctional exchanges between Crowley and his mother. It was like watching a real life sitcom. The Scottish lady finally took a small card out of her pocket and held it out to Bobby with a huge grin.

"Here ya go, laddie. I've held onto it for centuries, but I think you'll appreciate it more than I," she winked.

"Oh, bollocks, is that what I think it is?" Crowley murmured, his face going pale.

Feeling curious, Bobby quickly reached up and took the centuries-old card. The front was blank, but the inside held a small hand-drawn picture of a small boy. He looked to be about eight years old, with a chubby face and dark eyes. He was wearing fabric overalls and a mild scowl. And the subtle look on his tiny face made Bobby wonder...

"Is this... you?" he asked, raising his head to give Crowley a look of surprise.

"Yes!" Rowena nodded, giving another high-pitched giggle, "That's my Fergus when he was just a wee thing. The plumpest boy in the whole village. Ate every apple in sight. The midwives mistook him for a swine when he was born -"

"Dammit, woman!" Crowley boomed, his voice echoing up the stairs as he turned to glare at the tiny red-head next to him, "If you don't get back in the car right now, I'm going to put you under it!"

Rowena huffed a breath and gave her son a snide look. She shook her head before leaning forward to whisper to Bobby.

"Got a bit of a temper, he does. Hope you're prepared to handle it," she mentioned with a wink, "Merry Christmas to ya, Robert Singer! Always a pleasure."

"Merry Christmas to you too, ma'am," he replied politely, tilting his hat.

Rowena giggled and blushed again before turning to prance back up the steps, making her velvet dress swish around. Bobby and Crowley stayed quiet and still until she was all the way out of sight. Once they were alone again, the demon took a large breath and hung his head in front of the old man.

"Forgive me, Robert," he mumbled, sounding exhausted, "Ever since my mother decided to plop herself back into my life, I... I haven't had the courage to come near you. She's more than a handful and I completely understand if... if her presence has made you change your mind about me."

"Change my mind?" Bobby repeated, "What are you talkin' about?"

Crowley raised his head again to give the man a flat look.

"It isn't fair for me to ask you to put up with my mother just for the sake of my company," he explained, his rich accent full of heartache.

Bobby glanced down at the drawing in his hand, seeing Crowley's young face again. How could he ever think that his mother would make Bobby turn away from him?

"To be honest... I would do anything to share your company," Bobby began, glancing back up to meet the demon's dark eyes, "Besides, your momma's not that bad. She's just a little... extreme. And everybody comes with their own baggage anyway. I mean, you put up with my boys, don't you?"

A softer look came over Crowley's face in the snow.

"Yes... I suppose I do," he answered, "But the Winchesters are a daydream compared to my mother. The scales are favorably tipped toward you, I'm afraid."

Bobby gave a hardy chuckle, edging closer to the demon in front of him.

"Well, to be fair, you've got royalty. I ain't exactly a king," he reminded.

"I beg to differ," Crowley responded in a whisper, his breath fogging from his lips.

Bobby gulped down a sudden flicker of emotion as his eyes danced all around the demon's face. Crowley was wearing that look he always wore when he was about to lean forward and give Bobby a kiss. His mahogany eyes were filling with heat and he was moistening his lips, giving them a generous lick with the tip of his wet tongue. Bobby couldn't tear his eyes away from it. He just stood there in the snow and felt his own heart hammer against his ribcage.

"I... I dunno if you're up for gettin' gifts," Bobby mumbled, eying Crowley's lips, "but I've been meanin' to give you somethin' for awhile now."

"Is that so?" Crowley purred, tilting his head back, "Tell me, old friend, what kind of gift is - ?"

Bobby cut off the guy's question with a sudden kiss, plunging his mouth against Crowley's and reaching up to hold the back of his head. Hot air fogged between their noses as their tongues wrestled together. Bobby could taste a tiny hint of alcohol on Crowley's lips and it only made the man want to dive in deeper; to kiss him longer, and hold him tighter. He wasn't sure how long it lasted – was it a few seconds? A few years? – before he had to pull away to breathe. He gasped for breath but stayed close, holding the warm demon against him in the cold weather.

"The kind that keeps on givin'," Bobby replied simply.

Crowley leaned into Bobby's embrace, letting the old man hold most of his weight, as he stared up at him with a dopy look.

"You have no bloody idea how much I needed that," he hummed.

Bobby smiled, glad that he was able to make Crowley feel better. The demon slowly reached up to straighten the old man's hat, which had been shifted sideways by their vigorous kiss. It was so nice to have this again; to be right where he wanted to be, inside Crowley's arms. It didn't matter whether the guy had a crazy mother, or a deranged father, or satanic distant cousins. Bobby loved him no matter who he was related to. Like Dean said earlier, Crowley's business was his business. If they were going to be together for the long haul – which Bobby was avidly hoping for – then Rowena was as good as his mother-in-law, and he didn't mind one bit.

"You know, it looks like you've got a lil' bit of red runnin' through your hair," Bobby mentioned, giving the demon a playful wink.

Crowley rolled his eyes but grinned, shaking his head and snuggling deeper into Bobby's arms.

"You're very lucky that I'm so fond of you, Singer. A comment like that would have meant a one way trip to the pit for anyone else," Crowley mused.

"I know," Bobby nodded with a chuckle, "Merry Christmas, old friend."

Crowley smirked when Bobby called him by their pet name, seeming pleased to have heard it.

"And to you as well, love," he replied.

The two of them searched each others' wide eyes for another minute before Bobby lowered his head to rejoin their lips. Now that he finally had his demon back, he was going to make the most of it... And never let him go again.

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