Front Sight: The Beginning

The "Crew"

1) Capt. George 'Medic' Konan: The squad leader of Task Force 141's Echo 5. Assault Rifle specialist, best Combat Medic of whole Task Force, capable of accomplishing any kinds of missions without breaking a sweat. Always willing to help the people in need and eliminate any possible threats.

*Age: 26

*Height: 1.86 m

*Blood Type: B-

*Nationality: Greek

*Eyes, Hair, Skin: Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown

*Body Type: Athletic

*Special Features: Tattoo on the left arm

*Weaponry: -Silenced custom M4A4 w/ Holographic Sight, Forward Grip and 5.56x45mm NATO Fast Injection-Extended Magazine.

-Silver plated Desert Eagle w/ Fore Grip, custom Red Dot Sight and Extended .44 Magnum Extended Magazine.

-x4 Flash Grenades

-Large Medkit Pack

-x4 Semtex Grenades

Hobbies: Competitive Gaming, Live Streaming, Browsing through "Dank Memes"

2) Sgt. Michael 'Boomer' Brody: Explosives expert, George's best friend and second squad leader. No matter the situation, this guy always finds an opportunity to blow shit up.

*Age: 25

*Height: 1.79 m

*Blood Type: AB+

*Nationality: American

*Eyes, Hair, Skin: Light Blue, Blonde, Light Brown

*Body Type: Normal

*Special Features: Slight facial scar

Weaponry: -Heckler & Koch UMP-45 w/ Red Dot Sight, 'Potato' Grip and Straight Magazine w/ custom Incendiary Bullets.

-M79 Grenade Launcher

-x4 Flash Grenades

-x2 C4 Explosives

-x2 Trip Mines

Hobbies: Live Streaming, Casual-Competitive Gaming, Basketball

3) Lt. Jordi 'Angel' Jaansen: Mechanical Engineering degree holder (Grade A++). You want your ride fixed in no time; he's the man for you.

*Age: 23

*Height: 2.03 m

*Blood Type: O-

*Nationality: Dutch

*Eyes, Hair, Skin: Brown, Blonde-Light Brown, Light Brown

*Body Type: Normal-Skinny

*Special Features: None

Weaponry: -Semi-automatic HK417 w/ Hybrid Sight, Forward Grip, Green Laser Sight and 7.62x51mm NATO 30-round Extended Magazine.

-Fully-automatic AA-12 shotgun w/ Drum Magazine and custom Comfort Stock.

-x4 Flash Grenades

-Large Toolkit Pack

-Repair Torch

Hobbies: Robotics, Football, Casual Gaming

4) Cpl. John 'Deadshot' Kenwood: Sniper Rifle specialist, second on the "longest range kills" leaderboard of Task Force and the eldest on Echo 5. Once you appear on his crosshairs, nothing can save your ass!...

*Age: 32

*Height: 1.80 m

*Blood Type: b+

*Nationality: American- South African

*Eyes, Hair, Skin: Dark Green, Brown, Brown

*Body Type: Muscular

*Special Features: Tattoo from birth on the chest

Weaponry: -Silenced M200 Intervention w/ Infrared Scope, Laser Sight, Handle and Bipod.

-Double Five-Sevens w/ 5.7x28mm Fast Injection Magazines.

-x2 Grappling Hooks

-Heartbeat Sensor

-Custom Night Vision Goggles

Hobbies: Golfing, Reading, Arcade Gaming

5) Spc. Sam 'Hackerman' Anderson: As the nickname says, this guy's a total tech "nerd", although he doesn't want to be called like that. Legend says that he managed to hack through NATO's security data for the Russian President himself!

*Age: 24

*Height: 1.68 m

*Blood Type: A-

*Nationality: Japanese

*Eyes, Hair, Skin: Brown, Dark Blue, Pale White

*Body Type: Normal

*Special Features: Glasses

Weaponry: -Custom AK-74u w/ Red Dot Sight, Stubby Grip and 5.45x39mm Fast Injection- Extended Magazine.

-Heckler & Koch MP7 w/ Glowing Sights, 4.6x30mm Extended Magazine and Tactical Flashlight

-x4 Flash Grenades

-UAV Jammer


Hobbies: Game Console Collecting, Hacking, Baseball

6) Pv2 Riley 'F.N.G' Rhodes: The Newest Member of the squad and Michael's younger brother. Still a learner, but he sure has a natural talent with guns, especially LMGs.

*Age: 19

*Height: 1.79 m

*Blood Type: o+

*Nationality: American

*Eyes, Hair, Skin: Brown, Black, Light Brown

*Body Type: Athletic

*Special Features: None

Weaponry: -M249 SAW LMG w/ ACOG Sight, Angled Grip and custom M4 Stock.

-Pump-action Winchester 1200 shotgun w/ Heavy Barrel, Holographic Sight and Door Breacher Muzzle.

-x4 Flash Grenades

-x4 Impact Grenades

-Large Ammunition Pack

Hobbies: Video editing, American Football, Boxing