(A/N I am honestly really excited to write this fanfiction. The idea just stuck with me and hopefully, I will be able to carry this out.)

Trees passed rapidly through the windows of two cars, a Toyota AE86 and a Mazda FD RX-7. The cars belonged to Takumi Fujiwara and Keisuke Takahashi. These two were members of Project D, an underground racing team created by Keisuke Takahashi's brother, Ryosuke. The two were flying down the roads of Mount Akagi, the Takahashi's home turf. It looked as if the two were racing for old time's sake, or just as a friendly competition, if looking as a bystander. But as a driver, it was clear. It was as if they were being chased, in which they were. A black Nissan Cefiro (A/N The Nissan Cefiro in this story is also known as a North American 95-99 Nissan Maxima) bore down on the two, somehow keeping up with the two fastest racers in Gunma, despite it being front wheel drive and under powered. The three cars rounded another corner, at speeds which seemed to defy physics. The Cefiro had no business going that fast around corners like that, but it did not seem to mind.

"How is that car keeping up with us?!" Takumi wondered as he rounded another corner, just clearing the guard rail. "It's almost as if my dad's driving that car, but it isn't him because he would have already passed us. And he doesn't own a gun."

Keisuke was having similar thoughts as well. "Who is chasing us? Who did we piss off this time? I've never seen that car before in my life, and yet it is keeping up with us. That must be one hell of a driver behind the wheel if it could keep up with us for this long."

A gun was pointed out of the passenger side window of the Cefiro, trying to shoot at one of the vehicles a head of it. Every so often, a bullet was fired, either striking the pavement or the guard rail. However, it looked as if the bullets were getting closer every time the gun was fired. More corners passed, the cars were about to reach the end of the road. Signs that said how much road was left were getting smaller and smaller. The last sign they passed read "1 KM."

Takumi realized, "If we make it to the main road, we could make it to the police station and hopefully, and they can find out who was driving that car."

Takumi floored it, the in the car tachometer shot up to 11, and the beeping that was associated with going over 60 km/h was gone, as the speaker had been removed a long time ago. Takumi was in fifth gear, at 211 km/h but he did not know that. (A/N Yes this speed is mechanically possible according to my research, it's the vehicle's mechanically limited top speed.) He passed Keisuke and rounded the final corner.

Keisuke rounded the final corner, but the end of the RX-7 stepped out wide. Keisuke realized this, but it was too late. The gunner in the Cefiro took his chance and fired. The bullet hit the rear right tire and the wheel exploded. The blowout and coupled to the fact that the RX-7 was already sideways caused the vehicle to lose control and the RX-7 hit a gutter on the side of the road, and caused the car to flip over. It rolled multiple times and skidded on its roof. The hood open and a matter of fluids leaking out on to the road and a fire in the engine had started. Takumi had started to slow down as soon as he saw the RX-7 step out too wide in his rear view mirror. Takumi got out of his AE86 and ran towards the scene of the wreck with the fire extinguisher Ryosuke forced him to keep in his car. The Cefiro flew by him. Takumi was not surprised that it didn't stop. He did not notice the gun that was thrown in to AE86 through the open window. He was about to pull the pin on the fire extinguisher when the RX-7 had a huge fireball come out of it. It threw Takumi back and consumed the RX-7.

Keisuke lost again to Takumi, fatally. Takumi lived and Keisuke did not. Takumi was in complete shock. He had seen his best friend die before his very eyes and could not do anything to save him. He just stood there, not able to do or say anything. He was like that when the fire truck came, and he was like that when the police arrested Takumi in connection to Keisuke's death.