"Are you fucking serious!" screamed Stan throwing his bottle of vodka against the wall. I cringed hearing the bottle hit the wall. I was over his house just hanging out when we started to get a lot of tweets and Facebook tags. Apparently after 10 years of being in the group Cartman has decided to go solo. This is no surprise but he did not tell us first. This is how we found out, by social media. He had an interview Ryan Seacrest where he announced this information.

"Calm down Stan. This is Cartman we are talking about." I stand up not brothering to check my buzzing phone.

"He didn't even ask!' exclaimed Stan. "He just went and did it! This is not just about him! This is about us too!" I nod because at the end of the day it is about us and not just him. I am personally tired of this bullshit. We have been performing since we were 9. We are more popular overseas than in the US at this point in time. That does not mean we are not being chased by TMZ any less.

"Maybe it's time we move on. We have had a great run. We have had 4 albums, we got 2 Grammy's. I mean don't you ever wonder what it is like to be normal."

"Not that shit again" said Stan rolling his eyes.

"I'm serious!"

"I know you are. I worked too hard to throw in the towel now."

"Stan what is your goal of us even staying in this group? For us to be a group?" I can tell he is doesn't even know because he looks even angrier than he did before. My phone is still buzzing. I pick up off the coffee table. "What!"

"Calm down buddy, it's me Kenny."

"Oh hey Kenny. I am guessing you heard the news."

"You know I did. I can't believe he would do this right before we go on tour. They are not even focused on the group. They are more focused on Cartman leaving. It may help with the ticket sales."

"Whatever" I sigh. "I mean he is not even the most popular member according to fan votes but you can't tell him that." Kenny is the most popular with his blonde hair and blue eyes. He is also very much into groupies and talking to fans on social media. Stan comes in second with me being 3rd and then there is Cartman. Don't get me wrong. He has lost some weight since he hit 14 but he not as toned as the rest of us. He could be if he tried harder but this Cartman we are talking about.

"You seem like you don't even want to be in the group anymore" said Kenny. I could hear some girl laughing in the background.

"It's not that I don't want to" I explain. "I just want a break. Don't you ever feel tired?"

"Hell no" laughed Kenny. "I don't think I could ever get tired of this. Shit, I might try to get my own solo deal."

"I am sure they would be glad to have you." I focus my eyes on Stan who is setting on his leather couch fuming while nursing a bottle of Jack Daniels.

"How is Stan? I know he is probably taking this hard."

"You know he is. I am going to get back to him. I am being rude right now. We leave out tomorrow morning to head to our first city. Please don't be late."

"I will try not to." Kenny hung up and I knew he was going to be late despite my warning. I walk over and sit down next to Stan. Growing up in the mainstream I think fucked him up honestly. I feel like he doesn't know who he is anymore. I know who he is, I know who we all are, including Cartman's dumbass. I think Stan is afraid more than anything.

I stare at Stan. He hasn't changed much over the years. He is taller than me at 6'1. His hair is long in the front, short on the side and back. It fits him really well. He still likes to spend time outdoors and playing video games. The fact that we become famous allowed us to do things most kids would probably dream of. I smile as I think about how we brought out Universal Studies for the day. That was when we were 15. We didn't want to have to be stopped or have body guards with us for the day. I clearly remember the media calling us diva's. Sure I am diva because I care about my safety.

I am trying to remember when I started to fall in love with him. It's hard for me to really know because we spend so much time together. Recording albums, practices, going on tour among other things. I love everything about him. Even the annoying little things he does such as not throwing his trash away when he opens wrappers to candy bars or leaving his towel hanging over the shower rod. I could tell he is on his way to one of his black outs. He can't even keep his eyes open.

"I don't know what I am going to do Kyle" he slurred. "What about my parents and Shelly?"

"They will be okay. That can't live off of you forever. In fact, this might be a good time for you to stop buying anything and everything for them." Shelly has Stan paying for her college and some expensive ass car that she doesn't need. Don't even get me started on his dad Randy. He acts like the money is falling from the sky and will never stop flowing. His mom is not so bad. She still treats us as she always has. She of course treats herself to designer hand bags and getting her hair done regularly which is normal in my books compared to Randy.

"What if they don't love me anymore because I don't have any money?"

"Your family loves you, not your money" I tell him resting my hand of top of his. "Let's get you upstairs. I don't want you following asleep on this couch and hurting your back." Last thing we need with hitting the road tomorrow. I help him upstairs to his room. I can tell the maid hasn't come by yet. His room is messier than what I am use to seeing. I get him tucked into bed. I was getting ready to walk away when he grabs my hand.

"Can you stay with me?" he asked looking at me sadly.

"Of course" I reply. "I am just going to grab our phones from down stairs." I give him a reassuring smile. I turn away to go and grab our phones. I feel bad that the maid will have to clean up his vodka spill. I hope it doesn't stain the wall. I pick up my phone seeing the screen light up. I unlock my phone. "Ike!"

"Hey, how are you handling everything? Mom and dad are glad he is leaving the group." I laugh. Cartman toned down his teasing me but he still played a lot of pranks, mostly geared towards me and in front of our fans we call Baby Bangs. I know it sounds wrong but Kenny came up with that name and would not let it go.

"Yeah, I am fine. Stan is not taking it so well."

"It's Stan. I didn't think he would" said Ike. Ike is too smart for his own good. "Are you going to come and visit us when you come here?"

"I will try. Do you think mom and dad could come to Denver when we get there? Just in case I can't get away."

"You know they will. You should take me on the tour with you. This might be your last one. I want to meet all the honeys." Ike is completely different from me. He is smart but very popular at school, something tells me he sleeps around a lot but he would never let me know. He is a mini Kenny in the making.

"I will think about it but no promises. I am sure we will have more tours. I just don't know when after this one. Tell mom and dad I love them. I will text you tomorrow. I need my rest."

"Rest for what? It's not like you are driving."

"Bye Ike" I said ending the call. My parents still live in South Park. They live in the section with Token's parents now. They really like South Park and wouldn't leave unless they had to. They like that small town feel. Stan, Kenny, and I have houses in LA. Cartman actually lives in Hollywood with a ridiculously big house he doesn't need. We all live in cali because this is where the record label is and it is easier than flying every time they need something.

I get back upstairs and pull out my sleeping clothes. I stay over here half of the time. It's just easier than trying to get back out into traffic to get some sleeping clothes. I climb into the bed and Stan snuggles up to me right away. If he was not cuddling me right now I would be way on the other side of his kind size bed. That Jack Daniels is seeping through his pores. He nuzzles his nose into my neck, god I love when he does that.



"Thanks for being my best friend and a good band mate."

"Um your welcome." Stan holds me tighter. Down boy, I say to my erection. Soon he is snoring loudly in my ear, awesome.