This Code Geass with a twist in it, that twist being the introduction of a different type of Mecha: The Zoids.

1:The Beast King Emerges

Staggered by the rush he had felt from the formation of the contract, Lelouch straightened himself, a mad smile upon his face. He turned to the soldiers that stood in shock of the woman's sacrifice, and glowered, "Tell me, how should a Brittannian who detests his own country, how should I live my life?" He asked, gaining looks of confusion from the commanding officer.

"Are you some kind of radical?" The leader asked, leveling his gun at Lelouch's chest as the boy covered his left eye with his right hand, and aura of rage overtaking the schoolboy.

Lelouch kept the smile on his face as he began to advance, "What's wrong?" He asked in a mocking tone, "Why won't you shoot? I'm just a schoolboy, after all. Or have you realized," he dropped his hand, revealing his eye to the man, the color shifting from violet to red as a bird-like symbol appeared, flaring out its wings, "The only ones that should kill are the ones that are prepared to be killed!"

The Royal Guard staggered back as the aura around him became stifling, "What's happening here...?!"

Lelouch swept his arm out, {I, Lelouch vi Britannia, command you...all of you now...DIE!}

A red dome of energy boiled out from his eye, overtaking the men, causing their eyes to all be ringed with red as the commander gave the former Britannian prince a smile, "Happily, Your Highness!" He laughed out, raising his pistol to his head as did the rest of his men, "Ready, men...FIRE!"

There was a series of gunshots as the soldiers all heeded his commands, a small amount of blood somehow finding its way to his cheek. For his part, the moment the supreme high of his new found powers left him, bile rose up as his stomach churned and emptied its contents all over the ground. It was too much to take in all at once for the young man. Having just witnessed a massacre, even hearing the wails of a surviving child put down by a blast of machine gun fire, and the feeling of his life about to end all at once had been traumatic, but now he had turned right around and ordered a mass suicide?

'This power,' he thought as he wiped his lips clean, 'this power is incredible!' He looked down at the woman that had jumped in front of him to save his life, and somehow, he felt that the bullet hadn't done its job. The blood flow from her head should have been greater for all of the small puddle the girl was lying it. He sighed, and knelt to her side, "What is it you want me to do?" He asked, not truly expecting to receive an answer, "Why gift me with such an incredible power?"

He reached down to pick up the girl, intending to at least give her a proper burial, and was startled when the roof of the old warehouse was torn away revealing a purple humanoid machine; a Britannian Sutherland.

The pilot was surveying the area around the boy and the prone girl, "How could all of these Royal Guards be dead?" The pilot, a woman from the soud of the voice, wondered before she spotted Lelouch kneeling with the girl, "You there, boy, what happened here!? And why is a Britannian student in a place like this?!" She roared over the speakers, but, to her annoyance, the schoolboy ignored her, laying the girl in his arms gently on the ground. She ground her teeth, "ARE YOU DEAF?! Answer me or I'll - " Lelouch stepped closer to the Knightmare, "ANSWER ME!"

Lelouch looked up at the optical sensors of the Knightmare, {I order you to come out of your Knightmare. At once!}

The Knightmare then pointed its rifle at him, causing him to raise his hands high, "Who the hell do you think you are to order me around?!" The woman yelled out in outrage.

Lelouch winced, "So I require direct eye contact for this to work?" He said quietly, before smirking, "My name is Allen Spacer, my father's a duke!"

"Nobility?" The woman wondered out loud, confirming Lelouch's suspicions. A Knight would do anything for nobility.

Lelouch nodded to her outspoken thoughts, "My ID's in my breast pocket," he said, patting his empty uniform, "After you confirm who I am, I'd like to request your protection."

The Knightmare knelt, allowing the cockpit to open, revealing the pilot. Lelouch smirked as the yellow-eyed woman lowered herself to the ground, her weapon draw, "Keep your hands in the air, Mister Spacer, and I'll take out your ID." She said, coming within range of the teen.

"Now then," Lelouch smiled, activating his Geass, {Serve me!}

The woman stiffened for but a moment before she knelt down on her left knee, "Yes, My Lord."

"It worked," Lelouch breathed out in relief. "Alright, now, name yourself, and tell me what Clovis is planning for the Shinjuku Ghetto?"

