I'm a big fan of the Arrowverse. I've watched Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. I've always wanted to write a story about the Arrowverse, but first I needed to know more about the history of all the shows, as well as finding an inspiration. After months of laughing and crying from watching almost every episode, I think it's time. I may not know "everything" about the Arrowverse, but I really wanted to write something. Anyways, just sit back and enjoy. Read and review. I always appreciate the readers sharing their opinions.

Warning: Spoilers for "Killer Frost"

Note: Italics in the beginning of this chapter means narration by Barry Allen.

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"No one stays good in this world." - Henry Cavill, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

"It happens in our lives all the time. We do something we regret, and we wish we can take it back, but you can't. At first, I thought this lesson wouldn't hit me harder in the head than it already did when I created Flashpoint, changing everyone's lives. But I was wrong. Something happened. It was all my fault. I've been told over and over again that it wasn't, but after what just happened, I should be getting all the blame."

Central City is in ruins. Buildings are damaged, cars and other vehicles are wrecked and littering the roads, fires rage on every street, city blocks are demolished, people are hurt or killed, and hope for the city seems to have evaporated. Standing in the middle of the road is Central City's hero, The Flash, a.k.a. Barry Allen. He looks at the death and destruction around him. The streets are covered in dead bodies and grieving parents/children. The Green Arrow, Supergirl, White Canary, and Firestorm are assisting the firemen in helping the survivors trapped in the collapsed buildings. Speedy was being treated by the paramedics. They were tending to her injured knee.

Even with the mask on, anyone standing close to the Flash can see that he is devastated. He promised to protect Central City until his last breath, but from the look of what's around him, he feels that he broke his promise. Losing hope and the will to go on, Barry collapses to his knees and breaks into tears. Seeing the Scarlet Speedster's current state, Oliver and Kara decided to give him some company.

"Barry, are you okay?" asked Kara.

"Obviously, he's not," said Oliver.

"I have failed this city," said Barry, his eyes still leaking tears.

"No, you did not," said Oliver.

Barry looks at Oliver and tells him, "Look around you."

"I am looking," said Oliver. "Yes, a bunch of buildings got broken down. Yes, lots of innocent people died. But that doesn't mean you have to give up."

"We can still save your world, Barry," said Kara. "When you asked me to come here, I promised that your world won't suffer. I'm still willing to keep that promise."

Barry looks at Kara for a moment before hanging his head, still in tears.

"C'mon, Oliver. He needs space," said Kara.

Supergirl continues helping the firemen while Green Arrow returns to his sister. Barry just stayed kneeling down on the road, feeling hopeless and depressed. His determination and never-say-die attitude seemed to have died with his city. He didn't know what to do except blame himself for what happened to his city.

"You're probably wondering what happened. Why is my city is in pieces? Why is Supergirl on this Earth? Why am I blaming myself for all this? Well, let's just say it started during a beautiful, sunny day in Central City..."

Four months ago...

It has been three days since Barry quit the CCPD. He had to do it in order to keep Julian Albert from revealing Caitlin Snow's power to his superior. Without a job as Barry Allen, he spends even more time as the Flash, while still finding time to have fun with Iris. When he's not being the Flash or hanging out with Iris, he was at S.T.A.R. Labs, the place where it all began. For him, it was always fun to be there, all because of his closest friends. Cisco. Caitlin. HR. But nowadays, the atmosphere in the laboratory has been grim.

Ever since Caitlin revealed Barry's time-traveling has caused the death of Dante Ramon, Cisco has been distant and hostile towards Barry. He would still be there talking Barry through his missions, but whenever the two face each other, Barry just keeps getting reminders about what he did to Dante. Caitlin, meanwhile, was happy to be back on the team, but she is still caught up on what happened days ago. Ever since her hunt for Alchemy, she had been trying to control her powers and her emotions. She would sometimes lash out on her teammates with her glowing ice-colored eyes and her spine-chilling voice every time she gets emotionally stressed. Whenever she feels her inner "Killer Frost" coming out, she would wear the power-dampening cuffs.

