The healer eyed them both as she ran diagnostic spells. Sirius braced himself to be taken aside and submitted to questioning under suspicion of spousal abuse - three months in and labelled a wifebeater. The healer holstered her wand, an expression on her face declaring 'You're both idiots,' before handing them a brochure and several pieces of papers.

"Mrs. Black, you're pregnant. The increased emotional sensitivity is due to hormones. Here are lists of prenatal potions and foods. Feel free to purchase a book on the topic from the shop on the first floor. Congratulations." The healer exited quickly, closing the door behind her with an exasperated click; Sirius was too busy kissing Hermione to mind the rude bedside manner.

"My brilliant girl! So smart and sexy, growing my baby. Merlin, I love you."

The Marriage Law was a complete disaster, and abolished as soon as the next Minister was instated. Not all of the resulting marriages ended in divorce; Hermione and Sirius counted themselves in the minority with their success. Left in its tragic wake were a bevy of unwanted half-blood children. Appalled at the lack of planning for the children once the law was rescinded, Sirius and Harry formed Blackpot Academy - both an orphanae and the first pre-Hogwarts primary school.

Donations poured in as the waiting list of non-resident students grew for the exclusive school. Hermione's influence on the curriculum, all Blackpot alumni were top of the class upon entering any magical secondary school. Construction for extension branches in France and Russia had begun, with full magical government approval.

"Now, remember the plan for your birthday..." Sirius grinned at the large grey eyes in the solemn boy's face as he knelt on the plush rug in Nott's office. The Slytherin snorted while sipping his tea, watching his friend and godson fondly.

"I want a little sister for my present!" He ruffled his son's curls and beamed, clearly his toddler was a genius. What better complement to his beloved son than a little girl with Hermione's smile?

"Make sure you tell Mummy that."

Hermione sat in her leather office chair, and grimaced at her beach ball sized stomach before reaching around to sign her name at the end of the contract. The new line of expanded micro cars was expected to raise Nott-icals stock by several Galleons. She sighed as Sirius barged through her door without knocking.

"Sirius, I have absolutely no time to argue with you." Defiant, he tugged her arm to pull her up from the chair, and adjusted a few bobby pins and stray curls before leading her out the door. Hermione pulled away and glared. "Sirius! I have the meeting on broadcasting equipment!"

"You're were to be at St. Mungo's half an hour ago!"

"For an appointment that you scheduled; I won't be bullied!" Sirius raked hands through his hair in frustration.

"Darling, please. You've been having cramps, don't deny it. Nott doesn't even want you in that meeting. He's terrified you'll be plebian enough to give birth in the middle of it."

"This baby obviously just wants to kick at my bladder rather than say hello. I might as well get work do-" Sirius watched in horror as her skirt darkened between her legs. "I guess the baby wants out after all. Come along, maybe it will shoot out as we Floo. Like father, like daughter."