The Girl With Two Souls


Sunlight beamed through the windows of a classroom, the rays of warm afternoon light lit the space enough that there was really no need for the overhead lights being on. Young boys and girls occupied the school desks as they reluctantly scribbled away their notes on what the teacher was currently teaching.

Sanctum Primary, where this seemingly innocent school room was located, was known for many things. Besides its impressive record of students with well honed fighting skills, it was also known for providing its students with as much knowledge as they could possibly give before transferring to a top notch huntsman Academy like Haven or Beacon.

One student in particular, a long red haired girl, was throwing all of her attention into her studies.

Pyrrha Nikos, a four time Mistral Regional tournament winner, the face of Pumpkin Pete's cereal, and the pride of Sanctum, was doing her best to shut herself away from those around her. Not that she was arrogant or full of herself, or felt like she was above her fellow classmates, but that the students around her could not see her for who she truly was beyond the famous up and coming huntress. Only for her fame and, one especially bad time, fortune. But, she was still polite to everyone and did not go out of her way to brush those sort of people off. She still holds a small amount of hope that the future holds at least one person that sees her for who she is.

"Dear God in heaven, somebody shoot me in the heart with an arrow. This teacher's voice is s-o-o monotone," the voice in her head complained.

Unfortunately there was one person in particular that she could not brush off, no matter what she did. Though she couldn't really call him a person per se, after all he was just a random voice in her head. A voice that she swears is the start of her raging insanity as a result from not having any real sort of human companionship in her brief seventeen years of life.

If it wasn't for the fact that the voice didn't seem malicious, and only made itself known about a month ago, she would have checked herself into the nearest mental hospital. Really, the voice just provided color commentary on what was going on. For better or worse, Pyrrha couldn't decide.

"He's not that bad," Pyrrha mentally replied as, as good as she was, she focused on taking her notes and carrying a mental conversation with her new resident in her head.

"You're kidding me right? I might only have been stuck in your noggin for the past month or so, but I can safely bet that his voice has not changed tone, pitch, or volume the entire time he's talked this year."

Pyrrha just rolled her eyes despite the voice actually being right. She knew the voice could feel and see the action, or so it claimed. Pyrrha knew she should be more worried about the state of her mental health, what with carrying on a conversation with someone who wasn't really there, but some part of her just didn't feel the need to. It could be the fact that the voice was the only source of real, subjectively speaking, stimulating conversation she has had in years that didn't revolve around her fame.

A sad, but true, fact of her life really.

"Silver lining, at least we only have that one combat test left today before we finally graduate. Won't have to listen to this droll dude drone on and on and on about boring stuff, kinda weird that he insists on lecturing at the end of the school year since there aren't any more tests. Beacon is next after this, right?"

Pyrrha idly doodled the symbol of Beacon Academy with her pencil on the edge of her paper and smiled, "Yes, hopefully I can finally find someone who wants to be a real friend to me there... And has a physical presence."

The voice was silent for a moment before Pyrrha felt what could only be described as a mental smile. It was a simple but complex action that had to be experienced to be fully understood.

"I'm sure you'll find someone there. Hell, maybe even someones."

"Let's not get greedy just yet," Pyrrha replied, unsure of what to make with the voice's tone. "I'd rather not jinx myself."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good luck on your next test," the voice went silent.

Pyrrha was broken out of her mental thoughts as the bell for the class rang, all of the students instantly jumping out of their seats in a rush to get to the next class. Pyrrha was slower as she gathered up her supplies and stuffed them into her bag. The usual throng of students surrounding her, fighting each other for the chance to get her attention.

Pyrrha slinked out of the crowd as they were distracted, hurriedly fast walking out of the door and into the halls. Her final test took place in Sanctum Primary's combat arena building, she and many other students would battle one another and the instructor would grade them accordingly. The trip to the combat arena was uneventful and Pyrrha took her seat in the benches.

The arena was an underwhelming looking building. Despite the success of the school in more recent years, Sanctum Primary was originally non-combat focused. Thanks to budget cuts when it was first converted the school was forced to use the gymnasium as its official arena for combat testing. Over the years as Sanctum gained ground, the gym was slowly but surely being remodeled into something more suited for today's combat simulation and instruction. The simple gym look was kept as a memorial to the starting days of the school even as new technology was being added.

As the last of the students filed into the arena the instructor took her place in the center of the arena's stage. The young, sharply dressed, and perky brunette did a quick roll call and wasted no time explaining the matches.

"Alright students, this is your final exam of the year. You will be chosen, at random, by the monitor over there," she gestured with her hand up to the holographic board off to the side of the arena, "I will grade you over how well I believe you did and send the grades straight to the principal. After the match you will head over to his office to see if you passed and when you can expect your graduation credentials to be sent to the Academy of your choice if you should so choose. Any questions?"

The teacher paused and looked around the room, finding no one requiring answers she simply nodded, "Then let's begin. And I must remind you that you do not necessarily need to win these fights in order to graduate. Simply doing a good job could be enough."

The portraits of the various students on the holographic board spun and the tests began.

"Well, I'd say that went well," the voice remarked as Pyrrha strolled out of the front of the school. The principal gave her high praise as he reviewed everything that the combat instructor relayed to him and sent it with his personal recommendation to the headmaster of Beacon Academy.

"Indeed, it went marvelously," Pyrrha agreed with a soft smile as she started her walk home.

"Ya know, maybe you shouldn't be replying out loud even if we're alone. If anyone comes along they'll think you're batshit crazy." The voice paused before adding, "Though I'm sure they won't say it to your face, since you could easily kick their ass from here to Vacuo."

Pyrrha put a hand to her mouth and giggled, "I'm sure it wouldn't come to that."

"Hey, I'm just saying."

Ten minutes later, Pyrrha entered her home and made a beeline for her room. Ignoring the darkness of the house, she had long since memorized the layout of her home. Trekking up the stairs two steps at a time, she entered her room.

"No lights are on in the house, seems your mother is still on that mission?"

Pyrrha dropped her schoolbag at the foot of her bed, kicked her heels off to some corner of her room, and with a sigh, fell on top of her bed. "So it would seem," she replied.

"Well chin up, I'm sure she'll be here to see you off when it's time to leave for Beacon. She's a strong huntress from what I've seen, so she'll easily kick the ass of any grimm out there and be here in time for dinner."

"I sure hope so," Pyrrha muttered as she turned herself over to take a nap.

(A/N) Here is the prologue for this new story, set just before the beginning of the show.