"My name is Villetta Nu, a Knight serving under the command of Margave Jeremiah Gottwald," Villetta said in answer, "His Majesty, Prince Clovis la Britannia, intends to retrieve an item stolen from a research facility of high secrecy."

Lelouch nodded, "And does Clovis know what this item was?"

Villetta nodded, "He has reported to Margave Gottwald that the terrorists had stolen a deadly experimental gas made for executions," she said, making Lelouch scoff, "Although Lord Jeremiah suspects that the container that was stolen may have held something far more important."

"Well, he go that right," Lelouch sighed, looking at the woman, "You will now hand over your Knightmare over to me, and forget our conversation completely," he said, to the woman, "Further more, should you ever encounter me, and I say by the will of Lady Marianne, you will do as I say, and revert to your former self when I repeat said command and forget the entire conversation."

"Understood, Sir," she said, supplying the key to her Knightmare, "The code number is XG21G2D4, please take care of it."

Lelouch smiled as he took the key, scooping up the girl in his arms and hurrying toward the Knightmare before Villetta came back to her senses. It would be a full five minutes before Villetta would stand from where she knelt, confused, and missing her Knightmare.

"What the - ?!"


"Man this thing is stiff!" Lelouch complained as he drove his stolen Knightmare through the ghetto, "I'm gonna have to speed up my plans at this rate!" He growled as he ducked inside a building to avoid a squad of Knightmares. He picked his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed, "Sayoko?"

"Lelouch-sama?" His maid said in surprise, "Are you alright? Has something happened?"

Lelouch bit his lip. Something had definiteley happened, "I'm fine for now, Sayoko, but is Nunally there with you?"

"She's currently taking a nap," she said, her voice becoming hushed, "What's happened?"

Lelouch sighed, knowing that this would much easier since his little sister was asleep, "I'm sorry, Sayoko, but I need you to go to Theta base, and load up some of my machines."

There was a pause from the other end of the line, and Lelouch prepared himself for a tongue lashing...that surprisingly never came. "Lelouch-sama, will you be in any danger if I do this?"

"No," Lelouch said at once, "Sayoko, I promise you, on my life, I need them for something that needs to be done." He said, "I'm in Shinjuku, and Clovis' forces are up against some sort of terrorist cell, but he's most likely going to slaughter everyone in the ghetto just to keep things under wraps. I can't allow that to happen, so I'm going ahead with my plans."

"How many machines shall I bring, Lelouch-sama?" Sayoko sighed, making the young man smile.

"Thank you," Lelouch smiled over the phone, "Bring me five of the Wolf types, the red lion, and bring out the Lightning Saix."

"Are you certain?" Sayoko asked in doubt, "The Lightning Saix is still quite tempermental, and - "

"I will not be the pilot," Lelouch smiled viciously, "I intend the Saix for someone else. For me? Bring me my Brastle Tiger."


~Thirty Minutes Later~

The Shinjuku Ghetto was in utter chaos. The Britannian military and the terrorist cell were going full force against each other. One pilot in particular stood out as they piloted a red Gasgow, and did their best with what little the machine had left to offer. "Damn Britannians!" Roared a striking young woman with wild red hair as she whipped her slash harkens out, using them to propel herself forward, and fired off several shots from her remaining rifle.

Her left arm had been taken off during the battle using a Britannian battle maneuver that she actually found useful, but now she was missing it dearly. She was running decoy at the moment, giving her friends time enough to evacuate as many people as they could before things got far too out of hand.

"Well, if it isn't our friend in the Glasgow," the voice of Jeremiah Gottwald said as his Sutherland flanked her.

'No! Not now!' She thought desperately as her Energy Filler showed less than thirty minutes of power left. The Sutherland advanced on her.

"The West entrance," a voice crackled over her communications line, "Use the tracks to move to the West Entrance!"

Kallen didn't know that voice, but her radar was picking up an enormous heat signature nearby. "Who are you?!" She yelled, "And how the hell did you get this code!?"

"That doesn't matter," the voice, a male, yelled, "Just get on the tracks, and move! I'll cover you!"

Seeing little choice, Kallen decided that a slim chance was better than no chance at all, and lept from the ground and onto the tracks. "Okay, so what do I do now?"

Jeremiah, and a second Sutherland appeared on the track, "You pathetic Eleven," Jeremiah sneered mockingly, "If you simply run away, this hunt doesn't have much to offer in the way of sport!"

