Note: I know this story isn't so good so far… sorry. I'm kinda trying to conquer writer's block…

            He went into the tavern and sat down. There was a commotion going on in the back. Elwin, out of curiosity, watched. A young man with light blue hair was being chased out of the tavern by a few ladies. They were throwing plates and cups at him. Elwin grimaced. The man must have been a pervert.

            They were headed in his direction. Elwin stared. The man grabbed his arm and pulled him with him. "Hey, look, you've got to help me!"

            "What? I don't even know you!" Elwin whispered loudly.


            "What exactly did you do?" Elwin asked as he followed the man frantically out, dodging "bullets" on the way.


            They reached the door and charged outside.

            The women stood in the door way barring the entrance. "Don't you ever come back! I won't have you hitting on my daughter!"

            "Nothing?" Elwin raised an eyebrow.

            "You and your companion are banned from this tavern from hereon!"

            "I don't even know him!" Elwin shouted. He shook his head as the doors slammed shut. He turned to the man. "Nothing? You didn't do anything, hmm?"

            "Uh, heh? Umm, well…. maybe a little something?" The man made a face. "Yeah, umm, sorry, I got you banned…."

            Elwin sighed. "It's quite alright. I've never been here before anyway."

            "Oh? Where do you hail from?"


            "Oh, ha? Um, me too!"

            Elwin suppressed a disgusted face. "I see."

            "Well, I suppose the least I can do is to treat you," the man said. "Oh, yes, by the way, the name's Hein."

            "Much obliged. I'm Elwin." He shook hands with the man.

            They headed to another tavern at the other end of town. As Hein had declared, he treated himself and Elwin to a meal…

            "A warrior, eh?" Hein said between bites. "Sounds interesting. I could never take up a sword. I remember the only time I tried. I ended up falling over. It was heavy."

            Elwin muffled a small laugh. "Ah, well. As you train with a sword and move on to other types of swords, you find that you become accustomed to the weights." He took a small bite out of his meal. It tasted…different, but it was good. He took more bites.

            Hein laughed. "You know, I don't think that I'm ever going to wield a sword. I made up my mind the day I fell over myself over that sword I tried to pick up. It was an embarrassment. Thus, I resorted to sorcery."

            "You're a mage then?"

            "Quite so. You a warrior. I a mage. Funny pair, don't you think?"

            Elwin raised an eyebrow. "Funny pair? I suppose. I'm a hawk knight."

            Hein stared at Elwin. "You're a hawk knight? Where's your bird?"

            "He's out hunting. He knows where to find me. It's one of his instincts."

            Hein cringed. I'm scared of hawks…I got bitten once!

            "Is something wrong?" Elwin asked.

            "Oh, no. Nothing at all!" Hein blurted.

            Elwin looked at Hein with a strange face. "Alright." He stood up. "I should be leaving now."

            "Where are you headed?"

            Elwin shrugged. "Around?"

            Hein chuckled. "Hey, me too!"

            "If you'd like to join me, you can."

            "Oh, I'd love to. Thanks." Hein beamed.

            "I'll introduce you to the hawk then first thing when he comes," Elwin said with a smile. "I'm sure you'll get along. He has an amiable personality."

            Hein gulped. "Oh, yes. That's be nice."