The next morning, Khal Drogo ordered his khalasar to ride out of Vaes Dothrak so everyone began packing up.

Senara had been gifted a horse; it was slightly larger than an average stallion, with short black hair, a matching silky mane and tail and two large eyes that were just as dark. She named him Naiam after the kitten she had gotten for Tommen on his sixth name day. Joffery had been unnecessarily jealous and the next time Senara laid eyes on the kitten- wasn't something she could easily forget.

Shaking her head free of the terrible memory, Senara continued buttoning up the buttons on the top of her coat before approaching her horse. He watched her warily, but was more than happy to let Senara touch him once he saw the apple in her hand.

"You are a beauty." She sighed, running a gloved hand over his muzzle.

"Princess," A voice said from behind and Senara turned around to see one of Daenerys's guards approaching her. He, much like Naiam, seemed wary of her, but Senara doubted that he would be as easily swayed as the horse had been.

"Senara," She insisted, although she doubted he would listen. If Daenerys had ordered the khalasar to call her princess then there was no chance they'd call her anything else. "What can I do for you...?"

"Rakharo." He supplied in his thick Dothraki accent and she nodded. "Khaleesi, eh...look you."

"Well, this is going to be difficult." Senara sighed, realizing Rakharo knew very little of her Westerosi language. There was no way he would be able to tell her whatever he needed to.

"Rakharo." He and Senara both turned to see Jorah approaching them. He said something in Dothraki that Senara couldn't understand, but Rakharo nodded at him before leaving. Once he was gone, Jorah turned to the princess. "Rakharo doesn't know much Westerosi-"

"I noticed." Senara nodded. "I guess I'll have to adapt then. I always wanted to learn Dothraki, but my mother forbade it, saying I'd never any need of it." Jorah simply gave her a tense smile as he clasped his hands behind his back.

"Rakharo came to give you a message from the Khaleesi." He explained and Senara's eyes narrowed at his bluntness. It wasn't hard to see that he didn't like her- or rather, didn't trust her. "She requests that you ride beside her during our journey to Lhazar."

"Of course." She nodded. "I'll join her momentarily." She turned back to her horse until she realized that Jorah hadn't moved since he relayed Daenerys's message. Turning back to him, Senara raised an eyebrow. "Is there anything else?"

Jorah's face stayed stoic, but she saw a flicker of annoyance in his eyes. "The Khaleesi does not like to be kept waiting." Now she knew what it was; Jorah Mormont didn't trust her- that much was apparent- but he hadn't known Senara long enough to not like her. Now she understood what his quarrel was with her.

"How long has it been?" She asked and Jorah raised an eyebrow in question. "Since you first realized you loved Daenerys Stormborn? Was it when she was married off to another man or when you first laid eyes on her? I have a feeling that you're a love a first sight type of man." Jorah didn't respond to Senara's observation, instead he simply gave her a hard look before turning around and continuing on his way.

"Can I ask you a something?"

The khalasar was on the move, Drogo and his Bloodriders were at the front leading everyone on their journey and Daenerys rode only a ten or so feet behind them with Senara at her side and Rakharo only two or so feet behind them. The wine merchant from the market staggered behind Daenerys's horse with his hands bound and tied to her saddle where he'd stay until he died.

Senara looked over to the white haired princess and nodded. "Of course."

"I know you have three siblings." Senara nodded.

"Mm-hm; two brothers and a sister. All younger than me."

"Will you tell me about them?"

Senara let out a breath as she tried to think of something to tell Daenerys. She was still a bit wary after the ordeal from the day before and Drogo's promise to take Westeros for his wife. Despite the fact that she knew her family were far from saints, they were still her family.

"Um, Tommen's the youngest." She began, deciding only to give basic details. "His tenth name day was a few weeks ago and he spent the entire month before begging our mother for a kitten." She smiled, but Daenerys noticed that it began to wane. "He's a sweet boy- very shy and gentle. It's hard for him to understand some things, but repetition helps. Myrcella's only a few years older than him. She's the most lively, adventurous and beautiful little girl you'd ever meet. If you asked her to, she could tell you the name of every book in the Red Keep library- I should know, she made me read them all to her."