Kallen growled in disgust before her line crackled again, "Since you put your trust in me, you will survive, and we will win. Jump onto that train!" Kallen spun around and saw the train coming, jumping onto it as he had asked. Jeremiah scoffed and merely stopped the train with his Sutherland's strength.

"After the little rat!" Jeremiah yelled to his subordinate, who jumped on the train...but was hit with a blast from what could only be a cannon. The body of the Sutherland was destroyed, only giving the pilot just enough time to eject. "What the devil was that?!"

Kallen sat on the train, bewildered by the shot, and wondered who had made it.

Suddenly, a mass of black metal sprang from one of the buildings on four legs. It was just as big as a Knightmare frame, but it was wholey different. It was a monster. On four clawed-feet it came with shocking speed for something so large, and agilely jumped up at Jeremiah's Sutherland, jaws agape, and slammed into him.

"What the hell?! A terrorist?!" The Margave roared as the monstrous machine laid into him with saber-like teeth, forcing him to eject. Kallen looked at the machine in shock. Save for its red eyes and yellow shoulder armor, the thing was completely black, and had the appearance of a Saber-toothed cat. A once over of the bestial machine gave way to at least five different cannons, and guns across the body as it looked at her.

"You saved me," Kallen said, hoping to receive an answer as the train began moving again. But the beast machine only gave a nod of its head and lept away, "Hey! Wait!" Kallen yelled out, "At least tell me who you are...and what the hell is that machine!"

But it was too late. The mystery pilot and his machine had vanished from sight. "That was less than thirty could something that bulky move so fast?"

A few minutes later, the train pulled to a stop, and the Glasgow hopped down, "Now what?"

"Kallen!" Ohgi's voice sounded over the line, "Are you alright?!"

Kallen smiled at her friend's appearance as he and Tamaki appeared from the rumble. "Yeah, and you?" She asked as she dismounted, "More importantly, how did you know I was even here?"

Tamaki scoffed loudly, "It was that damned guy over the radio, that's how." The man said, much to Ohgi's annoyance, "He made us ditch out machine's and waltz over here, and then we find you, and this train - "

"Tamaki, shut up!" Kallen snapped at the man, "Seriously, if you were any louder, then the Emperor of Britannia himself would hear you!" She snapped, her hands on her hips, "Anyway, Ohgi, you guys heard that voice as well?"

"Yeah," Ohgi said, nodding, "It was weird, even after we ditched out Knightmares, the guy gave a safe route straight here. Yoshida's group should be here soon."

Ohgi's radio then came to life as Lelouch's voice sounded off as he watched the group from afar, his Tiger crouched as it lay in wait, "Are you the one in charge?"

Ohgi started and fumbled for the radio, "Ah, yes, yes I am!"

"Understood, but I must ask of you, what was your plan?" Lelouch asked, hoping that he would receive a good answer, "That canister, according to an officer I interrorgated, was filled with a deadly gas...did you know of this? If so, were you planning to use it?"

"Gas?!" Tamaki roared loudly, nearly deafening Lelouch on the other end of the radio, "The hell?! We were told that was some kind'a human experimentation!"

"He's right," Ohgi affirmed, "And even if it was gas, we'd never use such a thing!"

"...I see...then I will help you," Kallen looked around as the voice spoke, hoping to catch sight of the strange machine that had aided her. "Upon this train you will find a new type of Knightmare that no one has ever seen until now. Miss Stadteld can attest to my own machine's capabilities."

Kallen blushed going white as a sheet, "How the hell do you know my name!?"

Lelouch chuckled, able to see the look of pure outrage on the girls face on his long range monitor, "Let us just say that I know of only a few red-hair people in Japan, and few of them are as lovely as yourself...Miss Kozuki." Kallen sputtered a moment before Lelouch gave her a break and pressed a switch on the remote that Sayoko had passed to him before she boarded the train.

The train opened, and Kallen was stunned.

Inside were seven monstrous machines not unlike the one her savior had used. Five of them were all the same; black canine units with large cannons fitted to their backs. Another was was definitely feline, also black and red as the canines were, but looked sleek and faster. But the one that held her attention, and immediately captured her heart, was the final unit. I was larger than the first one. Feline as well, and had large teeth like the unit that had saved her. And, possibly the most attractive feature, it was almost completely blood-red.

