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Prologue: Guilt can fit in your pocket

Kate wandered through the dense forests, as if weights were attached to her legs. They felt so heavy, and every bone and muscle in her body ached till no end. She was crying while drenched in another man's blood. She killed a stranger of whom was only lost within the bowels of the forests. He didn't ask for this. To Kate, 'this' was just another day. Just another meal. How Pitiful. Kate thought she were emotionally stronger than this. I guess she never was, and never will.

All she ever wanted was to escape. She wanted to escape this chained life, within the clutches of this wretched monster. She wanted to be in the city. She stared at her blood soaked hands. One year prior, Kate had become a pawn for Slender; a proxy. However, she only did his bidding out of fear. Her gut told her not to follow him; it constantly told her to run away, but her body mysteriously yearned for the entity. Kate touched her ugly face. Her entire body was now grey with a slight hue of blue. And her eyes were sunken.

"Look at me," Kate started, "I'm a monster."

Kate wished her late friend were still alive. If the tree hadn't stopped their venture, and killed their vehicle in the process, maybe he would still be here; living a vivid and fulfilling life. Both companions could have lived anew. If everything had gone according to plan, maybe both parties would have gone their separate ways; instead of dead. During that terrifying week of friendship, adventure and isolation, Kate got to know that strange man rather well by putting his pieces of the human puzzle together; and in knowing him, she started to uncover thoughts and untouched emotions, that she thought were impossible to experience. Like losing a close friend. Kate was ugly now; on the inside and the outside. And it was all her fault. After all, she refused to stand by his side and jump to her death. She 'chickened out', and instead, flew into the arms of Slenderman. As if betraying him once wasn't enough, she betrayed him again by killing him. After all of that planning, and all that he did for her, she let him die alone.

Kate desperately wanted to see him again. She wanted to go back in time at that exact moment, and jump. Although they wouldn't have survived the fall, they would have escaped from Slenderman, in their own way. If only she could go back in time.

And then it was Lauren's turn. Lauren was only worried about her lost soul, only searching for Kate. And just like him, Lauren had fallen from the radio tower; but died upon impact. Kate threw her off. It was Slenderman's bidding, and she had no choice, but to comply.

Kate stopped in her tracks, and heaved while bent over in a sickening manner. After, she violently slammed her body against a nearby elm tree, and slid down into the tall, wet grass. She wailed louder than before; her voice carrying throughout the night sky, and disturbing the many birds in the surrounding area.

"What have I done?" She gawked at her red hands again. "I want to be free. I want," she hiccuped, "I want to get out of here."

Suddenly, a chilling voice rang through her head. " dare not leave my side."

"No!" Kate screamed. She grabbed her damaged hair, and ferociously shook her head; attempting to rid of Slender's voice.

"Kate, you're mine." He paused momentarily. He growled deep within his throat, "Oh, I know what you're thinking...that you should run." He mocked, "I should run far, far away from here, maybe even see how far I'd get. Well Kate, you're free to run. You are able to run, but who's going to want you? You're not the pretty little white girl as you once were in the past. You're now a disgusting creature. You can try to run, but I'll find you, and be sure to eat you afterwards."

Kate placed a hand against her forehead. "All I want is for him to be at my side. Why did you kill him? You could have spared his life."

Slender replied, "As I recall, I did not kill him. You did. And you shot him in the head in order to end his life. Maybe he shouldn't have given you a gun whilst you two were hunting for generators in the mines. You both went insane. However, he's dead meat now, and it has been a year...forget about him."

Kate scowled. She yelled, "I can't!"

Guilt took a hold of her, and it was able to fit into her pant pocket. It was a recording device. The radio tower recorded their last conversation that day, and Kate made the hasty decision to retrieve that information, and take it with her as she did unspeakable acts. It was the biggest mistake of her life, and she played it over and over again every single day.

Her hands shook as she pressed play:

They were on top of the radio tower.

Kate!" His voice said. "Kate, don't look at him!"

Kate yelled, "We're trapped CR!"

"Kate, don't look at him, please."

"W…wha….what are we going to do?" She questioned.

His voice was rather calm and collected. "Kate, listen to me! Listen!"

"I'm listening."

"Like you said, we are trapped. We can't do squat!"

Kate remembered the look on his face, and the fear within his beautiful eyes. Kate said, "And you are suggesting?"

"Kate, let's face it. We are going to die!"

His words cut through her soul like daggers. He was wrong. It was he alone that were going to die.

His voice continued to talk. "But what would you rather do? Die by the hands of this monster? Come on! Do you want to die at the feet of this creature? Or in this situation, do you want to choose your fate?"

"What would you do?"

"I'm jumping."

Kate's heart sank. Why was this part always so painful.

He said, "If we are both going to die, WE DIE TOGETHER!" There was a pregnant pause. "Kate."

"I…I…I...CR...w…w…what's going on?"

"Kate, please."


He sounded as if he were going to cry. "Kate." –

"I…I…I can't."

He pushed. "Kate, there is no other way!" –

And that was when she betrayed him. "I CAN'T!"

She remembered the tears streaming down his face like a waterfall. His lips quivered. "Oh god Kate...I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!"

It was at that moment, that he knew he was going to die.

Kate stopped the recording once she heard the sound of feet. She looked up, and it was Slenderman himself.

Kate snapped, "Finally decided to talk to me in person, eh?!"

Slender's tone of voice gave Kate the impression of disapproval. "Leave him be. Throwing a pity party for yourself won't bring him back to life."

Kate hugged her knees. She nodded. "I know."

Slender said, "There's something strange going on in the forests right now, and I don't like it. We must move, and we must observe. If it's only a child, then maybe I can feast on it."

A shiver ran down Kate's spine.

Slender shifted his body to the side. "The commotion is up north. Kate, you and I will survey the area. Whatever we find-unless I deem it useful-kill it. This is my forest, and I don't want it tainted with unwanted scum. It's usually human scum too."

Kate grumbled, "You know that I'm human too."

Slender snickered, "You used to be. Now look at you. You're garbage...human waste even."

Kate took the blow, and exhaled. Resisting the urge to run, Kate rose to her feet, and followed Slender into the darkness of the forests; on the hunt to kill whatever was lurking about.

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