Alice sighed, squatting on the thin rail of the balcony as she stared into the evergreen forest and dead foliage.

'I think I need a change of scenery.' She looked around for anything of interest to entertain herself.

'Nothing as usual.' She huffs, readily hopping down from the the ledge.

'I think I should go talk to Carlisle about this.' She narrowly misses a tree as she continues towards the forest.

As she traverses farther into the dark woods a scent sweeps by her nose, sending an intense shiver through her body.

Curiosity and a twinge of feral instinct lead her in the smells direction.

Mate. It rings in her brain with the utmost clarity.

She hurriedly digs as if her world depended on it, which in some aspect it does.

She finally fully uncovers the female figure, clutching it closely. "Please don't be dead." She whispers as she takes off with the stiff figure, treating it with the delicacy of fine china.

She finally sees her home in the distance and screams out."Carlisle! Carlisle, I need you!" He quickly rushes out of the door nearly flinging it off the hinges. "Alice what is it? What's…." He stops to gape at the nude fully preserved humanoid that was in his presence.

Alice barely suppresses a growl at his staring at her exposed mate, trying to shake off the sudden surge of protectiveness but ultimately failing.

"He looks between Alice and the, from what he has observed to be, female figure with a sudden clarity before ushering Alice inside.

Alice lays the gradually melting figure out on the table, staring at it with hopeful eyes.

"Give me a moment with her. I think I know what to do." Carlisle says, still peering curiously at the figure.

"Carlisle, I can't just leave you with her.

"Okay, but when I do this I need you to be absolutely calm and do not attempt move me at all." His face contained all the seriousness of a man in his profession.

"I understand." She says, gulping at the prospect of what he could do to her.

Carlisle slowly walked around the room and grabbed a car battery. He sat at his desk putting together a mechanism that Alice has never seen in her 110 years of life.

"What is this?" Alice asks, nervously wringing her hands.

"Well, it is going to be a very slow warming mechanism. Slow enough that as she thaws I can keep certain cells alive to regenerate until her body is fully restored." He swiftly answers, quickly darting from outside to in, in a blur.

"How long will that take?" Alice pulls up a seat and taps her foot anxiously.

"About 43 hours." Carlisle says as he exits the room.

Alice vowed to sit and observe any and all changes in her mate that could, can, and may take place. It was the most grueling, nail-bitingly, uncomfortable, 43 hours she has ever had to sit through. But she sat, and watched, and waited. The progress slowly creeping along until the ice fully melted.

Alice called Carlisle the moment she saw the last bit of frost begin to thaw. Alice sat watched as Carlisle hooked up an IV and a heart monitor. She was given a bit of hope when she saw how supple the skin was as the needle poked through.

"Alice the moment the last bit of frost thaws you tell me and I'll start." He says looking at Alice readying himself to give Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Alice listened carefully to the inside of her mate's body. The sound of the frost thawing from her heart was deafening. They were loud and frequent.

Then there was less, and less still. Then Alice could hear only one left. The crack and splash of frozen blood coming into contact with it's own made Alice tear up.

"Go." She says bloodied tears cascade down her cheeks as she clutches her mate's luke warm hand.

Carlisle counts compressions in his head.


He continued this until he got to thirty. He then takes an unbelievably long breathe and blow the air into the figure's lungs,causing the chest to rise. He removes his mouth and continues compressions.

The process of repeating these actions goes on for an unbelievably extended amount of time. Had Carlisle been anything other than an untiring vampire he might have stopped by now. But that was not the case.

He and Alice had sat there listening to the blood that was flowing through her veins to reach every surviving cell. He paused his compressions when he felt some resistance.

"Why did you stop?!" Alice screams, heartbreak evident in her voice.

"Hush, child. Listen." He looks down at the figure. A rise of chest. The monitor begins to beep. Slowly at first, but quickly gaining rhythm.

Alice can barely contain her jubilation as she hears the blood flow independently of Carlisle.

"That's it baby. You're doing so well." Alice kisses the back of her mate's hand. A slight gruff grumble only encourages her.

"I hope you know I'll have to keep an eye on her." Carlisle cracks his knuckles.

"I would be angry if you didn't." Alice smiles weakly, diverting her attention back to her mate.

And that's what took place for the next few months. Though at some point Alice had noticed that her female mate, had a not so feminine feature down south. She gently dressed her at some point. Ripping the sleeve from her left arm as to not disturb the IV.