Simply put, S.T.A.R. Labs was no longer a playhouse for Barry. Meanwhile, Wally is still running some tests are just recently gaining his super speed. He is really excited to get out on the field with Barry, but Iris and Joe keep telling him to take it slow. Plus, Cisco hasn't finished designing Wally's suit. They were designing it based on Barry's description of Wally's suit in Flashpoint, where he was Kid Flash. Wally has also accepted "Kid Flash" as his codename.

There has been no metahuman activity all day. Barry is just running around the city keeping an eye out for any bank robberies or muggings. So far, all he has done is save a cat out of a tree and save a boy from falling face first into a mud puddle. Just when Barry thought it was going to be a crime-free morning, he gets a call from Cisco.

"Dude, Metahuman at the bank," he said.

The Flash speeds his way to Central City Bank. There was a middle-aged man surrounded by two police officers. His hands in were in the air.

"We got this, Flash," said one of the officers.

The man looks at Flash and said, "I've been waiting for you."

All of a sudden, the man disarms the two officers with a series of punches. Before the officers can stand up, the man sends a spinning energy beam.

"Guys, are you seeing this?" Barry asked through the com-link.

"Yup," said Cisco, observing what was happening through the security cameras. "Spin."

"Seriously?" HR replied, unimpressed.

"Okay, so it's not one of my best," said Cisco in his defense.

Before Barry can race over to save the officers, he saw something new. Black smoke came out of the officers' heads and manifested into organic forms. One was a bear and one was a lion. Everyone in the bank, including Barry, was shocked.

"So much for 'Spin,'" said Cisco.

The bear and lion each started chasing humans. Meanwhile, the metahuman, or "Spin", turns his attention towards The Flash.

"Alchemy sends his regards," said Spin.

"How did you do that?" asked Flash.

"Simple. I look into their heads and turn their fears into reality," said Spin. "Let's see what's yours."

"How about 'Nightmare'?" suggested HR, referring to the metahuman's nickname.

"No, it's taken," said Cisco.

Simultaneously, Spin fires a spinning beam just Flash ran. Flash manages to clock Spin in the face, knocking him down, but the beam enters his head. He drops to his knees and clutches his head as it was aching. Black smoke emanates from his brain. When Barry opened his eyes, he can see Caitlin, except she was different. Her hair was completely white. She was wearing the exact same costume as Earth-2 Killer Frost.

"Hey, Flash," said the fake Caitlin. "Enjoying the view?"

"Caitlin" kicks Flash in the face, knocking him down. Before Barry can get up, the manifestation of Killer Frost glues him to the ground with ice.

"Like what you see?" she teased. "This is what your little shenanigans have caused."

"I know you're not her," said Flash. "You're just an image from my head."

"True, but I'm here. Physically," said Killer Frost. "Your Caitlin may not be me yet, but one day, she will be. And when she spills blood for the first time, you only have to blame yourself for whoever is that unlucky first victim."

"She will never become you," said Barry.

Killer Frost looks at the security camera.

"You watching?" she said, "talking" to Caitlin Snow. "On today's episode of Central City Daily, 'The Death of The Flash.'"

Killer Frost places her lips on Barry's and started freezing his insides. Before she could kill him, Barry vibrates his hand out of the ice and pushes Killer Frost off him. He starts vibrating to heat himself up. Killer Frost was about to attack, but Flash runs away. He comes back and zooms past Killer Frost, tripping her. He comes back again and slams her towards a wall, knocking her out cold.

Flash returns to Spin, who was forcing one of the employees to open the safe. Just as the safe was opened, Spin started messing with the employee's head. Before the employee's fear becomes reality, Flash zooms in and grabs Spin, throwing him towards a wall. Spin gets back on his feet, but Flash repeatedly punches him, running back and forth, causing Spin to "spin" out of control. In a span of five seconds, Flash runs to ST.A.R. Labs, takes the power-dampening cuffs from Caitlin, and returns to the bank to cuff Spin. With his powers shut down, all the fears he has made real vanished. Fortunately, there were no casualties, just a few injured innocents.

