My first attempt at a fanfic, so go easy :) I just love the character of Newt too much not to write something.

It wasn't surprising that no one noticed that Newt was injured, in all honesty he has barely registered it himself. The pure adrenaline rushing through his veins had masked the deep ache that was now settling in his chest. As they quietly trudged single file up the subway steps that led to the surface and the rain that would claim his friend, Newt tried to convince himself that the pain was a manifestation of the losses and shock he had suffered; Credence's terrible fate, Grindelwald's reveal and the bittersweet goodbye of Frank and soon Jacob.
As they climbed ever higher the pain began to increase, his steps slowed and he started to fall behind, Tina's beautiful form becoming distant. Each member of the group was so locked in their own personal conflicts that they didn't notice his, and Newt was never one to make a fuss. So he soldiered on, wheezing slightly, as muted shafts of daylight signalled the end of their time as a foursome.
Finally on flat ground, he moaned slightly as a wave of dizziness swept over him, leaning against the wall for support, he found himself sinking to the floor. The cool glass and the gentle patter of rain slightly soothed the pounding heartbeat in his temple, but did nothing to alleviate the erumpent residing on his chest.

His sudden collapse startled the others, Tina instantly dropped down to his side, hand on his chest, he instinctively leaned into her. "Newt, what's wrong," she said urgently.
Blearily he opened his eyes to see her worried face surprisingly close to his. Before he could even formulate a response, Queenie who was now on his other side spoke
"Oh honey" she sighed softly, then to Tina "It's his chest Tinnie..and..and his head".
Newt's mind drifted to what had happened down on the tracks, when it was just him and Graves and the lightning.
Queenie stiffened "Graves, Grindelwald, whatever he, he tortured Newt before you got there," she said, looking up at Tina.
"Tortured, how?" Jacob spoke up worriedly.
"Lightening," Newt mumbled, before squeezing his eyes shut, his breath coming out in pants.

"Newt, Newt, can you hear me!" Tina shook his shoulder lightly, and he just moaned in response, sweat beading on his pale freckled face.
"We have to get him back to ours," she said tearing her eyes from his stricken form to look at Queenie.
"You take Jacob, I've got Newt."

Queenie nodded, squeezed Newt's shoulder comfortingly, then took Jacob's hand. Grasping Newt prostrate form firmly, Tina concentrated hard, desperate not to splinch either one of them. The group rematerialised in the girl's apartment, leaving the subway entrance empty, and Jacob's impending obliteration forgotten.

As soon as they touched down on the rug in their cramped front room, Tina's attention turned to Newt, who had, if possible turned even paler. Jacob was instantly beside her and with his help they hauled Newt up onto the sofa.

"We need to look at his chest," Queenie informed them, standing up from the drawer she had been digging in, holding a wooden box that contained their medical kit. Tina nodded, and with a flick of her wand Newt was gently sat up, swaying slightly as her spell supported him. His heavy coat, waist coat, bow tie and shirt were quickly removed, and he was settled back down into the soft sofa. The sight that greeted the trio made them all pause for a second. Newt's well defined chest and abdomen was a network of scars, ranging from pink shiny burns to silvery bite marks. The most disturbing aspect however was the raised livid red branching marks that cover his upper chest and arms.

"Christ," Jacob breathed out "How was he even standing?"

His words sparked action into the two women, Tina conjured a damp cloth and tenderly placed it on Newt's now burning forehead. In his semi conscious state, he moaned softly as the cool liquid trickled down his hot face. Queenie was searching through the chest for something to ease the swelling and bring down his fever.

"Come on, come on.." she murmured frustratedly "All we've got is Pepperup Potion, no wait here is some essence of Dittany".

She thrust the potion into Tina's outstretched hand, and summoned a bowl to begin preparing the the dittany.

Jacob watched on as they worked, feeling out of place as he stood worriedly by Newt's head. As if sensing his discomfort Newt began to become unsettled, groaning slightly as he moved. Instincts kicking in, Jacob began to card through Newt's hair, speaking softly, as he had done many years ago with injured men on the front.

As Newt began to settle, Tina measured out the dosage of Pepperup Potion.

"Here you are Newt, this should help with that fever" she said as she gently lifted his head up, and poured the potion into his mouth. Newt swallowed and sank back down into the cushions, ears steaming. Jacob glanced up quickly with concern at Tina, she shook her head gently at him.

"That's normal, don't worry".

"Here," Queenie pressed a damp cloth into each of their hands, holding her own she knelt down beside the sofa, and delicately took Newt's arm, lightly rubbing circles over the angry marks covering it.

"All take a different area, work slowly and don't rub too hard," she instructed. Between them they made light work of his chest. The marks didn't completely fade, but they lightened and started to merge into the patchwork of scars that covered Newt. The gentle action of his friends, began to ease the pain and pressure on his chest, his breathing becoming easier.

"We need to do his back as well," Queenie told them, but with a smile "It's seems to be working though, his mind is a lot calmer".

Once again Newt was raised up, and they began to work on his back. As soon as he was horizontal again, he had the desperate urge to thank and reassure his friends. But his consciousness was fading fast, and by time Tina placed a soft blanket over him, he was fast asleep.

"Is he gonna be okay now?" Jacob said softly to the two witches. Queenie graced him with a sad smile.

"We don't know honey, the only thing to do now is wait".