So, OTPeople, this is my Hogwarts AU! I highly suggest you read my other fic titled 'Fanfic Ideas- Please Read!' before you read this because it explains a lot of things I might refer to in this fic. Idk how long this is going to be, but I hope it will last at least ten chapters. I'm also creating an actual name for Mrs. Agreste because we know we can't call her 'Mama Agreste' the whole time. She will be named Avery Lionne. Here you go!


Everyone in the Dupain-Cheng family had let out one gigantic breath of relief when an owl had flown into the bakery, carrying Marinette's acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

It would've been extremely embarrassing if Marinette had been a Squib, for everyone had certainly expected her to be a wizard.

Before Tom, a Hufflepuff, and Sabine, a Ravenclaw, married, the Dupains and Chengs had tied for second place in "Longest Lineage of Wizards."

(The Weasleys won first place, of course.)

Seriously, there was a plaque.

There hadn't been a Muggle in either family for three hundred eighty-nine years.

Everyone, from Sabine's ancient grandfather, Fu Xi Cheng, to Tom's fourth cousin seven times removed, Lucinda Dupain, to eccentric Aunt Gertrude (who no one was quite sure was related to either family), had been accepted to Hogwarts.

There had been plenty of Ravenclaws, Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and even the rare Slytherin.

And so everyone in the Dupain-Cheng family celebrated when that owl came, bearing a sealed envelope in its talons.

They held the party at the park.

Everyone on both sides of the family had showed up.

Now, to the passing Muggle the party simply would've been deemed as another family reunion.

But if a smart and curious Muggle had passed by, they would've noticed that every family member had a stick in their pocket.

And if they stared at the party-goers any longer, they would've noticed that some of the guests had wands in their hands, not sticks, and that they were causing platters of food to float.

But, luckily, the Muggles never suspected a thing.

Because the Dupain-Cheng wizards were careful, as every magical being in the Wizarding World must be.


Now, the Agreste family was quite different.

Gabriel Agreste was a smart, serious Ravenclaw, the son of two of the richest wizards in the wizard society.

All of his grandparents were Muggles, but that didn't mean that the Agrestes were just another common reputation-less wizard family.

Heavens, no.

Gabriel's parents were the most famous people in the entire Wizarding World.

It was very unexpected, for nobody had ever heard of a rich wizard family that didn't even own a single Knut fifteen years before.

It was even more unexpected when Gabriel married Avery Lionne, a Muggle-born Gryffindor girl.

They had met when Gabriel stood up for her when she was being bullied by a Hufflepuff named Andre Bourgeois.

They soon became best friends.

Avery was the warmth to Gabriel's cold.

They married five years after they had graduated from Hogwarts, and soon had a son named Adrien.

But then, there was an uprising of arsonist wizards who called themselves The Firestorms.

They were caught right after they caused an important death.

Unfortunately, the important death they caused was that of Mrs. Agreste.

Gabriel had taken Adrien out for some ice cream, but Avery was sick and had to stay home.

The father and son had returned to a burnt home and a mother who was dead from smoke inhalation.

She was put in a glass coffin filled with her favorite flowers, lilacs, which were watered by her heartbroken family's tears.

Avery's death meant so much more to Gabriel, for she was more than his wife; she was his partner.

Ah, this is where we stumble upon a secret that Gabriel and Avery harbored for many years and kept from everyone, even their beloved son.

You see, they owned Miraculouses, which could grant great power to the ones who owned them.

As soon as they owned these Miraculouses, their patronuses changed into that of Nooroo and Duusu, god-like beings called kwamis, which could turn ordinary wizards into ones of ultimate legend.

They owned the Butterfly and Peacock Miraculouses.

Avery turned into Lilac Wings and Gabriel turned into Fantail.

Remember those Firestorms I told you about?

They fought against them for years, but the Muggle police eventually caught them after Avery's death.

With the death of his brave, beautiful, compassionate partner, Gabriel's icy walls built themselves up again, separating him from his motherless son and the rest of the world as well.

Adrien became a broken boy, forgetting the feeling of love.

He had known he was a wizard for a long time, and he longed to go to Hogwarts, to have friends.

Perhaps the feeling of friendship could fill the hole in his heart that both his father and mother left.

And so he waited for his acceptance letter.

And waited. And waited.

But it never came.

At least, that's what Adrien thought.

Little did he know that his father was intercepting those letters, trying to prevent his son from going to a place filled with happy yet sorrowful memories of the late Avery Lionne.


Okay guys, just wanted to say: I actually cried when I wrote about Mrs. Agreste's death. No, seriously. Btw, just want to apologize for my horrible ability to come up with superhero names. I seriously facepalmed when I wrote about 'Lilac Wings and Fantail' because I couldn't come up with anything better. So, yeah, that was just some stuff about Adrien and Marinette's lineage. Stay tuned, OTPeople!