Disclaimer: Trust me…the only thing I really own here is this poem, not any anime characters or what-not.

"Hold the Pain"

By: Dreamwraith

I sit silently in the night

underneath their window

hearing the interaction

that I could never have.

A heart made of stone cannot love

but it can be broken,

and the face that never smiles

will always hide its pain.

I have no heart,

merely a muscle,

and a being without a heart has no soul.

I turn away in despair,

for though a life without a soul cannot love,

it can feel pain,

and I hurt.

Well, now I have a fan-poem on the site.

I interpret this poem one of two ways…it's either a poem about a generic person being hurt by someone he or she loves.  Or you can take it in its fanfic context, as Piccolo's POV about the developing relationship between Gohan and Videl.

Thanks for reading!