"And your other brother?" Senara opened her mouth, but she couldn't find the right words; Joffery was her younger brother and she would always love him, but Senara had admitted to herself a long time ago that her brother was...unlike other people. Her mother and father were oblivious to the things that happened to Joffery; the animals that went missing and turned up dead and mutilated, the handmaidens who would walk in and our of Joffery's chambers with terrified looks on their faces- they were ignorant to it all, but Senara saw everything.

"Joffery is...he's a boy." Is all she could say. Daenerys wanted to push and ask more, but she knew that Senara would simply stop speaking; that's what Daenerys did whenever Viserys would purposefully annoy her as a young girl.

"And the man you mentioned before?" She inquired, trying to ignore the pained groans coming from the man trailing behind her horse. "Who was he?"

Senara couldn't help the smile that came to her face when she thought about him; her beloved. "Robb Stark." She answered. "The oldest true born son of Lord Eddard Stark."

"You love him." It wasn't a question, but the brunette nodded anyway.

"More than life itself." She admitted. "My father was always eager to unite the Baratheon and Stark families, so he sent me to Winterfell for the first time two days after my sixth name day. When we first met, Robb and I hated each other; he would throw mud on me when I walked outside or call me mean names until I cried. I completely loathed him."

Daenerys couldn't understand how Senara had gone from hating Robb Stark to loving him. Of course, her situation with Drogo was similar, but also very different; she had been forced into her marriage, but Senara had a choice. "What changed?"

"I went home three weeks after I arrived in Winterfell because I was so miserable." Senara continued. "But my father was persistent and sent me back when I was ten and two. Robb and I got on well enough that time considering he was older and not as childish, but it wasn't until four months later when I was going back home to Kings Landing that he kissed me- on the cheek of course. After that I refused to leave and sent a raven to my mother telling her that if she wanted me to come home she'd have to travel to Winterfell and drag me back." Daenerys couldn't help the small laugh that escaped her. She didn't know why, but listening to Senara's stories about her childhood made her feel better about her current situation; they had both grown up a princesses- one more beloved and cared for than the other- but they both ended up in the same place at the end. "I stayed in Winterfell for two years before I went back to Kings Landing and I told my mother all about how I fell in love. That's when she told me that she had already arranged for me to marry Loras Tyrell in Highgarden." She shook her head with a grin. "As soon as she told me, I went to my father and demanded that he call off my betrothal to Loras and allow me to marry Robb Stark."

"I suppose that didn't go over well with your mother." Senara scoffed.

"She threatened to send me to Casterly Rock with my grandfather." She informed. "But my father had more power than her and he was on my side."

"So, why give it up?" Daenerys questioned. "You could have had a life with Robb Stark; married him, had his children...why give it up for me?"

"Because my godfather asked it of me." Senara replied immediately. "But...I suppose it may have to do with the fact're innocent. You weren't even born when my father took the Iron Throne and you, much like everyone else, are just pawns in this never ending game. It's already cost my father the love of his life and I will not let it claim what little is left of his honor."

Two days of riding found the Senara and the khalasar in Lhazar. Drogo had ordered everyone to stop and set up camp a half mile outside of a city before taking most of his riders towards the aforementioned city.

Since she didn't have her own, Daenerys got Senara set up with a tent where she could keep her very few belongings which consisted of her leather satchel and a change of Dothraki styled clothing. It was nothing fancy, just a top that covered her breasts with a tight strip of tough brown fabric and then crossed her belly once to connect with another strip of brown fabric that covered the bottom of her torso. It came with an oddly cut skirt that was made of thick material that Senara couldn't name.

Opting to wear her trousers rather than the skirt, Senara shed her riding coat and top before putting on the leather shirt. It made handling the heat easier, but only slightly so. Grabbing her quiver of arrows and her bow, Senara left her tent in search of her charge.

She found the white haired girl near her own tent. She was arguing with Jorah while - Senara could only assume they acted as her handmaidens- Doreah, Jhiqi and Irri stood a few feet away as they pretended not to listen.

"I do not believe your decision is wise." Senara heard Jorah tell Daenerys quietly. "The Khal will call for you if he wishes you there."

