Nimbus /ˈnimbəs/


A luminous cloud or a halo surrounding a supernatural being or a saint.

The sudden drop of temperature woke Dudley from his sleep. Despite it being cold he was drenched in sweat for some reason. That was not what terrified him, for as he opened his eyes he was surrounded in the midst of darkness.

He could see absolutely nothing, no window, no shadow; he could not even see his own hand as he wiped the sweat of his forehead. He could still feel though, he could feel his damp pajamas sticking to his skin; he could feel the cool breeze on the back of his neck and he could feel the supposed floor on his feet.

He could also speak, as when he tried to call for his mother he could hear his own voice.

"Mommy!" the boy tried again, he was now shaking immensely with fear. Was this a dream? Was this some of Harry's stupid magic against him? What was going on?

"Mommy! Daddy! Someone!" he called again but there was nothing, just the echo of his one voice. He was alone, all alone. This was bad; he couldn't survive without his parents. Who would feed him and smother him with love? Who would secure a stable job and future for him? Did this place even have a future?

Slowly the darkness around him illuminated. He couldn't still see things clearly but it wasn't as pitch black as it was earlier. He could see outlines of shapes but he could not determine what it was.

"Dudley" a voice thundered out of nowhere.

The large boy jumped at the sound of his name. Slowly Dudley turned around ". . . .Yesss . . .?" his knees were shaking and he felt like he was going to pee.

"Dudley . . . come here" said the familiar voice "I have something to show you"

Once he recognized the voice his fear was changed into anger "Harry!? Harry is that you? Come out here you freak! What's going on? What are you doing!?"

There was no reply.

"Come on! OUT!" Dudley ran going somewhere, anywhere, as long as he got close to that stupid brat who thinks he's better than him because he had fancy magic powers and he didn't.

For several minutes he ran it was getting exhausting as it had been quite some time. His surrounding was still the same. Dark, but not completely.

Dudley clenched his fists. This was just some stupid dream. He had drank a bit too much earlier and this was probably the side effects.

"I found you"

At once he jumped at the feeling of a hand on his shoulder. It felt cold. The hands felt bony. In fact it didn't feel like a hand it felt like twigs with flesh.

It was in here that Dudley realized he could see himself now. He could see how drenched in sweat he was.

What he could not see was the hand on his shoulder.

Pants were becoming heavier for the boy and he could even see his own breath. The faster his breathing was the tighter the grip on his shoulder was. He could feel his heart rate beating faster as this invisible being clenched on tighter and tighter until he heard one loud crack.

At once he couldn't feel anything. The cold breeze on his neck was gone. He could no longer feel his own sweat. He could not even feel his beating heart.

But his shoulder was bleeding.

And that sight alone made him scream.

"We had just come back from Hybras, the land of disillusioned demon trolls, gone through some time warp that for some miracle you got us back in the proper time, and we're just now starting on paper work to try and document what happened. And now you're asking for more drama again" Holly said from the screen on Artemis' fairy computer.

The said boy genius was having Luna's latest brew: Chibber Bubble Tea. Made from crushed Chizpufle legs mixed with Flobberworm Mucus and maple syrup.

"I'm sure that my request wouldn't be that difficult to arrange" the young boy stared at his tea cup for a moment as he felt something spark in his mouth as he drank the tea "Seeing as I'm already quite acquainted with him"

Holly rolled her eyes "Acquaintances yes, friends? Well I wouldn't say that"

"Now Holly don't be such a what they say a 'Debbie Downer'"

"Artemis" the pixie sighed "I know what you're asking is a simple request but you have to take note that WE JUST GOT BACK YESTERDAY!" she yelled so loud that Artemis actually had to squint "GIVE US A BREAK WILL YA!"

Raising his hand "Alright, I understand you're still tired"


"I do have theories" Artemis said "But you might just yell . . ."

"LET ME SLEEP ARTEMIS!" she roared one last time before letting out a breath and rubbing her eyes "I'll call you later about meeting up with Qwan when I'm better ok?"

Artemis nodded without saying a word; the wrath of Holly Short was quite . . . explosive.

"I'll call on another time then" and with that the screen switched off.

"You didn't get a hold on Sebastian?" Luna popped her head into the room.

The boy turned to face her "You named him?"

"No. 1 made him sound like a prisoner" Luna blinked "And he seemed to like the name"

"Seems you've bonded quite well with him" he then turned to see that he had another call "Do you have any idea what to have for dinner?"

At this Luna raised her brow "Since when did I become a housekeeper?"

