Hi there everybody. I'm sorry to say this is not a new chapter.

As many of you know, thanks to my great friend Wonderishome who was so kind to quote a PM message I shared with her, my country, Puerto Rico was severely hit back to back by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Thankfully, my family and I are okay and didn't suffer any major damage, but it's been very difficult months, because the whole Island's power and communications systems collapsed, and the recovery has been slow due to ineffective government help (I'm not into politics so I will not enter in those details). But finally we got the electricity back last week in my town (yep, I went through 81 days without power, scary, I know). Still, more than 60% of the country is still without it, and with the total collapse of the communication system (something nobody expected) I had very limited access to internet.

So with all of that happening, obviously I haven't had the time or the resources to update my stories. I know it's disappointing but real life sometimes can get very very difficult.

I hope I can resume my stories on January, because I totally hate incomplete works. Thanks to everyone for your support specially my friends Wonderishome, NaturalCat69, Geekymoviemom, LACR, and all of you who send me PM messages during these past months. I haven't finish reading them all because there are so many! So please forgive me if I didn't mentioned everyone.

Thanks again for all your love, and I promise you will have an update soon, now that we're recovering from this difficult experience.

XOXO Lizzyvb