AN: We see in canon that Voldemort and Dumbledore and smart and very powerful wizards. So why can't Harry be the same? This is a slight super-Harry. Most super Harry fics are where he is ultra-powerful for no reason, is the heir of Merlin or gets trained by the founders. This isn't such a story, so I'll try to keep it as realistic as possible. Ah, the irony!

Warning: This is a Dumbledore bashing story. Dumbledore is manipulative (as per canon, at least according to me). I believe that Dumbledore could be shown either way - as a wise old man who did things because he was the leader, trying to save his society; or the man who believes that what he does is always done for the Greater Good (the term is relative. We don't know about the greater good of whom). This story follows the latter. This is a Harry/Daphne story. For those who don't like this pairing or don't like Dumbledore to be portrayed this way, I'm not sure if you'll like this. This is my first attempt at fanfiction so please be kind. The first few chapters are short, but I have increased the chapter length later on. Enjoy!



Chapter 1

A house elf popped into the large room and opened the curtains and windows to let the sunlight in. He then proceeded to the bathroom to fill the tub with water and keep all the toiletries where they were needed and popped out of the room. An eleven-year-old boy sleeping on a large four poster bed flinched as the sunlight hit his face. He stretched and slowly got out of bed and went straight to the bathroom to finish his morning chores. He then came out and went out to the balcony to look at the view outside. Watching the landscape around Potter Castle always soothed him. He then went inside, wore a pair of track pants and running shoes. This was a daily ritual for the young boy, as he ran around the property that was around the magnificent castle. After an hour of exercise, he went back to his room for a bath. As he relaxed, the boy, Hadrian Potter, better known as Harry, started thinking about how he ended up where he was.


Harry Potter was a weird child. That was the consensus among everyone in Privet Drive, Surry. The people of the neighbourhood were told by the Dursley family that the boy was orphaned due to the car crash that killed his drunken bum of a father and his whore of a mother. Seeing the child in ragged clothes and listening to the stories sprouted by Petunia Dursley, they believed him to be a delinquent. But no one knew the real story that went on inside Number Four, Privet Dive. No one knew that Harry Potter was verbally, emotionally and physically abused there. They all thought that Vernon and Petunia Dursley and their son Dudley the perfect family. How wrong they were.

Since he was very young, Harry Potter knew that he was different. He could remember all his experiences and recall them with perfect clarity. He could remember information in books with complete recollection. Because of this, he was also a very smart child. But as much as he tried, he couldn't remember his life before his second birthday.

He also knew that strange things happened to him. Things his relatives called 'freaky'. He really hated that word. His relatives called him nothing but 'boy' or 'freak'. His bedroom was a small cupboard under the stairs. Since he was three years old, he was ordered to weed the garden or clean the house. The fact that he was so little, that he was a baby was lost to the so called adults. He was given a meager amount of food while his fat whale of a cousin could eat as much as he liked. Harry was also hated by his relatives because he could speak fluently and could read while their precious Diddykins could not.

But that's when the trouble started. When he started school at the age of four, he was given Dudley's cast offs for clothes. When he started school, the school teacher started the roll call. When she asked for Harry Potter, the boy, who until then didn't know his name suddenly had a recollection where he answered and said that his name was Harry. How he knew this, he didn't know. But he knew he would be in trouble with his aunt and uncle. And he was right.

And that's when the beatings began. Uncle Vernon was furious that the freak knew his name without them telling him. He was beaten and locked the cupboard for two days without food. It was during this time that Harry started meditating. He saw it briefly when his aunt was flipping through the channels on the telly. He wanted to find out what happened to his parents and how he ended up in this hell called the Dursley Residence.

Over the next couple of years, the strange things continued. The hair of the teacher who was yelling at him turned blue, and he had no idea how that happened. Once, when Dudley and his gang were chasing him, for their game of Harry Hunting, he ended up on the school roof with no knowledge of how he got there. When his Aunt Petunia shaved him bald, except for a small fringe to cover his scar on his forehead, it miraculously regrew itself overnight. And of course, after every beating, his bones would be healed the next day.

But the beatings only increased. Harry was blamed for everything that went wrong. He was slapped if he had a sad face as Dudley didn't want to be around a sad person. He was beaten badly if he ever dared to smile. So Harry learned to control his emotions. He used his meditation techniques he'd been practicing for the last few years to control his facial expressions to keep a blank face. So people started calling him a robot. But what people didn't know was that Harry started recollecting memories from when he was a baby. He didn't know what to think about this new revelation. His parents were magical. They were murdered. As much as he wanted to, he knew he couldn't run away. He didn't fancy living on the streets. So he spent most of his free time at the library as Dudley would never enter the place. He thought he could bear it for some more time, and hope that the people he had seen in this memories would come for him. But then everything changed a month before his seventh birthday.

Uncle Vernon was hosting dinner for his boss and his wife. He was looking for a promotion. Harry was ordered to stay in this cupboard and not make a sound. But what Vernon and Petunia didn't know was that Harry had started experimenting with magic since he found out about it almost a year earlier. He started small like levitating things in his cupboard. It was initially very hard, but he persevered. Since that incident where he appeared on the school roof, he started experimented with disappearing and appearing somewhere else. He had only been able to manage that particular feat two weeks earlier. He found out that he could also sense when someone was lying to him (the Dursleys gave him good practice for that one as they always lied about his family). This time, he was furious. He was locked in the cupboard for a week and was starving. He decided that revenge was in order, damn the consequences.

When Mr. and Mrs. Mason arrived, they sat in the living room. Uncle Vernon was busy flattering them and praising his son. Harry was inside the cupboard, eyes closed and concentrated on what was happening outside. He then pushed with his magic, hoping it would work. And it did! Dudley farted loudly. The living room was silent. Petunia turned pale. Before she could do anything Vernon farted too, and a wet lump formed in his pants. His face became purple but the Masons decided that they would visit another time and left hastily just as Petunia too farted loudly.

Vernon's face turned red. He knew who was responsible for this. And that freak was going to die today and damn the consequences. He opened the cupboard. "What have you done you freak?" he bellowed. "I will not tolerate your freakishness in my house any longer! You have gone too far this time!"

He took out his belt and pulled the little boy out of the cupboard. "Today I'll end your miserable existence you freak", Vernon whispered. He started hitting and kicking the small boy with as much force as he could muster. He took his belt and started whipping him. Harry screamed, but Vernon punched him so that his nose broke and a few teeth fell out. He broke Harry's arms and legs and started choking him.

"You will learn your lesson you freak. You are nothing but a useless waste of space. We should have left you in an orphanage after your useless parents died. It's time you learned your place boy!"

Harry started fighting back. He couldn't breathe. He concentrated on his magic and the resultant force pushed Uncle Vernon to the wall. Enraged, Vernon took a kitchen knife on the counter and rushed towards the boy. Harry panicked but the movement caused the knife to impact his stomach. Blood poured out the wound. His vision went blurry and he banked out.