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Elwin sighed and leaned against the tree. He had left his deceased mentor. The lake before him shimmered in the moonlight. Life was mediocre. He was traveling about to search for the details of his past. Nothing had come up. The red head yawned and drifted off to sleep.

An old white haired man faced the sweating young man. Both held swords. The old man was speaking. "When you fight, how must you always be?"

            "Alert, mentor. Always alert and aware of my surroundings," the young man answered.

            The old man nodded and attacked the young man. The young man blocked and feinted, but the old man swept his blade under the young man's blade and yanked it out of the young man's hands. "Balance, Elwin boy. You need a firmer grip. True, you have to keep your muscles loose, but you must have a firm grip otherwise your opponent will knock the sword from your grasp as I have done."

            The young man retrieved his sword. "Yes, mentor. I will not forget." He stepped away from his instructor and raised his sword parallel to his face.

His teacher did the same. "Are you ready, Elwin?"

The young man nodded and charged. The two locked their blades together and spun about to execute complex tricks. The older man, being the more experienced was able to fend off all of the younger man's offenses. The younger man did not get frustrated. He tried again and again and eventually caught the old man off guard by repeating the same trick over and over again and then finishing with a completely different style of sword technique. The old man's sword flew out of his hands. The young man drew back and gasped for breath.

"Good job, Elwin. You did not allow your emotions to get in the way. Your concentration did not sway," the old man complimented.

The young man nodded. "You taught me well, mentor, in studies and in skills alike."

"You deserve a break." The old man smiled. "Come. We'll buy something in town."

The two walked away with their swords sheathed conversing about something indistinct. They laughed for a bit and walked on into the sunrise…

Elwin woke to the sound of harsh whispers around him. He squinted. It was just about dawn. The sun was peeking over the distant mountains. There were three men around him. He stood up quickly and unsheathed his sword. They were about to rob him. "Be gone. I do not wish to harm you."

The three men stared at him. They unsheathed daggers and charged.

Elwin grumbled under his breath as he swiftly disarmed them. They fled, but not before retrieving their daggers, obviously realizing that Elwin was more than a match for them. Elwin sighed and picked up his knapsack. It was morning. He might as well get a head start. He was wide awake, and he couldn't fall asleep even if he wanted to. He stretched as he started down the path to the town.