Hello everyone. I did say we are going to have extra and here it it! This is the only chapter where you'll learn more about the charaters and how I characterize them. One note about writers is that names are VERY important.

The Winter Child with the Sight

Main Characters:

*Sophia Lindsay- The Fairytale Detective who's adopted parents, Emily and Locus Lindsay, have disappeared when she was four years old. She is a very mysterious person for she have no idea who her biological parents are or what of her origins either. Taken into her uncle's care, the girl eventually discovered her magical abilities. Hoping to find the mysteries of the disappearance of her parents, Sophia take it upon herself to search for answers.

Her task led her to many missions that relates to the fairytales we've read today. But much like these fairytales, the Detective shared the same in common. Just where do you think fairytales come from? Their origins are currently left unknown, but perhaps it might help the Detective. As she gets further into the meaning of all these stories and dig up the past, perhaps she can finally solve the mysteries about her parents, but most of all... Herself. (Her name means wisdom from the island of lime tree).

*Lumi- She is based off of Alexandar Afanasyev's Snow Child [Snegurka], hence why in many of the chapters, she explains that she cannot be near heat (learn to love) or she'll be destroyed. She is also based on the concept of the Prince and the Pauper (in ch 4, Lumi called it the "Princess and the Peasant"). However, instead of two individuals switching out, Lumi plays both roles which is why she has the powers to manipulate memories so she can "fit in" with the crowd. She was meant to replace the "Princess" (Lumina) and played the "Peasant" in the cottage.

Because her name is very similar to Lumina, in Latin, it translate to light. The name, from a different source, come from the Latin lūmen which figurative means "light of life" which could reflect on her gaining a soul of her own at the end of chapter eight. However, the main reason why I choose her name is because in Finnish, the name translate to snow. Another interesting fact about her is that her tears turned to diamonds. That deprives on the concept of The Little Mermaid since mermaids cannot shed tears because of their lack of souls. It was when she gained a soul that she can finally shed real tears.

Note 1: What Lumi said about her learning to love a long time ago was just a facade. However, considering all the memories and emotions she had of Lumina and Paul, she did have a great potential to experience the feeling for a brief moment. It's possible that's what she meant was since she was brought to life because of love.

Note 2: Because I had a feeling that some DP fans might going to like (or love) Lumi, so instead of making her a living child out of snow (who will eventually melt), I had her be revealed as a fairy doll so she might be restored in future stories.

Secondary Characters:


*Lumina- She is based on the stepdaughter in Brothers Grimm's Frau Holle and is loosely based off on Alexander Afanasyev's The Princess who Never Smiled. A human girl who have potential in ruling Winter and have the powerful Faerie Sight. This power grants her the abilities to see other worlds that was once part of the Earth. Please note that she isn't the first stepdaughter who've meet with Mother Holle. Her name [Lumina] is Latin for luminous since she is a child blessed by the Moon Goddess.

*Mother Holle- The Snow Fay is of course, inspired by the woman from the Brothers Grimm's Frau Holle and Aleksandr Ostrovsky's play The Snow Maiden. Her previous name before she changed it to Holle was Snegurochka. The name is Russian for Snow Maiden and a Snow Maiden she is. Her storyline is based on the play first and then to the fairytale last. When she became human for one year, her name became Holle. The change of name also reflect on not only appearance, but also change in personality. After she failed to gain love, she starts to mature and took over as a motherly figure to any human child who venture into her realm.

*Paul- He isn't really based on a certain character, but it's possible that he is based on the man, from Alexander Afanasyev's The Princess who Never Smiled, who made the Princess smiled. After his death, his memories went into Lumi, giving her half of the love she needed. Because of his hopeful attitude of seeing Lumina again, it reflects on how Lumi was determined to experience the feeling of love. It could be the reason why Lumi was desperate to recover Lumina's soul because of the memories of Paul inside her. Obviously, he is humble, hence why he got his name.


*King of Faylinn- The father of Lumina. He is very loosely based on the King from Alexander Afanasyev's The Princess who Never Smiled. His personality is the exact opposite of who he is based on. Instead of finding ways to help his daughter smiled, he drove her out of home! What a scumbag! Other than that, minor character.

*Prince of Faylinn- The brother of Lumina. He isn't based on any character of a fairytale. He follows his father and after Lumina was driven from the house, he pretends that she never existed despite there are many portraits of her in the castle.

*Olivia, the Apple Tree- A magical tree from the Brothers Grimm's Frau Holle. Her apples would cry out "shake us down, shake us down", but have taking apples is very weird, so having a talking tree is much better in my opinion.

*Aden, the Magical Oven- A magical oven from the Brothers Grimm's Frau Holle. Again, the bread would would replied "take us out, take us out or we'll burn to a crisp", but having talking bread that we'll soon eat is very weird. So having the oven doing to talking is less strange.

*Brownies- Magical creatures from folklore describe them as working around the house and keeping everything clean. Pretty much like House-elves from Harry Potter.


*Stepmother Renee- Based on Brothers Grimm's Frau Holle. She was the first stepmother and the stepmother of Ava, whom she wanted revenge against her. Wanting to avenge her daughter who died with pitch stuck to her, she turned to dark magic. It cause her to make an alliance with the Mysterious Figure, who allowed her to continue living as a revengeful spirit (a Draugur), becoming the main antagonist of the story.

*Adopted Mother- Based on Brothers Grimm's Frau Holle. She is the adopted mother of Lumina. After she died, her anger allowed Stepmother Renee to take over her dying body. She died once Renee got complete hold of her. Remember, Draugur takes souls, leaving a convenient body for a just-so-passingly-by spirit to claim it as their own.

*Unseelie Court- Creature of folklore, full of dark and not quite so pleasant fay creatures.

*Banshee- Creature of folklore. A spirit of a woman who's wails and screams can foretell of someone's death. They can be either good or either bad.

*Mysterious Figure- Like the name implies, he is very mysterious and his intents are unknown. However, he seemed to be interested in power. And... Ha ha, you won't get your answers here. You won't know who he is until the next fan-made DP story I do!

Forgotten Cinderellas:

*Ava- Based on the stepdaughter of Brothers Grimm's Frau Holle and was the first. After marrying into royalty, the Kingdom of Faylinn was created in dedication to her fairy friends. She was the first to be given the Faerie Sight from the Moon Goddess and is Lumina's ancestor.

*Augustina- Based on the younger daughter from Charles Perrault's Diamonds and Toads. She was the second Forgotten Cinderella to have moved into Ava's cottage after it was abandoned. Again, if you recall... In the Cinderella Arc of the Tale of the Frog Prince, I had a character named Augustina... Do you remember? She is Agnes' mother in this fanfic!

*Ekaterina- Based on the stepdaughter of Alexander Afanasyev's Father Frost.

*Aurore- Based on the daughter of Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's Aurore and Aimée of the same name. She was the third to moved into Ava's cottage.

*Cicella- Based on the stepdaughter of Giambattista Basile's The Three Fairies of the same name. She was the fourth to moved into Ava's cottage.

The Ancient Tale of Minokichi and Oyuki

Main Character:

*Minokichi- The fatherless son from the Japanese Yuki-Onna. Not going to explain much, see the story yourself.


*Oyuki- Based on the Japanese Yuki-Onna. A Snow Woman who is the older sister of Holle. Her ways were reverse from her sister. It was after her personality changed from the False Mirror that allowed her to gain love and to continue living her life as a human. Because she no longer has magic and become completely human, she ended up dying with Minokichi... In a happy ending.

Hope you enjoyed this.