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Martyrs Of Love

Prologue ~ Thoughts In The Night

The mansion reared above the empty street, it's countenance grim, uninviting and cold.

All was in utter silence.

The very air itself was heavy, leaden even, with some unseen weight within it that pressed down relentlessly on every single thing it touched.

A Man would have been mad, or worse, to walk alone on a night such as this.

The mansion's windows were black with the shadows inside...and Darkness so gladly enveloped the place, covering all...all, except for one, where a dim light, not unlike that of a candle, shone weakly, combating that oppressive, vindictive blackness.

This frail, ghostlike glow came from underneath the door of one of the bedrooms in the second floor. The darkness seemed to press like wool, as if jealous of that muted radiance which had seen fit to depose it after so long a time of undisputed dominion.

The singular glow was surrounding two boys, one who had his arms tenderly around the other obviously reluctant to let him go, while the other appeared to be unconscious of the love that emanated from the former, his slumber frequently punctuated with frowns and groans that brought frowns of unhappiness upon the former's brow.

Sendoh took a deep breath, continuing to stare at the ceiling as he listened to the rhythmic breathing of the boy sleeping in his arms.

He shifted his eyes to check the time.

4 a.m.

It was already 4 o'clock in the morning...but sleep still continued on its merry way, apparently happy with its decision (or more likely, determination) to elude him for the rest of the night.

He closed his eyes briefly, wondering what he could have done to deserve this...


He knew what he had done to deserve this.

So he deserved it. But Kaede?

Kaede certainly didn't.

He ran through all the events that he and his lover had been through for the past year.


Why now?

Why now of all times?

When he was happy, when he finally found true love, when he became convinced that he could not be as fortunate as he was now...?

Why now?

Why have all of these things happened?

Why must he and his lover go through all that pain?



His thoughts were interrupted as something hot ran down his bare chest and soft sobs filled his ears.

He looked down, biting his lip at the sight of the sleeping boy crying in his sleep once again.

"Kaede...shhhhhh..." Sendoh whispered in his lover's ear. "It's alright, Kaede...it was all just a dream...Just a...dream..."

"Akira." Rukawa whimpered in his sleep, "don't leave me...I can't bear it...please...don't leave me..."

"Shhhhhh…don't worry, Kaede" Sendoh tightened his embrace around Rukawa's slender body "I'll never ever leave you again...I promise...I promise..."

"Akira…" Rukawa whispered, his hands clutching at Sendoh's chest, apparently looking for a hold on the spiky-headed boy. He settled for a deathlike hold around the said boy's neck, before he returned to his troubled rest.

"I'll never leave you, Kaede," Sendoh whispered, reassuringly returning that tight, desperate embrace that the other boy started. "Never..."

Sendoh watched the boy calm down, pain written in his eyes. He touched that pale skin, reveling in the cool, waxy texture of the latter. He closed his eyes, flinching as internal pain cut through his whole body like knives. The memory of his unforgivable mistake flashed before him...How could HE have done such a thing?

He never thought that he would break his only true love's heart that way...

He never thought that he would meet the past after such long time...

He never thought that he would ever have to face the ghosts from his past again...

He never thought that that person would turn his life and love upside down...

He never thought that all the mistakes of his past would hunt him again...

He never thought that he would meet HIM again...

He…that person from his faraway past...