Thank you all for the amazing reviews! It has really encouraged me to write more stories. That being said, I did try to write Part 2, but I realised that I had made Harry way too powerful in Lightning Lord. I just could not work with it. Instead, I decided to start fresh and write a whole new story. My new story which I have uploaded, 'Saviour of Magic' will start from the first year of Hogwarts, but once Voldemort has been dealt with, I will take the story to how I wanted Part 2 of Lightning Lord to look like, only without the god-like element of Harry. This is a new story, but with a few recurring themes of Lightning Lord thrown in at specific places, nothing more.

Thank you all for your patience and I apologise for making you wait for so long. Real life can be annoying because of which I haven't been able to update my stories. Please enjoy my new story - Saviour of Magic!