Artemis answered the call and with the screen showing the image of an aged demon warlock who seemed to be quite tired "Fowl boy, I did not expect to be calling you this soon"

Resting his chin on his palm "I assume there must be some sort of problem? As magical creatures usually just call me to solve them"

Qwan snorted "It is not of that nature . . . it seems . . ." before the older warlock could continue he was pushed away from the screen by a much younger one.

Immediately Luna recognized the demon "Sebastian?"

"Oh . . .Umm . . ." No. 1 stammered a bit "Ah, Mr. Fo . . . I mean Artemis . . . could I by any . . . chance speak with your assistant?"

Now it was Artemis' turn to rise his brow at the blonde girl "You're quite popular I see"

"I believe it's what they call a sensible charm Artemis" Luna placed a hand on his seat and leaned over to him "You should try using it sometime"

The boy gave the girl a look before facing No.1/Sebastian "Well you may, but I have a tiny little request"

The intense pain in his scar was nothing for the anger Harry had for the headmaster. There was a very strong urge he had to hurt if not murder the Headmaster. But for some reason the anger wasn't just for the beloved Hogwarts Head, no, for some reason he happens to have the same negative feelings towards a certain Slytherin.

Hermione was giving her friend certain looks throughout the evening and it was starting to worry her. Knowing him for several years now she had never seen him this angry or cross which was quite frightening.

Was this Voldemort's work? Was he taking advantage of the fact that Harry felt vulnerable, lost and out of the loop? Was the Dark Lord slowly turning his greatest foe into a weapon he could use just by his mere emotions?

"Hermione is something the matter?" Ron asked, they were currently in St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries visiting his father after a snake attacked him.

She gave Ron a look of concern "I'm starting to get worried for Harry, he doesn't seem capable of controlling his own emotions"

"Come on Hermione" the ginger said trying to be positive despite the recent events "Harry's been through a lot, he's been through dragons and dementors, I'm sure he can handle it"

"The physical I know he can handle" she then turned to Harry who seem to be talking to the twins after they introduced their new invention "But it's the mind games that bother me"

That was when a group of aurors were seen approaching them, the leader of the pack was wearing red robes and had a long ponytail.

The pony tailed man immediately went to Harry "Harry Potter, you are currently under arrest for the murder of Dudley Dursley"

Immediately the twins tried to protect the young boy "Oi, what's going on in here?" Fred stepped in between Harry and the auror.

George crossed his hands and gave the auror a funny look "Nice ponytail you got there old fella"

"What do you mean I murdered . . . Dudley?" Harry protested in shock "Sure I never really got along with him but I didn't want to kill him!"

"You've got it all wrong!" Hermione spoke up in Harry's defense "He was with us the whole time how could he murder someone"

In here the other aurors came out of Arthur Weasley's room. "What's going on in here?" Moody asked confused.

"Sorry sir" the ponytailed man gave Moody was seemed to be Harry's arrest warrant "I was just doing orders sir"

Moody and Tonks look over the report and were both surprised and appalled at what they read "Williamson, who gave this to you?"

"Direct orders from Fudge himself" the auror replied.

Tonks did nothing to hide her anger "That's ridiculous! Harry would never harm a muggle! He's even a blood relative! This is insane!" she said clutching pulling Williamson's collar.

"Tonks calm down" Moody sighed "He's just obeying orders"

The woman let Williamson go but she was still seething in anger "Don't tell me we're just gonna let them take away Harry!?"

"Boy, aren't you popular" George nudged Harry.

Fred went to Harry and whispered unto his ear "Looks like you have to call Artemis for another lawyer"

Harry's face was pale in shock. Did Dudley deserve that? Did he deserve to die? He may be a pain in the neck and a spoiled brat who tortures the heck out of him but . . . death? All of a sudden the anger he felt for both Dumbledore and Artemis was gone, only to be replaced by . . . confusion?

Opal's time has arrived. She had waited and suffered enough for this and everything was now slowly coming to place. Patience. That was what she had that that stupid snake-man did not have. Opal knew when to wait she knew how to time things, she knew when things weren't ready and she knew when things were too late.

She's had it with being simple bedwarmer to a man with no heart. It was time to take action. And she couldn't help but put on a smile when she knew what she was about to place upon the wizarding world's most feared wizard.

"The Lord will see you now" said one of the masked Death Eaters as the opened the doors to Voldemort's throne room.

There was indeed something they had in common. They both wanted power, they wanted to crush the people who mistreated and misunderstood them in the past, and they wanted to feel the taste of destruction by their own hands.

It was only a shame they had different methods.

"What do you want pixie?" she seems to have caught the Dark Lord in a pleasant mood, that means a part of his plan was working. "And who is this midget in robes behind you"

The former pixie let out a smirk "Oh don't mind her, just an assistant. The people you have here give me terrible foot massages. They have no idea on how to take care of porcelain skin like mine."

