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So just to answer a few questions (courtesy of Xellos and his literally 300 word review)

Firstly: dayumn.

Secondly: I feel the context for all these stories are mostly going to be post conquest or au's entirely and some will follow as specific one I imagine it being post conquest but pre Goddess arc.

Thirdly: I did skip a chapter cause I didn't really like my original first chapter which had the theme introduction. It was written in Keima's POV and it came off a bit OOC at parts so I kind of just decided to randomize my order. However I think I'll be going 2,3 then 4 cause I felt I like those chapters enough to post as is. Otherwise it's going to be randomized.

Fourthly: With the stories all being AU's of sorts they each have Keima paired with one or more characters (or objects...) and later on I may expand into more Les Yay but if I do that I'll leave a warning before the chapter :) (Am I joking? You could say God only knows).

Fifthly: The duration depends on how much I struggle with keeping it under a word limit. Initially I planned to have it below a hundred words however I've found certain themes need more words so...meh, just gonna wing it.

Lastly, Sir sleeps-a-lot Senpai called me talented *faints*

Theme Three: Light

All he had wanted was to be alone to play his PFP.

Sadly, things don't go to plan for seven year olds who make it a habit to crawl into enclosed spaces for some privacy.

I know what you're thinking, but at least it's safer than accepting candy from a stranger.

Though to be fair, accepting candy from a stranger wouldn't lead to him bring collapsed in pain on the floor, limbs aching and muscles throbbing.

Then, it stopped.

Calm washed over him as his eyes gently slipped open, starved for light, as he met the concerned purple gaze he never knew would grow to mean that much to him.