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The air crackles with energy. It's swelteringly hot, and yet, sharp chills cascade through the bodies of all who are present.

Dipper and Mabel run as hard and fast as they can manage, but with all of the other townspeople captured, there's only so much they can do.

Far too soon, he catches up to them….

"What, did you think you could run forever?" Bill asks, his voice no longer its high and nasally tone, but instead a deep reverberating voice that matches his current form in strength and terror.

Bill snatches the twins up in one of his many large black hands; they struggle and wiggle, but it's of no use…. Bill's gargantuan, crimson, furious form morphs as soon as he's caught them. His three black tongues disappear, teeth vanishing and scarlet becoming overcome by a golden yellow until he looks just the same as they'd always known him to be, only…. Bigger.

Bill carries them back to his main chamber where Ford and Stan are still caged, ignoring all of their feeble attempts at escaping his grasp.

In his usual screeching, high-pitched voice Bill laughs. "Alright, Ford, time's up! I've got the kids, and I think I'm going to kill one of them, just for the fun of it!" Dipper and Mabel stare wide-eyed at Bill as he begins to mock them: "Eenie…." Mabel's completely frozen, but Dipper struggles harder. "Meenie…." Dipper's fingers clasp around a plastic cylinder. "Miniee…." Before Bill can finish, Dipper flips on the flashlight, enlarging Bill's hand.

"Oh, not this again!" Bill's eye goes red once more as Dipper and Mabel drop to the floor, Mabel using her grappling hook half-way down to yank her and her twin sideways out of the way of one of Bill's outstretching arms.

"ENOUGH!" Bill screeches in frustration, and the edges of the room and exits are suddenly all blocked off with blue flames.

To Bill's surprise, Dipper only smirks before wielding the size-changing flashlight like a weapon.

A soft "click" seems to fill the room as Dipper switches it on, this time a gentle pink instead of electric blue illuminating the room.

Bill glares and tries to enlarge himself as quickly as possible, but in a battle with the magic crystal's light he finds his form is loosing height fast. With another frustrated yell, Bill abandons the form, hovering into the air as the room turns black-and-white, dragging them all into the frozen world between the Mindscape and reality. The azure flames around them flicker for a moment before becoming still and grey.

"You think I need that physical form?" Bill asks rhetorically. "Not only can I make another form at will, but there's also still a puppet in our midst!" The Pines family barely has the time to look startled before Bill's dashing forward through the air, violently shoving Dipper's spirit out of his body and allowing himself to slip in. The room regains its red and blue hazes of color.

"….Dipper?" Mabel asks, reaching for her twin, but when he turns to look at her, all she can see staring back are two yellow feline-like eyes.

Bipper laughs and turns to stare up into the air next to him. "Remember Pine Tree, you agreed to be my puppet. Just because I left your body for a while doesn't mean I can't take it back!" Bipper laughs again, turning back to Mabel.

"What are you going to do now, Shooting Star? Hmm?" Mabel looks horrified for a moment before her face settles into one of determination.

"If…. If I have to, I'll just beat you up, whether or not you're in my brother's body!" Bill finds this notion to be hilarious.

"Even if you killed this body, it wouldn't stop me kid!" He smashes the flashlight on the ground. "I could just go back to my other form!" He shoves Mabel in the chest, making her stumble to the ground. Stan and Ford scream curses at him.

Bipper turns to look at the two old men still trapped in their cage. He approaches.

"So Ford," Bill says, sauntering up closer. "What'll it be? Tell me how to burst the bubble that's trapping me here, or the first thing I'll do is destroy this body!" Bill reaches for Dipper's left pinky finger, pulling it backwards until a sharp "snap" is heard. Tears spring into his sickly yellow eyes and Bipper laughs. "Oh yeah, still hilarious!" Ford and Stan cringe while Mabel sobs in the background.

"Give me what I want, Ford, or I'll make sure youloose everything you love. What do ya say?"

Ford looks down, defeated. Tears leak from the corners of his eyes.

"I'm sorry," he says, and Bill laughs.

"Hurry up then, old man!" Ford sighs and looks up.

Before Bill can process what's happening, a blinding light engulfs him. Like a sack of potatoes, Dipper's body drops to the floor. And just like that, Bill Cipher and all of his memories have been erased.

