Jessica ran out of her schoolyard, in the road. At last, the school day had come to its end and now she was free to go home and do whatever she pleased! Her mind was thinking only one thing right now. Bed. Warm, sweet bed.

She jumped on her bicycle and tied the straps of her schoolbag on the small basket on the back. Her shoes found the pedal, as she started to ride towards home, in a quite fast speed.

She stopped on a red light, taking out her phone to check for the latest news on her facebook account, when a green light caught her attention. She turned to look at a small alley on her right, where she had thought the light had flashed. There was nothing.

She glanced at the time in her phone. She had a lot of time to return home. Without hesitation, she turned her bicycle towards the alley and rode there.

She stood by the entrance, her eyes searching the corners. Still nothing. She got off of her bicycle and entered the alley on foot. Her steps were echoing in the deep silence, making her suspicious. She could never imagine an alley, so close to an always busy road, to be so quiet. It was simply unnatural.

"Is anyone here?" she asked out loud, her voice lost in the silence. She passed a hand through her long wavy fire-red hair. She sighed, rolling her eyes. Great, now she had to add the illusions and the conversations with the walls to her list of problems, she had to deal with. Amazing.

She turned to leave, deciding it was a simply stupid idea to come in there, caused by her curiousness. And just when she made a full 180 degree turn, she bumped into something. Something hard and at the same time soft.

She looked up curiously, her eyes meeting a pair of emerald green ones, staring down at her. Jessica had to take a step backwards to see him clearly. She had bumped into an extremely tall man, dressed in a black suit with a green scarf around his throat. His skin was very white, like the sun had never saw it, his hair were black and very long for the normal men haircut and his eyes were shining with something... that didn't fit to Jessica. They looked quite normal, but she could feel that they were nothing but that.

"How dare you bump on me, you pitiful child! Watch your step!" he snapped at her, giving her the chance to catch his smooth british accent.

Jessica cocked an eyebrow. " Alright mister, I'm sorry for breaking into your personal space, no need to be so harsh! Geez! And who did you call pitiful? Keep your comments to yourself, creeper!"

The man blinked at her, surprise and confusion all over his face. After a moment or two, his face filled with an amused smile, his eyes examining her thin, very tall for her age but still short compared to him, form up and down. Jessica noted to herself that he also had an amazing white dentition. "My, my, how much bitterness in a few simple words coming from the mouth of a small girl."

Jessica's eyes widened, her hands moving on her hips. She hated when people did that to her. She was told that she looked quite younger than her age, but this wasn't something she liked, even though other girls would kill to have this advantage. " 'Small girl'?! Look here sir, I'm a full grown fifteen year-old girl, soon to turn sixteen and taller than any other girl in my class. So don't give me the 'you're too young and innocent to talk like that' lesson, got it? I could use some respect, you know!"

The stranger's face seemed even more amused. Like he had never seen a fifteen, soon to be sixteen, year-old girl to have such a nerve and spirit before. Where had he come from, Alaska? Jessica caught his eyes running up and down her body again. Was this guy a pedophile or something? Or simply a pervert that needed a good old kick where the sun doesn't shine to snap out of it?

"You wear too much black for a young lady." he stated. Jessica glanced quickly down at her clothes, scoffing up at his amused smilling face right after. Oh, now he was going to comment on her clothing as well? Hadn't been enough that he had commented on her behavior already?

"It's my problem and only of mine concern, what I'm wearing. If I need any fashion advice, I'll come straight to you mister, don't doubt that." she said, rolling her eyes. The guy was really a pain in the ass. Too bad, he was quite good-looking.

She glanced at the clock on her phone, cursing under her breath. How long had she been standing there with that weirdo?! "I'm really, really sorry to interrupt such an interesting conversation sir, but I have somewhere to go right now."

She quickly passed him, jumping on her bicycle again. "See you later!" she called without turning to look, as she rode off. Somehow, her bag seemed a bit lighter than before...

The man she had been talking with shook his head, the same amused smile still on his face. What an odd girl that was. It had surely lighten up his mood. He turned to leave, his foot stumbling against something.

He looked down, surprised to find a book. He curiously picked it up, examining it in his fingers. It wasn't dirty or torn, in fact it looked like it was new. He opened it in the first page, on which a name was written.

Jessica Parker, he read. And beneath that, it was her adress. He glanced at the way, the odd girl had gone. So her name was Jessica...

I know it's not very long, but I promise the next chapter will be. I decided to make a story for Loki and a young girl, only friendship, because I really wanted to see how it would end up. Her clothes can be found on Polyvore: cgi/set?id=212124031

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