Hermione arrived back at the heads common room late Saturday afternoon to find it full of Slytherins. This wasn't an uncommon occurance as head boy was Blaise Zabini. In fact Hermione had become good friends with the students currently gathered. Aside from Blaise, Theo Nott, Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Green Greengrass were gathered on the sofas. Today however they gave her an uneasy feeling that made her halt at the door. Something was up. They were all giving her the exact same smug smirk that all Slytherins seem to have perfected.

"What are you lot up to?" She sighed "or do I not want to know?"

"What makes you think we're up to something?" Blaise asked innocently

"Where's Malfoy?" She asked looking round.

"He lost a bet" Theo grinned

"What did you do to him?"

"What makes you think we did something?" Blaise says.

Hermione throws her hands up in the air "you know what I don't want to know. Not my problem. I'm just going to go hide in my bedroom for the evening and keep out of the way. You lot have been getting me into far too much trouble recently." She says making her way to the stairs ignoring the stares and Theo's giggles. As she reached the landing. She heard scrabbling downstairs as four pairs of feet rushed for the portrait. Just as she heard the portrait slam closed she noticed her door was ajar. So much for a quiet night!

She moved forward resigned to whatever it was her friends didn't want to be around for.

As she pushed open the door her jaw fell open. She'd found Malfoy at least.

He was tied to her bed. Naked and gagged.

She was going to kill them all.

He was staring at her wide eyed trying to speak around the gag. She ran over to try to untie him. No matter how much she tried she couldn't figure out how he was secured. He was still making muffled noises so she pulled the gag out.

"Fucking tossers. I'm going to kill them" he spat "how much did they tell you?"

"That you lost a bet. They've legged it now. How do I get rid of these?" She said tugging on the ropes.

He went still and started blushing "you can't not like that. They're charmed. Once certain conditions are met they'll automatically release"

"What are the conditions? What was the bet?" She asked. She was having trouble maintaining eye contact with him. She was far too aware he was completely bare.

He mumbled something and was looking away from her.

"What? I didn't catch that" Hermione said.

He sighed eye fixed on the ceiling.

"They'll release when after we cum."

"What do you mean we?"

"I mean we Granger. Both of us need to reach release for these to release"



"He's dead"

"Agreed. But first I need to be out of these so two options. One you can go get the professors. Telling them I'm naked in your bed and having them quiz us both over this."

"What's option two?"

"We give in and fuck" he pauses waiting for her reaction then says "it's not like it was never going to happen. We've been building towards it for weeks. Apparently we've been a little slow about it our friends decided to speed up the process"

"What do you want? If the choice was up to you what would you pick?"

"I've been tied naked to your bed for hours Granger. I'm horny and I've been playing in my head over and over how this plays out. For the first hour I was convinced you'd take the embarrassment and find the professors. But the longer it's been the hornier I'm feeling and right now I want to naked and sat on my face"

Hermione gasps. But finally lets her eyes roam his body. He's right they were heading towards this and she does want him. Her eyes linger on his cock when it twitches she licks her lips. He whimpers causing her to meet his eyes decision made she grabs the edge of her tshirt pulling it over her head. Malfoy's jaw drops. Not having actually believed she'd do this.

"Well it's hardly an offer I can refuse is it?" She asks unbuttoning her jeans pulling them down her hips. Her bra and underwear quickly follow. She crawls naked onto the bed and straddles his chest. She entwines their hands and leans down brushing her lips against his. What starts as a barest touch of the lips becomes a war of dominance.

Hermione pulls away breathless "Did you mean it?"

"Probably. Which part?"

"About wanting me to sit on your face? Won't I smother you?"

"Then I die a happy man."

She smacks him on the arm.

"Spanking later Granger but if you keep your hands in mine I'll let you know if oxygen is an issue."

She nods and leans over to start moving up. Draco reacts quickly to the close proximity of her breasts taking a nipple into his mouth swirling his tongue around the nub. She pulls back spreads her legs wide. Her hand starts on her abdomen slides up over her breasts she slides two fingers into her mouth before her hand slowly trails down to her with one hand she spreads her lips the other traces down around her clit to her entrance sliding back spreading her juices around. She takes her slick fingers and places them in his mouth allowing him just a taste before bringing them away. He groans and tries to pull at his restraints. She slides her hands back into his and moves her body up so she's just out of his reach. She gently lowers herself onto his waiting tongue. Sighing at the first swipe of his tongue. She gives herself over to the sensations his talented mouth creates. She's getting close, so close she can feel the trembling begin. She moves off his face now wet from her. She lowers her body so she brushes against his cock and licks her juices off his chin. He turns his head to capture her lip "Hermione please" he groans into her mouth. She pulls away a little so she can reach his cock. She spreads some of her own moisture over him and lines herself up. She meets his eyes as she begins to slide down him, filling herself up her eyes roll back. He thrusts up from underneath her taking control of their pace with his lower body. It doesn't take long for Hermione to reach climax and he swiftly follows. As soon as the first shudder rips through him his bonds release. He reaches for her rolling them over pulling her arse towards him in a few last punishing thrusts as they ride out their orgasms. Staring into her eyes he gently caresses her check with one hand tightly gripping her waist with the other.

"I'm never letting you go now" he stays still buried inside her. His hands slowly trace every part of her body he'd been yearning to touch.

"Again?" She asks slightly disbelieving as she feels him stir inside her. Surely he needed some recovery time.

"Again and again and again" he mutters kissing down her neck.

Many hours later exhausted from their activities Hermione rolls to face him.

"So just out of curiosity what was the bet you lost?"

"That I could out drink Pansy."

She snorts "You were always going to lose that one" she giggles.

"Maybe I didn't mind the outcome either way after a whole bottle of firewhisky decision making is not my strong point."

"Well I'm pleased with the results of your poor decision making"

"Me too. Our friends are still dead though"

"Definitely. But how about a nap first" she says snuggling into him. He wraps his arms around her pulling her into him even tighter.