Scene: Afternoon, the local greasy spoon.

Jack opens the door for Ann, and steers her towards the hostess stand with his hand in the small of her back.

He smiles brightly at the blonde waitress who appears.

"Sheila, que pasa! Long time no see."

Sheila's smile freezes in place as she takes in Ann, and the location of Jack's hand.

"How many this morning?"

While Sheila's smile is icy, her eyes spark with anger. Ann gets the feeling there's unfinished business between Jack and Sheila.

Jack continues unphased.

"Two - myself and my lovely Ann for breakfast."

Sheila jerks two menus and silverware rolls from the stand and stalks off towards a booth.

Jack shifts his arm around Ann's waist, and they follow in Sheila's wake.

Sheila slams down the silverware on the table, frozen smile still firmly in place but the edge of her mouth beginning to twitch. She struggles but maintains a professional voice as she faces Jack.


"Sure, with sugar and cream please," Jack replies, and with a wink adds "Thanks Sheila."

Sheila turns towards Ann, her smile becoming even more strained.

"And for you?"

"Just water please."

Sheila nods, spins on her heel and flies back toward the kitchen.

Ann takes a long look at Jack.

"So, Jack, how well do you know Sheila?"

"Oh I've know her forever, since I first started coming here 10 years ago. I even took her out a few times."

Ann nodded, filing away the information.

Jack leaned across the table and gently pushed a stand of Ann's hair back behind her ear.

Sheila returned just in time to see the gesture. In her hands, she carried a pitcher of ice water.

"Jack, I think you need a little cooling down," Sheila stated, moving up beside Jack's chair, deftly keeping the pitcher out of Jack's line of vision.

Jack stared at her in puzzlement.

Sheila emptied the entire pitcher of ice water over Jack's head. He hissed in surprise and shock as icy water streamed over his head, down his bomber jacket and soaked his lap.

Tossing her head in triumph, Sheila spun away and headed toward a group of tittering waitresses.

Jack sat back, showing remarkable dignity given his soaked position.

Ann handed over her napkin, wondering what to say.

Jack took the napkin and wiped his dripping face.

"In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have ducked her calls last year after that last date."

Ann suppressed a snort of laughter, and managed to calm her voice.

"There's a Denny's two streets over," she said, struggling with the giggles, "You don't know any waitress over there, do you?"

Jack gave her a sharp look.

He rose from the table, stared in Sheila's direction, and replied "She has just forfeited her tip."

"And for that last remark, *you're* buying breakfast at Denny's."