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Prologue: Preparations For War

Unknown Universe

Somewhere in the vast multiverse, there lay a homeworld located in a galaxy with multi-colored space and two moons, it is composed of a rough terrain with many mountains and other rock formations, in the center of the planet is a citadel-like structure. From its appearance, one could see the advanced technology it was based on, it was dark in color and had crimson red grid-like pattern lines, one thing to take notice of was that there wasn't any denizens, but we'll soon find the answer once we put our main focus to the towering military-esque building. Inside the complex, there are various weapons and vehicles made for the sole purpose of war; heavily modified tanks, sleek aerodynamic jet fighters, you name it. At the center of the room was a humungous army of grey skinned lifeforms with fangs and soulless black eyes. They were wearing black armor with glowing red circuit lines, they were also armed with dangerous laser blasters.

It was obvious to any human that was in the vicinity that these creatures were preparing for one thing, war. If you were to stand near one, you could feel the malicious aura that surrounded them. They looked anxious and gripped their weapons with excitement, almost as if they were ready to kill anyone with them and make the people suffer.

They approached a mysterious figure shrouded by the shadows who was sitting upon the throne. Clearly this was their leader.

"General Z'Xas." Leader rasped in a growling voice. "Tell me, are all preparations for our assault ready?" he asked. The sheer intensity of his voice coupled with its dark tone was enough to send down a shiver down the spines of even the bravest of warriors.

Said General kneeled down and bowed his head obediently. "Yes, my master. Our faces are ready to attack and decimate the primitives if other worlds. No one will stand in our way."

"Good." Leader grinned evilly. Finally, after so long of waiting, planning, and taking in account of nearly every variable their scholars and scientists could possibly take account of., the plan shall come into fruition and his people will emerge as the superiors of all worlds, no matter what it takes. He raised form his throne and addressed his army of underlings. "Valiant Warriors! I speak to you now to tell you that the time has come for us to show the whole multiverse our glory! Our power! And our Superiority over them! Like all who came before these worlds, they shall feel the full force of the Darkentors!" he roared, enticing them to cheer out.

The soldiers raised their fists and their blasters to show him their support for the mission.

Leader raised his hand to silence them.

"As most of are no doubt aware, this is not the first time we have brought entire universes to their knees. Since before our race even had a name, we have made a history of slaying other planes of existence, and I shall tell you that this time will not be anything different!" he promised. "For with our advanced technology that has been adapted with the technology we've taken from other worlds, nothing will stand in our way. The spies I've sent are ready to pave way for our ascension. Doctor G'Zon!"

A more skinny looking alien walked up at the mention of his name. "At your service my liege."

"Please, tell me that you and your fellow intellectuals made sure that the alternate worlds we have chosen are ready for our arrival."

The scientist pulled out a circular device that showed the holograms of 9 planets that greatly resembled each other. "These are the worlds we will begin to attack, my liege. They are all parallel dimensional counterparts of one another, they are a planet called Earth." then he pulled out another planet that was significantly different that seemed more luscious than the alternate Earths he was presenting. "I also have found another planet that may prove to be beneficial to any potential missions. It is called Galaluna, and from what we've gathered, it is a planet that has perfected its technology of Rift Gate portals. It is capable of interstellar travel and perhaps with some modifications we could advance it even further."

Leader stroked his chin with a thoughtful look. "Intriguing."

Z'Xas snorted. "Is this truly something of worth mentioning to our leader, scientist." he said with skepticism. "We already have enough technology for the mission. How possibly could this Rift Gate technology be useful?"

G'Zon narrowed his eyes at the General. "I am merely providing our illustrious leader with a new means to male our society even more advanced than the primitives. Geral, maybe you should be more mindful of-"

"Enough!" Leader snarled, silencing them from continuing their argument. "General, if it means that it would be useful to our mission and our way of life, than we shall use it. For now however, we will put all our focus on the task at hand. Ready the soldiers and ready our machines, we begin as soon s our army is."

General G'Zon nodded. "At once, my liege." the army leader replied as he took his leave.

"Our time shall come soon my brothers. We will purge all the worlds of their resources, we will make the weak and pitiful inhabitants our slaves, for we have never lost any war in our history." Leader raised his fist in the air. "Long Live Darkentors!"

His subjects repeated the cry over and over.

"Long Live Darkentors!"

"Long live Darkentors!"

"Long Live Darkentors!"

The race of dimensional conquering aliens were ready to lay waste to all the Earths and nothing would stand in their way.

Ghost Zone

Lair of Clockwork. Ghost Master of Time

However, little did the Darkentors knew that they were being watched form one of the most powerful and temporal enlightened of all dimensions. Deep within the pocket dimension that was flipside to one of the other alternate Earths, was the lair of Clockwork. He is known as the spectral master of time in his home universe.