The others had also come to investigate the soon to be new addition to the family, to which Alice responded with much hostility. Though she was unconscious, her mate tightened her grasp on Alice's hand, calming her.

Over time she allowed the rest of the family to see her beloved. Even if her beloved had yet to see her.

Alice was beginning to get unquenchably thirsty and decided that she would go out to hunt. She had picked up the scent of a bear and decided to track it. She easily dispatched it, burying it, and cleaning her mess.

It had only been around an hour or so before she returned. When she arrived home she found the house in complete disarray.

"What happened?!" Alice yells as she heard glass shatter upstairs. Rosalie hurries downstairs, anger and irritation written over her features.

"WHAT HAPPENED? YOUR WILD CHILD DECIDED TO WAKE UP. I guess she didn't like what she saw! Emmett is upstairs trying to catch her ,but damn it she's nothing if not nimble."

Alice can't help the feeling of pride wash over her, accompanied by a small grin. Unfortunately Rosalie seemed to notice and didn't see the joke.

"Will you just go up there and get her!" Rosalie throws her hands up irritatedly.

Without a second thought,I'm at Rosalie and Emmett's room. I see Emmett dive to catch my mate,but miss as she spryly jumps to the bedposts column, pointing and yelling unintelligible slurs.

I call Emmett to get his attention as he lay sprawled out on the floor. I motion for him to exit, which he happily does without a second thought. His tousled hair makes me chuckle as he squeezes by me and heads down stairs.

My mate cocks her head to the side in confusion as I gently close the door behind me. I crouch lowly, reaching my hand out, and slowly creep towards her. The confusion only deepens as I get closer.

A new expression overtakes her face as she leaps at me, arms open and accepting. She knocks me from my upright position, which is downright ridiculous considering my strength and that my 'attacker' was human.

Her warm arms ensnare me as her smile turn to a slight chuckle as she releases me and begins to circle me happily.

I have the time now to analyze my situation and realize that my mate had removed her given clothing, with the exception of her boxer briefs.

Alice stared at her partially nude mate arousal creeping up her body, before shaking her head.

'That's not what I came here for.' She thinks as she hears her mate take a deep inhale through her nose.

A new emotion consumes her earlier expression.


Before she can register what is happening her arms are pinned to the ground. Rough bites and sloppy kisses are being placed across her neck and chest.

She bit back a moan when she felt her mate roughly grip her hips,not so subtlety spread her legs,and began bucking against her jeans.

'This wasn't how this was supposed to go.' I think as my arousal continues to build.

The fabric of my mate's underwear began to stretch, but still contain her 'excitement', which caused her to release an irritated grumble as she began trying to remove the obstruction.

Alice began to sit up, but was delicately pushed onto her back again by her mate,who returned with trying to remove her underwear.

I sat up again. This time more forcefully. And I was met with a grunt and another attempt to push me back.

When I didn't budge a sad look crossed her face. She pointed at the underwear, then returned her gaze to me.

I guess I didn't give her a response in the time I didn't know I was allotted because she grabbed my wrist and placed it her bulge, humming in discontent.

She grunted and pulled at the fabric but to no avail. She released it and it snapped back to her skin like a whip. A screech was heard as she shuffled backwards into the corner.

I felt bad for having put them on her, knowing now that she didn't want them.

I eased my way over to her, being as slow and deliberate as I could. When I was within arm distance I grabbed the hem of her underwear and quickly pulled down before she could resist.

Her member sprung free from it's confines and she sighed with relief and gratitude. She looked at me for a moment before skittering over to me. She grabbed my hand and stared at my palm for a moment.

She placed her own hand on mine and stared into my eyes.

"Beja." Is all that escapes her lips as we gaze at each other.

A/n I was gonna end it here but said: "Nah I'll keep going instead."

I looked at her confusedly and she seemed to pick up on it. She points at herself and repeats. "Beja."

"Beja?" I repeat. She shakes her head. No.

"Be..Ja." She repeats more slowly.

"Be… Bella?" I utter, absolutely confused.

She smiles and bounces on the balls of her feet. I now had a name to put to that beautifully heart shaped face. I smiled in return, which only seemed to make her happier as she began to pull me, with surprising strength into the door.

