- Six years? I can't spend there six years! I can't leave my family! – Cody cried, as he was sitting in an airplane to London. He was in the middle of the ''road''. Still couldn't believe what just happened. He would never thought that such a stupid thing will change his life forever. He was literally left alone.

- Mom, are you okay? – asked carefully Zack. He knew that his mother just like him was in a huge shock, but he really started to get worried.

- Yes Zack, I'm perfectly fine. How do you think I feel? Mr. Tipton let Cody go to London and wants him to stay there for SIX YEARS! For six years he won't be here. – Carey yelled with tears in her eyes

- I know mom. I still can't imagine my life without him. Though he will be back, but we will lose the connection. He knew everything about my life, but now? We can't even talk with each other.

- We are going to miss him horribly, but we have to be strong.

- I'll help you, mom. We only have each other now.

- I know baby. Come here – as she said that, she hugged Zack.

- Who the fuck is that?

- You see him? He looks so poor, does he?

- You are totally right. Why is he even here?

- I have no idea, but we are going to have a lot of fun.

-Mr. Martin, please come here – said some old secretary – I heard you are our new student.

- Yeah, I am. Pleasure to meet you

- You too, Mr. Martin. You are going sleep in dorms which are right there. And these boys are going to show you your room – she pointed at 3 boys who were quietly laughing at him

- Us? I'm sorry, but we can't. We have class in 5 minutes

- I'm sure that professor Dartman won't mind you showing our new student around.

- He sure won't - answered her Danny, the tallest of them – Come with us yyhh

- Cody, I'm Cody

- Cody, right – as he said that, he started to laugh again, but still quiet

- Ahh and Mr. Smith, you are going to be Mr. Martin new roommate.

- Wait, what? I live with them – Danny said, pointing at this 2 friends

- Not anymore. Have a nice day boys – she said walking to her office

- Perfect – said Danny quietly

When Danny showed Cody their school, they went strictly to their ''new'' room.

- Thanks for showing me – Cody started, but he was cut down

- Listen, I don't want to live with poor, stupid guy like you. You look like a shit and you're already ruining my life. I have my reputation and amazing parents with loads of money, so shut up and let me live my life. We do not want a person like you here. You are useless so SHUT UP – yelled Danny

- But I didn't –

- SHUT UP! – Danny yelled again and then hit Cody on his left cheek.

Cody just looked at him with hurt.

- Exactly, that look on your face. I love it. I told my boys the truth. We are going to have a lot of fun with you, you young bitch – Danny laughed and left the room, leaving Cody with wide open eyes.

- Noo, It can't be, not again. Not after Drew. I don't wanna be bullied anymore…. – He couldn't sleep that night, and the next, and next,….

To be continued…..

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