Something had crawled down his throat, and made his eyes glow red.

Something had crawled down his throat, and made him wear all black.

Something had crawled down his throat, and made him smile creepily.

Something had crawled down his throat, and made him mute.

Something had crawled down his throat, and made him hurt Jeff Morgan.

Lunch had finished, and everyone excluding SPLAT and Rose were making their way to the Hall for Assembly. They lined up in their usual rows, taking their seats once the Headmaster had strode onto the stage. Jeff departed from the Hall, preparing to take up his patrolling duties. He was on thin ice, another case of low marks suffocating his chances of remaining Deputy Head Prefect. He had to get his head screwed on straight, before he blew it all.

His footsteps thudded along the corridor, his watchful eyes darting from corner to corner. No one would be out in the corridor, but the Headmaster always insisted that someone patrol, just in case those brats tried anything.

Jeff headed up the stairs to the second floor and turned the first corner, continuing his patrol. His mind fretted about the last low mark he had received on his work, and how to fix the issue. If his parents were involved, they definitely would tighten their hold on him, and Jeff hated them enough already.

After finishing his patrol, he turned back round to head down stairs, only to be confronted with the sight of Harvey Hunter. Jeff sneered at the younger boy, insults flying through his mind over Hunter's choice of wardrobe for the past week, before snapping:

"Out my way, weakling. Some of us have important things to be doing."

Jeff shoved Harvey aside, a smirk forming on his freckled face. He turned a few more corners, and approached the stairs. As he went to put his foot onto the first step, a sudden push from behind sent him hurtling down the steps, a scream ripping free from his throat. He smacked into each step, only coming to a stop on the hard floor. The side of his face was bruised where he had smacked into the surface, his body beaten and partly broken.

Wriggling on the floor, Jeff moaned in pain as Harvey stepped up to the first step. He clasped his eyes behind his back, and smiled creepily down at the battered Deputy Head Prefect.