She looked at me, then back at the door and grunted. Before I had the chance to move she had a leg raised and completely kicked the door off it's hinges.

Surprised yelps came from Rosalie and I as Emmett's strong laugh shook our home.

No one's pov

Bella looked back at Alice and grinned happily. Alice felt all worry seep from her body as she returned the goofy smile. Bella carefully leads them out of the room, peeking left and right before cautiously continuing.

Alice could smell the adrenaline pumping through Bella as she lightly creaked down the stairs. Alice stopped her before she could make it to the second stair.

Bella looked back confusedly, cocking her head in a puppyish manner.

"No, Bella. Stand up." Alice stands to cement her point. Bella, who is still holding her hand tries to pull her back down.

"No. Bella you stand." Alice pulls her up and is surprised by the ease at which Bella lets her do so.

Alice is surprised when Bella stood around 5"10". Her slender form was accentuated by her curves. A tight, lean stomach with sculpted definition was revealed. Alice then remembers again that her Bella is now completely nude. Alice quickly releases Bella's hand and with speed only a vampire could muster, gathers clothes for Bella and is back within two seconds.

When she returned Bella was studying her hand, as if she wasn't sure it was there. She then looked back at Alice and reached to touch her face.

The cool soft skin of Alice's cheek met Bella's warm hand, which caused a hum of contentment. Alice smiled softly.

Alice lifted the black crop top eye level with Bella. Bella's eyebrows knit together as Alice got closer with the garment.

Alice gently pulled the shirt over Bella's head. Bella sat patiently as Alice dressed her. At least somewhat. She had on a black crop top and loose sweatpants. No underwear or bra, they were too tight and restrictive for Bella.

Alice then laced their fingers together and they both slowly walked downstairs.

Bella looked extremely uncomfortable with her surroundings and most of the people in them. She was crouched on the couch next to Alice, who gently stroked the back of her hand. Rosalie was looking angrily at Bella. Emmett looked overly pleased, which only served to freak Bella out more.

Bella's Pov

Why did she bring me down here? These people just tried to trap me. How can she trust them?

Looking at all these people and having them look back was off-putting, to say the least. But I would continue to keep quiet. No need to say something that will put me in an undesirable situation.

They all began to talk amongst themselves in some strange language I had never heard before.

"At whe re ah oo ye ke spe nig?" I ask.

They all looked at me with dumbfounded expressions on their face.

"What'd she just say?" The big one I evaded earlier says.

I just continue to look at them, silently waiting for my answer. Mea coniugem looks at me confusedly.

"I don't know." Her confusion is replaced with sadness that makes my heart ache. I lean forward and place my lips on hers in hopes of changing her mood.

When I pull away her eyes are closed and she has a dreamy look on her face. I smile when I feel the tension of the moment seep from her body.

"Excuse me, very sorry to interrupt your little moment with female Tarzan over there, but there are other people in the room." The blonde one says in an irritated voice. Her gaze landing onmeaconiugem

I bare my teeth and growl at her. How dare she look at her that way.

My love placed a hand on my shoulder and began to massage it. I feel myself relax into her instantly. How did she do that?

I hum, happy to receive affection from my love.

"I eya ve loh uh yo mea coniugem," I say looking deeply into her golden eyes.

The tall man from across the room looks at me with surprise. All of the other look at him as I do.

"What?" Asks the yellow-haired woman.

"What'd she say?" Asks My Love.

"She called you her mate, which can also be translated to her wife." I look around confusedly still trying to figure out what they were saying.

My mate looks down at me happily. A wide grin gracing her features.

My mate looks up to yellow-haired man and speaks. "What is she feeling?"

The yellow-haired man looks at me intently and I feel as though a worm is crawling in my head. I shake my head violently, hiding my head in my love's shoulder as a pathetic whimper escapes my throat.

My love strokes my hair and giggles, kissing the side of my head.

"It's okay Bella." She says into my ear. It calms me, even if I can't understand what she's saying.

Alice's Pov

"What is she feeling?" I look at Jasper and wait for a response.

"Well before she shook me out, I felt some of the most intense love I've ever come across. She has a love for you the normally takes hundreds of years for vampires to achieve. It's incredible." He says breathlessly.

I can't help but feel my heart swell at the thought of her loving me for hundreds of years. "Oh, my Bella." I lift her head and kiss her gently. She looks at me with a pleased grin.

I could get used to this.