"The Death Eaters are to serve me in my conquest for the wizard world. Not pamper your vein needs" as he said that Nagini, that drat snake, was circling around her and the hooded figure behind her.

Opal tossed her hair "Oh, I apologize for being ungrateful." She rolled her eyes "Maybe I should give you skin care tips, you know to remove all the wrinkles on your face"

The snake man leered "I refuse to even look remotely human; it's a face that I will not wear"

The former pixie looked at her nails "Well such a shame, I've seen old photos of you and can't help but say you were quite a looker"

"Is there something else you want to say" Voldemort waved his hand dismissively "Or did you just come here to annoy me with your chatter"

She looked up from her nails "Nothing much really"

"Then why are you . . ."

"It's her who wants a chat with you" at that Opal stepped aside and the hooded figure came forward. She then removed her hood revealing her face.

At this Voldemort seemed amused "A clone?"

"Wow" said the full-fledged pixie Opal "For a moment I thought you'd call us sisters"

"Now I have two annoying pixies under my wing" the Dark Lord groaned.

"Oh I wouldn't be so sure" said human Opal again looking at her nails.

Giving a curious look "And so what is that?"

"Why don't you look at her eyes and find out?" human Opal suggested.

"What . . ." at once pixie Opal turned Voldemort's head to face.

"Don't worry" the pixie smirked "This won't hurt one bit"

"Why is the Ministry letting such a young boy suffer?" Angeline Fowl said as she dropped the latest issue of the Daily Prophet unto the coffee table. "This is the second time this year he's been on trial"

"At least he's not in Azkaban" commented her mother Tina as she took a drink offered by Butler "Who knows what could happen to the boy if he stays in such a place over Christmas"

Angeline shivered at the thought "The boy has gone through enough" she then rubbed the bump on her belly "It's times like these where he needs the love of a mother to comfort him"

"Speaking of mothering" Tina turned to Butler "Where is my grandson? I came all this way only to not see a speck of him"

"I'm here grandmother" Artemis came to the woman's side and did the obligatory kissing of the cheeks "Sorry, I just arrived from Hogwarts. I was busy unpacking."

"Ah I see" Tina nodded "By the way aren't you in the same year as the Potter boy?"

Artemis placed his hands on his pocket "Yes, we are in the same year"

"Oh yes I forgot you were friends with him" Angeline added "Didn't you visit him over the summer"

The young Fowl shrugged "I wouldn't use the term friend exactly"

"Don't tell me up till now there's a war between the Slytherins and Gryffindors?" Angeline sighed "Seriously the prejudice has got to stop"

"I'm not sure their reputation isn't getting any better with Voldemort rising" Tina sipped her drink.

At this her daughter gasped "You mentioned his name!"

"What?" Tina shrugged "A name is a name. There's nothing wrong with saying Voldemort as it sounds like Mouldy Shorts and Bold Sport."

Artemis seemed amused by his grandmother being unfazed by the Dark Lord "Well, she used to be an Auror. You've definitely seen things haven't you grandmother?"

"This Voldemort is just Grindlewald all over again." Tina shook her head "Similar ambitions, similar methods and I'm sure they'll be resolved in a similar fashion"

"Wasn't Master Newt quite involved in the whole Grindlewald incident?" Butler asked.

"Oh, he was directly involved" Tina placed her glass on the table "He got me and everyone around him worried with the crazy stunts he'd pulled during that time"

Immediately Angeline went close to her son "I'm sure Artemis you wouldn't pull off the same stunt father did?"

Tina gave a knowing look "I dunno, Artemis seems to have the same spunk his grandfather had. Only I will admit Artemis is way smarter than your father will ever be."

"I am not letting my son fight off a dark wizard" Angeline placed her arms around Artemis it was in here she realized that her son was growing and sooner he'll be taller that her. "He's my little Arty; I'm not letting that happen to him"

"Mother" Artemis held his mother's hand "I'm not going to be stupid and face that insane wizard face to face."

Angeline did not seem convinced.

It was in here he felt his communicator ring vibrate "Excuse me, I have to take this" he then untangled himself from his mother and left the room.

The three adults looked at his retreating figure.

Butler put down his tray and placed a comforting hand on the shoulder of the concerned mother "Madam, I'm sure your son knows what he's doing"

"I just hope" the mother-to-be sighed "That he has the same luck as father did"

Luna had given Artemis a strange request when they were in the Hogwarts Express. The train was full of gossip and murmurs as news of Harry's arrest came to light. The said boy was not in the train as he was currently being held at the Ministry for his court martial.

Hermione and Ron were silent throughout the train ride as people from the DA were asking questions on what's going to happen next with their teacher now under probation.