Dipper smirks from his hovering, half-existing form nearby. "We got you, Bill." Dipper says, though he knows there's no one to hear him. "It's over."

Like magic, which technically it is, the floating pyramid in the sky begins to descend, bubbles of weirdness vanishing from around town. Within minutes, everything goes back to normal.

But it also doesn't.

The Pines family stands in a clearing outside of Gravity Falls. The wind whispers through the trees, and all is quiet and peaceful.

Mabel almost wants all of the weirdness back, the scorching trees and waterfall of blood. What right did the world have to look so beautiful and calm when her brother hadn't gotten up yet?

"Dipper?" She asks cautiously, looking down at the body below her, laying on the ground. It doesn't respond, so instead she looks up at the air next to her.

She can't see anything, but a hope still pounds in her chest. "Dipper?" She asks to the open air.

She distinctly feels her hair being brushed out of her face. To others it would have appeared to have been nothing more than a light breeze tussling her hair, but Mabel knows better. She smiles, knowing that her brother is with her.

Stan and Ford kneel down at her sides, observing the body on the ground. Ford reaches out two fingers and presses them to the neck.

"The body is alive," Ford says, "but it appears that Dipper can't return to it. That can only mean one thing."

"What?" Stan asks his twin brother.

"It means that Bill is still inside. No two hosts can occupy a body at the same time. Bill may have been in the Mindscape, and he may have forgotten everything, but I suppose he still has a soul, and it hasn't left Dipper's body."

As if to prove his point, Bipper begins to stir. Two yellow eyes slowly blink open, peering up at the four Pines.

"Who are you?" He asks. Mabel, Stan and Ford share a look.

"I'm Mabel."



Bipper turns to the last figure. "And you?" He asks.

"Dipper," is the response, though Bill is the only one who can hear it. "They can't see me." Dipper juts his thumb at the others, a sad expression on his face. Soon the sadness turns to anger. "And it's your fault, you know."

Bipper shakes his head. "I…. I actually don't know. Who am I?" Bipper goes to sit up, but instantly doubles over instead, wheezing and clutching his left hand to his chest.

"Ah, geez, pain is so not hilarious! Definitely not fun!" The Pines wince.

"Bill?" Ford asks. The body in front of them peeks up through tear-blurred eyes.

"What, me?" He asks. Mabel nods.

"Yeah, your name is Bill Cipher," she says, a dark look overcoming her. "But that's not your body. That's my brother's body. It's Dipper's body. You stole it!" She says angrily.

Bipper looks up at her in surprise, still seeing through tear-hazed eyes. "Well if it counts for anything, he can have it back! It's awful!" He strains to suppress a sob, though he doesn't know why he should care if he were to start bawling.

The ghost Dipper snaps his fingers, drawing Bill's attention. "Tell them I'll be right back!" Dipper says excitedly before flying away.

Bill looks back at the others. "The invisible kid-"

"Dipper!" Mabel interrupts, furious that he's forgotten the name of the boy he'd stolen his body from, especially since he only knows five names!

"Dipper," Bill corrects quickly, "said he'd be right back. By the way, can we please do something about this?!" He asks, holding out his hand a little and repressing another sob.

Stan rolls his eyes before grabbing the appendage. Bill squirms frantically. "Hold still," Stan tells him.

"Ow. Ow! Hey, that hurts damn it!" Bill complains, trying to pull back his hand.

"Well then you shouldn't have broken your finger you dumb-ass!" Stan says irritability, wrapping Bipper's hand multiple times in cloth he'd ripped from his shirt.

"I did what?" The Pines groan, unwilling to respond.

A rustling can suddenly be heard in the trees behind them. They turn around and watch, staring wide-eyed as a yellow pyramid emerges from the shrubbery.

"BILL?" Ford asks, leaving Bipper looking even more confused.

Mabel knows instantly who it is though. "Dipper!" She shouts, running over and hugging him. "Ow! You're sharp!" She complains mildly, letting go of the yellow pyramid.

"I know, it's horrible," Dipper whines a little. "Without being able to fly it's super hard to move in this body, and talking feels so weird…."

