Newt dodged Graves' attack with immense speed, taking no time to stop and breathe.

"That was a close –." He could barely get out another sentence before the wizard had shot yet another spell at him. He huffed a small breath as the sweat rolled down his forehead. He was hidden behind a stone column in the gigantic subway.

Time was ticking. He had to figure out a way to stop Graves and save Credence from himself. He took a moment. His thoughts racing through the different possibilities before another attack interrupted his train of thoughts.

"Merlin's beard!" He looked around at Graves with a panicked look.

"Stop! You have to stop! Violence isn't going to stop Credence. We have to stop him without harming him." He looked back at the swirling black mass that had was slowly taking the form of Credence once again.

"Credence." He turned to the young boy and said softly with his hand and wand up. "I'm not going to hurt you. I know the things you're going through and I can help you. I knew a young girl very much like you."

Credence stared at him with empty eyes and Graves paused for a brief second.

"I can help you." He said once again in the same calming tone. There was truth in his words whereas Graves' own pleas were nothing but empty promises. Credence's power began to quiet and the black mass calmed itself a bit. He was hearing what Newt had to say.

Graves however wasn't in the talking mood and began fighting once again. Shooting spell after spell at Newt and began addressing Credence once again.

"Credence! We are friends. I owe you an apology for how I treated you. But I can help you control your power! We can change the world!" Graves shot Newt with another powerful spell and Newt fell to the ground. He was exhausted. Just as Graves raised his wand to finish him, the Obscurus began again. This time, with little to no control over itself. Blasting massive amounts of energy at Graves and the other wizard Aurors that had begun making their way down to the tunnels.

Tina shot her way through the crowd of gathering wizards prepared to attack.

"Credence! Please listen to me! We can save you!" She pleaded. Credence stopped in his tracks once again. Remembering her as the kind lady that had stopped and fought for him. The only one who truly cared about what happened to him. She could help him. Possibly. He quieted down.

"Tina keep talking! He is listening to you!" Newt slowly started to get up off the ground as he turned to face the young boy once again. He wasn't about to give up on this young boy. He was not about to see the destruction of this Obscurus once again like back in Africa. He was determined to save him.

Graves began to talk and then without much of a warning the remaining Aurors attacked. Tina and Graves were petrified – For different reasons of course.

Tina cared for Credence.

Graves cared for his power.

Credence was dead and Newt couldn't save him. He felt crushed. He was tired. He was aching everywhere after his battle with Graves. Whom he had a strange suspicion was not who he was supposed to be. He turned to face the wizards. Graves however could not halt his anger.

"What have you done? Do you understand what repercussions this has? We could have used him!" Anger was pouring out of him as he addressed the wizards. He stared straight at Madam Picquery.

He continued on, "What are these magic laws for? To protect us – or protect them?" He gestured to the opening in the ground where tons of non-wizards stood.

Madam Picquery scowled. "Aurors – take Mr. Graves into custody and relieve him of his responsibilities and wand please." She said with little to no emotion. If she had any fears of him, she showed none. Before any of the wizards could take a step he was attacking back. Fighting back without a hesitation against his fellow wizards. At that moment, Newt knew exactly who Mr. Graves true identity was and why he had been so knowledgeable on the obscurus in the first place. With ease Newt trapped him and revealed his true identity.

Staring back at the president was none other than Grindelwald himself. He sneered

"Do you really think you can keep me held?" He spat out at her.

"We'll see Mr. Grindelwald." She nodded for them to take him away. Newt sighed. He was relieved that this was over, but he turned to look where Credence had been.

Now he was nothing. Dead. Ceased to exist. He had failed once again. All of a sudden he felt immensely tired. He swayed to the side. Madam Picquery took a glance at him.

"Are you alright Mr. Scamander?" She asked with a slight bit of concern in her voice.

"Oh my. Yes ma'am. Nothing to worry about here." He stood up straight but struggled to keep his balance as pain shot up through his spine. The dark wizard seemed to have done some damage. He would be alright, eventually. He just needed to get through the next few moments and get to somewhere where he could lie down and take a look at his injuries. He didn't need any help from strangers. He had already caused them enough trouble as is.

"We seem to owe you an apology, Mr. Scamander. Your beasts and your knowledge seemed to have saved us all. Thank you." She looked around with a sad smile.

"Unfortunately, we cannot oblivate an entire city. It seems as though we have been found out."

"Actually." He began, "We can." He opened his suitcase with difficulty. It was heavier than he remembered. He was tired. But he had to save his friends and the magic community in New York. They had done so much for him, and he had caused quite a lot of trouble with letting much of them loose.

"Frank. We are in need of your assistance. I would have hoped to take you back to Arizona myself, but I guess that is not going to happen." He said sadly and looked at the majestic beast.

"Frank has amazing powers. They all should be obligated. A storm erupted throughout the city. Their memories being wiped as they spoke in the tunnel. Many of the Aurors left to fix the damage done by the Obscurus.

When all was said and done. Newt began to say his goodbyes to his three friends. He picked up his suitcase and struggled a bit.

Queenie and Tina looked at him strangely as he choked out the words, "I should be going now! I need to tend to my creatures. They're probably hungry and need to be checked upon, plus…" He trailed off and looked a bit pale as he stopped talking.

"Newt, honey, are you okay?" Queenie touched him. Knowing all he could think about was the pain he was in.

"Oh no. I am quite alright." He straightened himself once again pulling his coat around himself tightly as something to keep a hold of. Queenie looked at him, knowing he was lying. She could hear every thought he was having. He was certainly not okay and it was a wonder he was standing up at all.

He turned around to make his leave from the two when Jacob clasped his shoulder. "And where do you think you're getting off to!" Jacob stopped as Newt lost his balance once again, falling to the ground. Unconscious.

"Help! Somebody! Please!" Tina sank to his side and took his face in her palms. He was clammy and not at all alright. His breathing was shallow. Graves had done much more damage than what was thought originally.