So Artemis was very much taken aback when Luna said this:

"Would you mind giving Cho Chang some therapy?"

Apparently it wasn't only him who thought that the idea came out of nowhere because even his friends were surprised.

"Why would Cho Chang need therapy?" Draco asked before later adding "What is even therapy?"

"Is that some treatment where you wrap tea leaves around the person?" Blaise asked.

As usual it was Theodore who shed light to his misguided friends "Um no, it's sort of like counseling. You know the person let's out his/her thoughts or feelings and then the therapist would just listen and give the person some advice afterwards."

At this both Draco and Blaise's mouths went 'ooooohhh'

"So why does Cho Chang need therapy?" asked Pansy who was trying to fit in their quite crowded carriage "I mean if it's anyone who needs it its Trelawney"

Luna ignored everyone else's comments "She's still grieving about what happened to Cedric. And I think despite her being a smart girl she isn't that good and keeping up with her emotions."

"She seems fine to me" Blaise crossed his arms "Wasn't she and Potter flirting during DA practice?"

"She could be just using Harry as a way to get over him I guess" Theodore rubbed his chin "I mean he was there when he died"

Artemis gave Luna a curious look "May I ask why you take on a sudden interest in Miss Chang's psyche?"

The blonde sighed "She actually came to me first actually"

"And how did that go?" Artemis rested his head on his palm.

"I think it would be better if you do it" Luna cocked her head "You're a professional psychologist aren't you?'

"I think it would be better if it were a girl on girl talk" Artemis suggested "For an air of familiarity"

"If Lovegood can't handle Chang then just let Pansy do it" Draco pointed at the said girl "I mean if there's anyone who knows about heartbreak it's her"

At that Pansy glared "Excuse me!"

"Oh please I don't wanna sit through another argument between these two" Blaise groaned.

Artemis sighed and face Luna "Tell me exactly why you want me to talk to her then"

"She cries to me every night" and with that Luna stood up and left the carriage.

This was why Cho Chang was currently on his screen after he had given her a brooch as a communicator.

"Umm . . . hello?" the Asian greeted awkwardly not knowing what to say.

"When Christmas is over we'll start the face-to-face sessions" Artemis said keeping it professional "As for now we'll have to settle for this"

Still quite a bit unsure "I see"

"Now then" Artemis placed his palms on his lap "Where would you like to start?"

The LEP were rushing documents to be done before Christmas break starts so that they could celebrate with their families burning trees, eating snail eggs and throwing coal at naughty children.

It was indeed a time for rejoicing when Ark Sool was booted off the Commander spot and replaced by Trouble Kelp.

But that didn't mean there wasn't gonna less burden on work. Oh no this elf was one heck of a patriot and will drill you to finish your paperwork unless you want to do cleaning duty in the tanks of Atlantis.

Which meant Holly Short found herself pretty deep in the paperwork regarding her miraculous return from Hybras and saving the demon race. It was quite unfair for Holly because Artemis despite how he's just as much involved in the incident didn't have to do any of the paperwork.

"Damn Irish brat" Holly grunted as she typed her fifth draft, despite not liking doing paperwork she made it upon herself to submit the most substantial document she could muster as though it would be reference for future LEP recruits (in fact in the coming years her report would be the source of study for not only future LEP recruits but will also be analyzed by Hogwarts students).

"How's your magnum opus coming?" Foaly asked stopping by her desk.

Holly groaned "I need a break"

"You definitely do, here" the centaur offered a cup of tea which the elf greatly accepted.

Sipping her cup "Getting excited for the holidays?"

"I dunno what Caballine has planned for us" the centaur pondered "She just told me to get ready"

"Maybe she's gonna propose" Holly nudged her friend.

At this Foaly gagged his drink "We've only been dating for two weeks!"

Holly chuckled "I'm just playing with you!"

"Stop it you're making me nervous" the centaur composed himself "Speaking of holidays, do you have any idea what Fowl's up to?"

The elf shrugged "I dunno, last time I chatted up with him he asked if he could talk with Qwan about something"

Foaly rubbed his chin "They actually did have a chat"

"If you know are you asking me then?" Holly asked. "I'm pretty sure you even transcribed their conversation or something"

"I did" Foaly sipped on his drink "But right after No.1 asked about dating that mud girl the signal broke and I couldn't track their conversation anymore"

Holly snorted "He probably found your bug or something"

"That isn't the only suspicious activity I found Fowl doing though"

At this Holly's interest rose "What do you mean?"

"Question: How much do you know about wizard culture?" Foaly asked.

Holly tried to rack her head on what she learned in the academy which honestly wasn't that much "They're just mudmen with magic sticks"

"Have you ever heard of the name Voldemort?"

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