Epilogue – 11 Years Later

The crowd at platform 9¾ seemed much larger than usual. It probably was, as all those born due to that ridiculous law had reached eleven, making them board the Hogwarts Express for the first time. The train was made quite a bit longer, to accommodate all the new students, and there were many rumors of how Hogwarts would handle so many. Headmistress McGonagall had requested a sharp rise in budget, that was grudgingly given, after she threatened to resign. Nobody in his right mind wanted that job, at least not for the next seven or eight years

The Potter family was almost unseen in the crowd, although Lily, James and Sirius were starting the first year. Going to Hogwarts was no news for the three children, yet riding the train was a different ballgame. Hogwarts had been their home since before they could remember, and they knew all its shortcuts and secret passages much better than either the Marauders or the Weasley twins. Lady Potter, Lady Black, and Lady Peverell were now the most appreciated professors at Hogwarts, along with Lord Potter – the legendary DADA teacher.

As expected, they all met many friends there. Ron Weasley came with his wives, Milly and Pansy, accompanying his own children. "Lavender only sent her daughter her congratulations for starting school by owl," he told Harry.

Neville was escorting his children, Frank and Alice, with his two wives, looking very content. He was teaching Herbology now, making it a more interesting subject than ever before. His children had become very close friends with Harry's and both were wondering what mischief the five had in store for the first week of school.

Draco was escorting his own child, along with Astoria. He nodded curtly at Harry and at his mother and walked briskly as far away from them as he could. Although quite happy with his wife, he was never able to regain much status in the wizarding world. His behavior as a student at Hogwarts came back to haunt him as an adult, and his reluctant repent didn't help much. He was forced to do business in the Muggle world, as very few in the magical world were ready to have any connection with him. Finally, he came to appreciate all that Muggle technology could give him and started to see how erroneous his previous convictions had been. He made sure that his son would not do the same mistake.

Astoria didn't rush after him, though. She stayed to chat a bit longer with Cissy. "We've spent a few weeks in the states during the summer. Daphne lives there, you know, and she invited us to her daughter's fifth birthday. Her husband is a very successful architect."

"I wasn't aware of her marrying a muggle," Harry intervened.

Astoria shrugged. "After what happened here, she wasn't sure she liked staying in the magical world, and that law turned to be the decisive factor. Her daughter is magical, though, making it a very interesting situation."

She just kissed Cissy goodbye and moved on. Harry could never understand what she found in the ponce, but Astoria seemed to be happy in her marriage.

Dean and Ginny approached, escorting their oldest child. He had four siblings already, and Harry felt quite sure that Ginny was pregnant again, although it barely showed. She had to give up her dream of playing Quidditch, as it didn't go too well with being a mother of five. She still managed to retain her slim figure, between pregnancies.

Luna also came to congratulate them. She was escorting her child alone. Her mate proved less than satisfactory and she eventually left him. The Ministry's financial support for the child made her decision easier. She was still publishing The Quibler, turning it into a very respectable paper. Her personal life remained a mystery, yet she seemed quite happy whenever they met.

Harry was surprised to see Parvati there, with a very nice young man at her side, evidently much younger than her, and even more surprised to see Padma being escorted by a man who seemed to be the other's twin. The two couples seemed quite happy, though and looked really nice.

The whistle blew. The children rushed to the train. The doors closed as the children started waving through the windows. Looking around, Harry noticed that the platform still looked just as crowded. He hugged his soul mate and then his other wives joined the hug. "Shall we go home?" he asked.

They all nodded. A loud "crack" was heard, as the four disapparated, landing a moment later near the gates of Hogwarts.

"We still have a few hours until the train arrives, and the younger children are going to spend at least two more hours at school, before returning home. Don't you think we may finally have some 'quality time' all our own?" Hermione asked innocently, although her eyes twinkled with unhidden mischief.

"I think that could prove to be a very good idea, Lady Potter. Care to lead the way?" Harry replied.

None of the students would have believed the scene, as all three women grabbed Harry's hands and rushed to their apartment. Harry was looking to some very pleasant time with his three wives, something that had become quite rare since they had the second round of children.


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