"I hereby present you with the contents of this train." Lelouch smiled as the girl, Kallen, went doe-eyed over the red unit, "Kallen, that red Blade Liger will be your unit. Ohgi, the Lightning Saix is yours. Both of them are fast, so be prepared for high speeds. The rest will be piloting the Command Wolves." Lelouch said as he dolled out the machines, "Each machine pilots exactly like a Knightmare unit, so the controls will be the same, weapons and shields will be provided by the machines' systems as needed."

That caught Ohgi's attention, even though he was almost as besotted with his designated machine as Kallen, "What do you mean 'as needed'?"

"The machines have an A.I. system that are meant for helping the pilots in a pinch," Lelouch said, "I promise you that nothing will endanger you by piloting these machines. And I also promise that if you follow me, then I can, and will lead you and your men to victory."

Ohgi was conflicted. On the one hand, they had little to no chance of getting out of the ghetto alive, even if they used the subways. And on the other, they now had seven machines that, if Kallen could be believed, could go against Britannian Knightmares. The man sighed, "Kallen, you've seen things like this in action...what do you say?"

Kallen, who had been marveling over the red Liger, looked at her teammate, "I saw one like this take out two Sutherlands," Kallen said, "And it only fired one shot, and went for them with claw and fang...I think we should do this."

Ohgi looked from her, to his machine, the Lightning Saix, and nodded, "Alright," he brought the radio back up, "We're in. Tell us what you want us to do."


The cockpit of the Brastle Tiger suddenly felt a lot more comfortable as the weight of Lelouch's worries melt from his shoulders. Ohgi had agreed, and now all of his remaining men were on their way to their positions. "Thank whatever god there is that they trusted me."

A growl from the Tiger told him that the machine was listening, and Lelouch smirked, "Hey, cut me some slack, this is the beginning of something I've wanted for eight years. " He said holding up a black king chess piece. "Now I just need to route my dear brother's forces enough for him to make a monumental mistake.

"Are you going to kill him?" Came a soft, almost playful voice from behind him.

Lelouchs smiled, "Again, I thank whatever god there might be," he said, looking back in the co-pliot's seat at the verdette girl he now owed his life to. "I'm glad to see my hunch was right about you."

The woman smiled, and crossed her legs in her seat, "So you thought I might be unharmed from that gunshot?" She asked, the smile never leaving her face, "And just what gave you that idea?"

Lelouch smirked, "For one thing, after being shot in the head, even if it's not fatal, one would tend to bleed enormous amounts of blood," he said, gaining an understanding nod from her, "And after I got us out of that warehouse, I saw that the bullet hole was closing, meaning your body was healing itself, quite fast if I might add."

"You seem to be taking this awfully well for someone that was just about to get shot less than an hour ago," the woman said, smirking, "Still, I can't argue with your points. As it happens, I cannot die unless certain needs are met by certain people."

Lelouch smirked right back at her, "I take that I am now one of those certain people?"

"Not yet," she said, "But you have yet to fulfill the contract you have made with me. I will not allow you or myself to die until you have done that."

Lelouch finally frowned at her statement, "I don't even know what you want me to do, yet, or even your name." He said, turning about, "But, I do owe you my life, and for the gift you gave me, so at least I can try to get you some closure."

"Closure?" The woman asked cocking her head to side in a manner Lelouch actually found cute.

"You want to kill Clovis, do you not?" Lelouch asked, smiling quite maliciously, a sight that had a shiver nearly going down the girl's spine, "By the end of this battle, I can promise you his head."

The girl smiled at this, "I see you're no stranger to killing, even if it meant your own family," she said, "My Black Prince."

Lelouch smiled, back warmly, "Call me Zero." He said, turning back in his seat, "Now, let the game begin."

Brastle Tiger - Pilot: Lelouch Lamprouge A.K.A. Zero.

Lightning Saix - Pilot: Kaname Ohgi; P-1

Blade Liger (Red)- Pilot: Kallen Kozuki-Stadtfeld; Q-1

Command Wolf Units- Yoshitaka Minami, Shinichiro Tamaki, Naomi Inoue, Kento Sugiyama, Yoshida

This is a sort of trial and error story for me. If you like, but see things that need improving, feel free to tell me, other than that, please enjoy, and leave a review.