Stepping over, Senara decided to inject herself into the conversation. Whether if it was to actually settle their quarrel or because she wanted to annoy Jorah, she'd never know. "Is there anything I can help with?" She questioned. Both turned to her and Jorah opened his mouth to, most likely, say something subtly rude, but got tongue tied at seeing her in the top Daenerys provided. Senara found that his love for the Khaleesi did nothing to stop him from looking at other women.

"I would like to go to the city." Daenerys informed Senara. "Jorah does not think it is a good idea. What would you suggest?" Not being able to resist irritating the man, Senara gave Daenerys a smile.

"No offence intended to Ser Jorah," She began. "But I do believe that you are the Khaleesi; without the Khal here, you are the highest authority. If you would like to go into the city, just command it and it will be done. I'll even escort you myself."

Jorah did not seem to appreciate Senara's statement, but Daenerys looked pensive. Senara was right, Daenerys was the Khaleesi and Jorah had no authority over her. While she did appreciate his counsel, she knew that she shouldn't be taking orders from him.

"Quite right." Daenerys looked to Jorah. "Have Rakharo and the others come and join us, along with anyone else who wishes to come." Jorah shot a hateful glare Senara's way, but did as he was ordered to.

Daenerys wanted to walk, so the small party- consisting of only Daenerys, Jorah, Senara and thirteen Dothraki- walked the half mile to the city. However, the sight was not one Daenerys had expected.

Screams filled the air, mingling with the smoke and the yell from the Dothraki as they pillaged the small village. As they walked through the gates- or rather, opening- Daenerys witnessed three different people being murdered or dragged while others tried to protect loved ones or their belongings.

"What did they do?" Daenerys wondered aloud. Rakharo said something in Dothraki and Senara recognized the Dothraki word for 'man', 'good' and a few other words including Khal Drogo's name, but not much else.

"I thought the Dothraki didn't believe in money?" Daenerys's pace slowed as she passed a pole where three young boys were bound and she wanted nothing more than to untie them, but she knew that she couldn't just free them. Senara stepped up, blocking her line of sight and ushered Daenerys to keep moving.

"Gold to hire ships, Princess." Jorah informed her. "Ships to sail to Westeros."

"Jorah, make them stop." Daenerys ordered, watching as the Dothraki warriors grabbed, hit and threw around the poor women they had corralled. Senara felt sick at the sight of all the dead and the smell of burning wood and flesh, but she tried not to show it. The last thing she needed was Jorah whispering in the Khaleesi's ear about how weak she was.

Jorah raised an eyebrow. "Khaleesi?"

"You heard me."

"These men have shed blood for their Khal, now they claim their reward." Jorah said before Rakharo chimed in. Senara, once again, had no idea what he said and moved to get a translation from one of Daenerys's handmaidens while Jorah stepped up to the Princess.

"Tell me what he said." She requested of the oldest looking girl. Senara couldn't remember, but she was sure her name was Doreah.

"He said that the riders do the lamb girl a great honor." She translated. "And that he would gladly cut out the girls tongue if her waiting upsets the Khaleesi." Senara sighed. That's the last thing Daenerys would want.

"Tell him to put his dagger away." Senara ordered, seeing that Rakharo had unsheathed it. "Then tell him that the Khaleesi does not wish to spill more innocent blood." Doreah relayed her message and Senara looked back to see that Jorah had yet to do what Daenerys had asked. She didn't know if an order from her was worth anything, but decided to test it. "The Khaleesi would also like for her guard to spare the women being harassed. She does not want to see anymore bloodshed or violence." Doreah translated and Rakharo gazed at her for a moment, unsure of whether or not he should be taking orders from her.

"Do as the princess commands." Daenerys snapped without looking away from the women. Then she repeated her order in Dothraki. That but the three riders in motion and, without hesitance, they marched over to the women with Jorah following after. Senara stepped up to Daenerys and crossed her arms.

"What do you plan to do with them?" She questioned. "The women."

"The Dothraki take slaves, do they not?" Daenerys said as Jorah approached them with the older woman that had been thrown around.

"What do you want done with them?" He questioned.