He had been viewing his time portal that showed various alternate timelines and dimensions, most notably the dimension of the Darkentors, and knew of the present danger that was coming. The Ghost Zone was a flip dimension of one of the Earths that those insidious aliens have targeted, and should it get destroyed then his own home would follow suit.

In all honesty, he had hoped it would never have come to this, he knew of the Darkentors and their capacity for both violence and has seen the many worlds that have been conquered by the very same aliens. He witnessed the many deaths that took place, entire civilizations wiped out form the infinite curve of the multiverse. He knew exactly what needed to be done to prevent another tragedy from happening once more, as a master of time he had many powers to change almost anything.

But before he could even do act on this, he was stopped.


The time master turned and saw the familiar sight of two familiar beings wearing regal like clothing and their heads were noting but big green eyes with no mouths. These were the Observants, high class authoritative figures in the Ghost Zone, they oversaw all the important problems that may have threatended them or the entire Ghost Zone.

Clockword nodded towards them, recognizing their importance. "Ah, Observants. I was wondering when you would arrive. I take it you're here about the present threat. Do not fear, I was just about to go take care of it myself."

"Actually master of time. we wanted talk to you about that." Observant 1 told him.

"We have conversed with our fellow Observants and we are here to tell you that you will not interfere in the slightest with this."

"Do not Interfere." Observant 2 repeated.

Clockwork pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance. "Okay, first of all, you're repeating yourselves again, and second of all, what do you mean don't interfere?" the ghost of time demanded. "You of all beings know of the terror and destruction that the Darkentors bring in their wake, to do nothing would be suicidal."

"We decided that it is the best course of action." Observant 1 said.

"The Darkentors have greatly improved in both their numbers and their technology." Observant 2 added. "It is obvious that nothing can possibly stop them in their path. The only logical option would be to do nothing."

Clockwork clenched a fist in silent fury. "So what you both are telling me is that you are comfortable with those creatures destroying entire worlds, that you would allow innocent lives to be destroyed before your very eye? Need I remind you that the Ghost Zone exists in conjunction with the human world? Therefore, if it should get destroyed, then the same can be said for s and the entirety of our home." he reminded them, shifting into his adult form.

"There are other dimensions." Observant 2 pointed out. "We can always find a new home."

Clockword had very ample reason to use his powers to male them fade away from existence right now, along with all the other short sighted Observants in the Ghost Zone. Thy would let the Darkentors go free to destroy as many lives as they can all while completely plundering so many alternate Earths with little to no hesitation. In the years he's been a master of time, the one thing he couldn't stand was that insufferable Oath that the one eyed beings were so committed to.

Sighing a deep breath, Clockwork turned around. "Well, you have proven your point. Now I believe this is the part where you observe the door." he gestured his staff to the exit.


"Get out." the ghost master said darkly, shifting into his elderly form.

The two Observants knew better than to argue further with him so they complied with his order, leaving him alone with his thoughts of dread.

"Simple minded, short sighted fools." he muttered with a scowl, shifting into his child form. "They've doomed us all."

"You really shouldn't be that much surprised old friend. After all, they are the Observants." a British voiced said.

Clockwork turned to see who it was, and it was another being who had centuries of knowledge of the entire space-time continuum. He who once started out as a normal human achieved much clarity and near godhood. Fellow time master, Professor Paradox.

"Professor Paradox." Clockwork nodded in a greeting, having met him sometime in the past, present, or future. "I was beginning to wonder when you would come." he said, shaking hands with him.

"It's been a while hasn't it?" Paradox mused with a smile. "For us it could have been a year, a decade, a millennia. I believe you are aware of the present danger to the multiverse that is upon us."

Clcokwork nodded grimly. "Indeed. The Darkentors are beginning to mobilize and the Observants wish for us to do nothing."

"I never really did understand their oath, to observe and never act." Paradox remarked. "And they're not the only ones, even the Celestialsapiens would rather float idly by. It's entirely frustrating."

"So all hope is lost." Clockwork looked down somberly.

"Not necessarily." Paradox countered with a wry smile. "There is an alternative. The Earths that they have targeted are homes to certain youths that we have been monitoring for some time. Two of which we happen to know very well."

Clockwork raised an eyebrow, knowing what his fellow time master was speaking of. "If I remember correctly, that idea was scrapped."

Paradox nodded. "Well yes, but the Darkentors will unknowingly give them the means to come together and assemble. Which will be their own undoing."

Clockwork wanted to be as optimistic as Paradox, but there were some problems with that plan. "What makes you so sure they'll succeed?"

Paradox turned to him. "Because my old friend, they'll face a common threat that will make them all realize that only together can they not only win, but also avenge all the countless lives and worlds that were destroyed by the Darkentors."

"You seem very confident." Clockwork noted.

"It's not just luck, Clockwork." the Englishman said.

"What else is there?" the ghost master inquired.

Paradox only had one answer for his friend.


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