As Tina stood watching the ship leave she felt a little overwhelmed there were the faintest trace of tears in her eyes and she thought about everything that had happened in the past few days and although her thoughts probably should have gone to the multiple near death experiences she'd had she found them going to Newt Scamander.

She thought about the moment that she first saw him running around haphazardly after his niffler causing chaos in the bank. As she tried to explain things and arrest him he somehow managed to both frustrate and intrigue her at the same time.

She still isn't quite sure what made her bring him and Jacob home but she did for some reason, looking back she had done a lot of things that seemed out of character for her something about him brought that side of her out.

Her mind then jumped to that moment where she realized she trusted him when as she was about to sink into a death potion she jumped into his arms and there was a single moment where she realized that she felt safe for the first time since she could remember. As they raced out of MACUSA she had never felt so trapped but he protected her which was a new experience as an auror and a big sister it often felt like she was always the one doing the protecting.

She thought about the way he looked when he interacted with his creature so tender yet confident so different from when he interacted with people.

She remembered the yell of despair he gave out when they took away his case, how broken hearted he looked as he pleaded for their lives.

She also thought of that moment on the roof looking at the madness below how determined he looked to do the right thing but also the moment when she realized he trusted her with his life's work something she knew he valued above his life. As she passed the case on to Queenie she realized in that moment that she loved him and wasn't going to let him go risk his life without her.

Finally she thought back to her most recent interaction. There was so much she was bursting to say and do but couldn't or just didn't she still wasn't sure which. If she was Queenie she would have grabbed him and kissed him and confessed her feelings but she was Tina so she didn't. Instead she talked about his book and her excitement to read it. As he walked away she found a single question slip through her walls. "Does Leta Lestrange like to read?" Such a ridiculous question but she had to know. Queenie had told her about their conversation and about how she broke his heart and she had to know how he felt. Besides what she really meant by that question was did he still love Leta or could he somehow love Tina like she loved him. In someway he seemed to understand some portion of her turmoil and responded in such a way to send butterflies through her. After turning to board the ship yet again and right when her heart felt like it was going to burst he turned around yet again and returned to he somewhat closer then last time. His question if he could visit and bring her a book in person delighted her so much she couldn't hold back the tears she had been fighting. He reached and brushed her cheek ever so slightly and then he walked away.

She felt slightly ridiculous standing there thinking about him and hoping he was thinking about her and hoping that books didn't take long to get published so that he could return to her. Until then she supposed she would have to get on with life so she turned and walked away sad yet happy beyond belief that he had come into her life.