"Bring her to me." Daenerys commanded. "And those women there." She pointed.

"You cannot claim them all, Princess." Jorah warned.

"She just did." Senara reminded him.

Knowing that there would, most likely, be explaining to be done, Daenerys wasted no time with gathering her rescued women and leading them all to the Khal. One of the bloodriders, however, seemed to have beaten them there and was already complaining.

Whatever Daenerys said to her husband seemed to have convinced him to let her keep the women, but his rider did not appreciate that. Words were exchanged and the rider pulled his curved sword out on the Khal, challenging him. Senara couldn't do much with her bow and arrows in such a small and crowded space, so she settled to grabbing the dagger she kept strapped to her thigh.

Drogo was unaffected by the challenge, even pressing himself against the sword- injuring himself- before taking on the rider by himself with on weapons. The didn't stop the rider from getting his tongue pulled out through his throat.

Daenerys rushed over to the Khal to check his wounds and one of the women Daenerys had saved, stepped up- most likely to offer her aid but was slapped away before Daenerys let her speak.

"Thank you, silver lady." She thanked and Senara was a bit relieved to hear a language she understood fluently. She went get closer to Daenerys and the Khal but one of Drogo's bloodriders stopped her.

"Who are you?" Daenerys questioned.

"I am named Mirri Maz Duur." She claimed. "I was the Godswife of this temple." The bloodrider interrupted and Senara recognized the word he said.

"Maegi." He spat.


Mirri paid no mind. "My mother was Godswife before me. She taught me how to make healing smokes and potions." Senara did not like the sound of this. "All men are of one flock, my people believe. The great Sheppard sent me to Earth to heal the-" But she was cut off with a hard smack to the face. While she was being chastised by the bloodrider, Senara went to Daenerys.

"I've learned many things from the books of the Red Keep." She told the violet eyed girl quietly as she knelt down to her level. "I've read about Godswives; they are vindictive and prone to trickery. Whatever magic or powers they think they possess is you to get revenge on those who've wronged them."

"I've done nothing to her." Daenerys reminded her quietly and Senara resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

"Your husband just had his khalasar destroy her pillage and enslave it's people." She hissed back. "There is not a helpful bone in that woman's body that wants to heal Drogo. Do not trust her!"

"What else am I to do?" Daenerys questioned. "Clean his wound and hope for the best? He could die!"

"You do not know this woman!"

"I don't know you either!" Daenerys insisted. "I gave you a chance."

"I wasn't trying to kill you with false magic."

"Lamb or lion, his wound must be washed and sewn or it will fester." Mirri insisted. Senara stood and glared at the woman.

"Stop talking or I will cut your tongue from your head myself." She threatened. Mirri raised a hand in surrender and did as she was told. Turning back and kneeling next to her charge, Senara murmured, "I do not trust this woman. I trust what I know and I know that vengeful Godswives are dangerous."

Daenerys's eyes danced across Senara's face, searching for any traces of distrust or doubt on her face. Soon, she nodded before turning back to Mirri Maz Duur. "Thank you for your offer," She said and Mirri nodded. "But your help is not needed." As Mirri was pushed back with the other women, Daenerys turned back to Senara. "I'm trusting you."

Senara gave her a gentle smile. "I'll tend to his wound. Have Jorah take you back to camp so you can rest; I've been told pregnancies are tiring." Daenerys left, but not without one last long glance at Drogo and the offer of leaving one of her handmaidens as a helper.

It wasn't until Senara and Irri had cleaned the wound and Senara was sewing it shut that Drogo spoke. She looked to Irri.

"The Khal appreciates the lengths you have gone through to protect his Khaleesi." She said. "He has not seen suck loyalty since Jorah the Andal and asks how long you will stay in his khalasar."

Senara didn't hesitate to answer. "Indefinitely." She went back to sewing the wound, but

when she heard Irri say nothing, she turned to the woman. Irri had an uncomfortable look on her face. "Is something the matter?"

"I...I do not know this word." She confessed and Senara gave her an understanding smile.

"That's okay." She assured her. Khal Drogo wanted to know how long she would stay around, what would she say? "Tell him...I'll be remaining in his khalasar until Daenerys no longer needs me."