First Drabble. Jeff sends Harvey a 'special' present for the younger boy's birthday. Set a year before the events of 'The Demon Headmaster.'


September 3rd arrived, and whoops of delight resounded around the Hunter house. The other three residents, Bill, Teresa and Lloyd, sighed as the youngest occupant thudded down the stairs, all of them preparing for the birthday boy to enter the room.

As Harvey raced into the living room, huge grin on his face, he enquired:

"Are all of my presents ready to be opened?!"

Although his father and brother sighed again, his mother broke out into giggles. "Oh Harvey! I think someone is a bit over-excited!"

Blushing, Harvey lowered his pitch to a mumble. "Sorry, Mum. I'm just so thrilled! I love when it's my birthday!"

"Everyone in the country knows that." Lloyd grumbled, earning himself a slap to the back of his head, courtesy of Mr Hunter. "Ow, Dad!"

Bill chuckled, before gesturing to the small pile of presents beside his wife. "Go on, son. Open them up."

Harvey grinned, and wasted no time at all in gathering all of the presents into his arms and ripping off the wrapping paper one by one. As more and more of his presents were revealed to him, one of them caught his attention.

The present was neatly wrapped, the item within limp and soft. Deducing that the item was one of clothing, Harvey opted to push aside his other presents for now, and began to tear open the wrapped-up clothing.

Once it was completely revealed, Harvey appraised the gift with growing horror, his eyes bulging in shock. Upon seeing his reaction, his brother and parents all shared a look, before Mrs Hunter reached forwards and snatched the item of clothing out of her youngest son's hands.

Teresa examined the item, a broad smile uplifting her lips. She laughed lightly, her laughter cutting through the silence.

"Oh, yes! I know who this is from! Mrs Morgan gave it to me the other day. Told me it was a surprise, she wouldn't even tell me! Apparently, Jeff picked this out all by himself…."

Lloyd's ears pricked at the sound of the Deputy Prefect's name, and he shifted over to his mother, hand outstretched.

"L-Let's see, Mum."

Teresa handed over the present with a warm smile, but internally, Lloyd's stomach sunk and a chill darted up his spine.

For his little brother had received a Babygro. Although bigger than the Babygro's worn by infants, Lloyd realised that Harvey would be able to fit into the Babygro gifted to him, as his younger brother had a small physique.

The wording on the Babygro, was what hurt Lloyd the most.

Bright pink was the colour of the item, and the words; 'I'M A BIG BOY!... (NOT!)', wrenched at Lloyd's heart, as they were so quintessentially Jeff that it was no wonder Harvey was shaking like a leaf.

Tossing the wretched item away, Lloyd hastily moved over to his brother and pulled him into a comforting hug, whilst in the background, their parents chatted together.

"Bit weird… but I guess that must just be Jeff's sense of humour!"

"Mrs Morgan did mention something about a joke. Oh, what a nice thing to buy! I love how intune Jeff is with Harvey! He knows that he can send his best friend this, and that Harvey wouldn't take any offence. On the contrary, Harvey is probably laughing about it right now!"

Only a few feet away, Lloyd scowled deeply. Why were his parents so oblivious?! His little brother's tears were soaking his jumper and Harvey himself was wailing into his shoulder.

Lloyd rocked his younger brother back and forth, his eyes landing on Jeff's presents. Accompanied by a shudder, Lloyd ripped his gaze away from the Babygro and continued to rock Harvey, cooing soothingly in his ear.