Name: Carabelle

Age: 16

Bending: Air


Air: Lion's roar

Water: Mermaid's tears (turn water into barley visible needles and it can go through the body)

Earth: Dragon's stomp

Fire: Phoenix Flower (can butterfly kiss fire flower bombs that sticks on targets.

More: Shadow bending, Illusions that involves music

Crush: Zuko

Sibling: Aang

Marks: tattoos

Air: white swirls on her body then arrows.

Water: Blue circles around her wrists

Earth: Brown swirls on her chest, feet, and left arm.

Fire: Red dragon on her left arm.

Special: Red dot when she master her spiritual power

Avatar: The Guardian

Hobby: Singing, dancing, playing her violin, and drawing.

Guardian: Similar to the avatar but she can only bend the signatures which can be passed down by genetics. How one is born varies as long as it's a sibling. As long as the nation matches the Avatar. Can also go in someone's mind but only for mental healing.

Roku (sister: Nolin): 1990s movies

Kyoshi (sister: Shae): TMNT (2004)

Kuruk (brother: Torrik): Next Mutation

Yangchen (brother: Risrack): 1987 series

Wan (sister: Min): Mirage comics