"Not so fun when your head is the one spinning, is it?" mocked Flash.

Barry takes Spin to S.T.A.R. Labs and locks him down in the pipeline. He returns to the cortex and watches Spin on the screen with his teammates.

"What do we know about him?" he asked.

"His name is Dantley Walker," answered Caitlin, bringing up Spin's personal profile. "Former news reporter. Fired for a scandal and attempted murder. Sentenced to twenty-five years in prison. He was only locked up for six. Obviously, Alchemy broke him out."

"This is getting out of hand," said Barry. "Alchemy is gonna keep sending metahumans after me. Savitar is out there doing who knows what. We have to stop this."

"And how do you propose we do that? Find Alchemy?" replied Cisco with disdain, looking at Barry in the eye. "He wouldn't have existed if you hadn't messed with time."

"Cisco, that's enough!" yelled Iris.

"No, Iris," interrupted Barry. "You don't have to fight my battles for me."

Iris keeps quiet.

Barry looks back at Cisco. "Yes, we are going to fix this by finding Alchemy. If we find him, we find Savitar. We stop them both and we end all this."

"You said that Savitar is the 'God of Speed'," reminded Cisco. "Considering how fast he can run and how he almost killed you, this isn't gonna be easy."

"It never is," said Barry. "But we are going to stop them. No matter who we go up against, we always succeed."

"C'mon, guys. Have some optimism," said Wally, backing up Barry.

"If you're thinking about going out there next time, I'm still saying no," said Joe.

"Don't worry, dad," said Wally. "Once Cisco is finished with my suit, I'm good to go."

Joe decided not to talk about this anymore.

"Um, Barry..." Caitlin looked at Barry. "Can I have the cuffs back?"

Barry looks at the cuffs in his hands then looks back at Caitlin. "Look, I know you're probably shaken up from what you saw, but this is no reason to get cautious."

Caitlin's eyes started to glow, but she manages to keep her emotions controlled. "Just, please, hand them over."

Not wanting to argue any longer, Barry gives Caitlin the cuffs. She puts them on and continues working. Barry and Cisco exchange looks before Barry walks away.

"You know you're being too hard on him, right?" said Caitlin to Cisco.

"I know I am," said Cisco. "But I can't stop myself from being angry."

"And I guess I can't stop you from being angry," said Caitlin. "Just don't let this cloud your judgment, Cisco. You and Barry have been best friends since he became The Flash. The two of you always working together to save the day. You two need each other if we're going to win."

Cisco didn't say a word and just returned to staring at the computer screen. Cisco takes a split-second look at Caitlin for scooting a few inches away from her.

"I have the cuffs on, you know?" said Caitlin suddenly, noticing his movement.

Later that day, Barry goes to Jitters to get a cup of "Flash". He just sits down alone, drinking his cup, thinking about Flashpoint again. Every day, Cisco keeps glaring at him, lashing out at him for what happened to Dante. Barry knows he can fix his friendship with Cisco. He just wasn't sure how. Obviously, going back in time is no longer an option.

He then turns his attention towards the TV. They're playing the footage of The Flash being attacked by Killer Frost. The sight of this shifts his mind to another matter. Caitlin. For the second time in a week, he was almost kissed to death. But what bothered him more was why Killer Frost is the one that came out of his mind. Before he can think further, he was joined by a familiar face.

"Hey," greeted Iris.

"Guess this wasn't the best place to get some alone time," said Barry.

"Barry, I know what you're thinking," said Iris. "Cisco will forgive you..."

"For what happened to Dante?" interrupted Barry.

"I thought we talked about this," said Iris.

"I know we have," said Barry. "You said I can't blame myself for this. You said that what happened to Caitlin and Dante would've happened either way. It's just that every time Cisco gives me the cold shoulder, I just don't know what to think about other than blaming myself."

"Well, let's forget about Cisco for now," said Iris. "And enjoy some Flash."

Barry smiles. No matter how down he gets, Iris is always there to make him smile. The two just sat across each other drinking their coffee and smiling at one another.

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