"Okay, Dill," Mabel laughs. Dill looks less than pleased.

"Don't call me that," Dipper complains, but a smile can be heard in his voice, even if it can't be seen on his mouth-less face.

"So Dill," Mabel says, "any ideas on how to get Bill out of your body?"

"I don't know, an exorcism? Maybe we can knock him out like you did Mabel. Last time he just kind of got kicked out of my body when it passed out."

Stan grins. "I'm on it!"

"Wait, what are you," before Bill can finish, he's interrupted by a sharp pain in the back of his head. Stan had picked up a fallen stick from the ground and slammed it against the back of Bipper's head hard enough to knock him out for a few minutes.

"Grunkle Stan," Mabel lightly chastises, walking towards the now unconscious Bipper. She stopped and picked up Dill upon noticing the funny, slow way he kind of hobbled instead of walked.

They wait a few moments.

"Did you see him leave your body?" Ford asks Dipper.


"Hmm." Ford reaches down, rolling Dipper's body so that it's face-up, and begins to lightly slap its cheeks. Bipper moans.

"So I guess that didn't work," Ford says. "Using the memory gun must have made Bill forget how to use his powers, and now he's trapped in your body."

"Isn't there some other way we can get him out?" Dipper asks. "And what are we going to do with him?"

An idea suddenly strikes Stanley. "WAIT! I know exactly what to do!" Stan reaches down and scoops Bipper into his arms. "Follow me back to the Mystery Shack!" The Pines family does as requested, Ford taking the weight of Dill from Mabel on the way. Dipper doesn't know if he should feel relieved that he doesn't have to hobble all the way to the Shack or dejected by the fact that he has to be carried.

When they reach the Shack Stan drops the now semi-conscious Bipper on his recliner before racing to his bedroom. Not even five minutes later he comes back down the stairs, carrying with him….

"Experiment Number 78!" Ford exclaims. "Stanley, you're a genius! Who knew?"

"Yup! You and Dipper aren't the only smart guys here!" Stan laughs, laying the blue shag rug out on the floor. "Everyone stand back."

Bipper is placed down on the carpet. He sits up, looking around for a moment, before grasping the back of his head. "Oww~"

"Don't worry," Dill assures him. "That won't hurt for long." With a crackling touch, blue electricity passes between them, swapping their minds and leaving them breathless.

"Owww~" Dipper says. "My finger, and my head, and just, ow." Mabel laughs and hugs her brother, not planning on letting go for a million years.

Bill looks down at his no longer broken, but also very little and black, hand. "Oh yeah, this is much better! I love it!" He says, hovering a few inches off the ground.

"Bill?" Ford finds himself asking again. Bill looks up at him.

"You mean me, right?" He asks. Ford nods.

"You're levitating," Ford observes. Bill peers down.

"Yeah. Why? Is that not normal?" Bill asks. "'Cuz it feels normal."

"I guess it is normal. For you anyway," Mabel confirms.

"So what are we going to do with him?" Stan asks, motioning to the floating pyramid before them.

Ford doesn't hesitate before responding. "I say we kill him."

"No way!" Mabel objects. "Dipper, tell them they can't!"

Dipper sighs, clutching his hand carefully. "I agree that Bill's an evil, pompous jerk and that the world would be better off without him-"

"I'm a what now?" Bill interrupts, looking a bit terrified.

"-But," Dipper continues, "the Bill we have now isn't really Bill anymore. The Bill we knew is gone, and, at least for now, we have to assume that he's never coming back so…. So killing him would be a lot like killing an innocent, right?"

Bill snaps his fingers. "Yeah, listen to Diaper!" He really doesn't understand what's going on, but he can sense that the boy wants him alive while old ones might want him not so alive.

Dipper groans. "I liked it better when you called be Pine Tree..."

"Pine Tree? Hmm, sounds about right. Pine Tree it is!" Dipper glares at him.

"Maybe I should let Grunkle Ford kill you." Bill falls silent, not fully trusting the instinct inside him that says Dipper isn't being completely serious.

"So what'll we do with him?" Stan asks. "We still haven't decided that."

Mabel laughs before asking: "Can I keep him?!"

Miraculously, they all concede to her request.

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