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I can feel her on my skin


Lucifer walked into the police station, wearing a pleasant smile on his lips. He wasn't light-hearted, though. He hadn't heard anything from the detective in a couple of days and it vexed him to the core. After the trip to Stabby Town, he was dead sure to have seen something like jealousy in Chloe's eyes, and that would mean she really cared about him, that he was more than just a friend to her. But after that, she was acting all weird: at first, she seemed nervous around him and didn't want to look him directly in the eyes, but now she avoided him completely... as if he was the plague. Today was the day he finally had enough and he was determined to confront her and find out why she acted so strangely. He headed straight to his partner's desk, just to find it empty. Irritated, he looked around, searching the room for the one person who might know where to find her.

"Detective do-," he stopped right away in his sentence. After their little encounter at the swimming pool, it just didn't feel right to still call him that way; plus, right now, he wanted something from him: Answers! "Dan," he exclaimed, walking towards the man in question and putting on a stern expression. "Where is the Detective? I tried to call her for the last three days, but she doesn't answer me. Is there something wrong with her?"

"No," Dan answered nonchalantly, looking up from the file he was reading, "She just got a new case and needs every free minute to prepare for it."

"A new case?" Lucifer repeated curiously and his mood immediately lit up. New case meant close cooperation, and that meant plenty of Chloe-time. "Splendid!" he shouted out, beaming with delight. "Where is she?"

"Inside the boss's office," Dan answered, seeing him instantly turning on his heels at the cue. "But you're not allowed to go in there!" he shouted after him but got ignored completely. He shook his head and concentrated back on the file in his hand.

Lucifer made a bee-line to the Lieutenant's office. Without even knocking, he burst right into the room.

"Lucifer!" Chloe shouted at him aghast, helping the three other people inside the room to quickly hide the pictures that lay spread out on her boss's desk.

"Did I interrupt something naughty?" he teased, smiling smugly and licking his lips. He stretched his neck to catch a glimpse at the pictures, and his smile dropped disappointedly as he only saw dead bodies.

"Mr Morningstar, this is a private session. I suggest you leave right now," Lieutenant Monroe ordered him sternly, shifting on her chair to cover the arousal she instantly felt at the sight of this handsome man.

Without a word, Lucifer leant back, shutting the door behind him in the process, and demonstratively folded his arms in front of his chest, making clear that he would go nowhere.

"Lucifer!" Chloe admonished him once again. She'd turned around in the chair she sat in to directly look at him.

His smirk disappeared from his lips as he saw her distressed eyes almost pleading at him to follow the order. Something was odd; very odd. And he was intent on staying right where he was until he knew what was going on. "Do you have a new case?" he inquired calmly, ignoring the lieutenant and the other two men staring at him in silence.

"Yes, but -" she replied, but was quickly cut off by him.

"Very well, I'm your partner. That means, I'm on that case, too," he remarked, flashing her an assuring smile.

Chloe shook her head in the negative. "No, Lucifer. Not this time. This is something I have to do on my own." She glanced over at the detective sitting in the chair next to her and corrected, "Well, something we have to do." She gestured between the two of them to make clear what she meant.

Lucifer followed her finger and stared down at the other man, eyeing him suspiciously: Dark hair, green eyes, confident smile on a distinctive face, fit body from what he could see, and clearly a cop. He didn't like him right away. Narrowing his eyes slightly to express his discontent towards this human individual, he turned his attention back to her. "So is this the reason you avoided my calls? You don't want to work with me any more?" The hurt he felt sounded clearly through.

"No, it's not that!" she quickly answered with a soft voice, trying to assure him that it hadn't had anything to do with him. "And I'm sorry that I've avoided you a little. I just didn't know how to tell you that I help them with their case," she explained, completely sweeping under the table that it was also because she, first of all, had to come square with that unfamiliar feeling of upcoming jealousy whenever he spoke to or interacted with a female person that wasn't herself.

He eyed her, perplexed. "Then why can't I help, too? I'm good at that."

"It's not possible this time. I'm sorry, Lucifer," she declined again, lightly shaking her head. Seeing him gazing at her with his puppy dog eyes tugged at her heart strings, but she couldn't have and didn't want him in this case. Sighing, she briefly glanced at her lieutenant, before she looked back at him. "Why don't you wait outside and I'll explain everything to you when I'm done here, OK?" she offered as a gesture of peace.

"No!" Lucifer countered, determined. "If you want to explain, then do it now. I'm not leaving this room before I know what's going on."

He huffed lightly, and Chloe found his behaviour tremendously similar to that of Trixie's when she couldn't get her way. She suppressed the chuckle that crawled up her throat to remain a certain level of professionalism during this serious matter.

Forecasting that they wouldn't get anywhere near an end, Monroe interfered, taking the pictures back out of the folder and placing them in front of her. "Alright, Mr Morningstar. What I'm about to tell you now is strictly confidential. You must not tell anyone outside this office. There are lives depending on that," she cautioned him with a wary stare.

"My lips are sealed," he assured her, smiling pleased at the little victory and glancing over at Chloe, who rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"These are pictures of couples that were murdered, during a timespan of two years," she explained, bringing them in the correct order. "The man to my left is Lieutenant Garcia from the vice department." She pointed towards him before her hand moved to the sitting man, and she continued, "And this is Detective Anderson. They both work on this case since day one."

Lucifer quickly nodded politely towards them before his attention turned back to the pictures on the desk. He stepped forward to have a better look: The first four sets showed naked couples, facing each other with their hands intertwined. There were bruises all over the bodies but otherwise, they looked unharmed and pale. Suddenly something caught his eyes, and he lowered himself to look at them more closely. Cuts had been made through their flesh, but without blood pouring out of the wounds, and for a moment he wondered if they had been inflicted post-mortem.

"The medical examiners determined their cause of death as massive internal bleedings, inflicted by blunt trauma to their throats, rectums, as well as vaginas in the female cases," the Lieutenant explained further. As she spotted his eyebrows shooting up in bewilderment, she added, summing it up, "They were literally raped to death."

He straightened himself, clenching his teeth in anger. Whoever did this, needed to be punished as fast as possible. "Did you find any evidence about the killer?" he queried gravely.

Lieutenant Monroe shook her head. "All victims had been cleaned almost obsessively. There were no prints of any kind, no bodily fluids even deep within their bodies. The only connection between them was the place they'd lived in directly before their death."

Lucifer nodded his understanding. "What about these?" he pointed to the set of pictures of a fifth couple. They were naked as well, with bruises and cuts all over their bodies, but they didn't hold hands. They rather looked like carelessly discarded, compared to the others who were clearly in pose, and there were letters cut into the skin across their abdomens. He leant forwards again to read them. "'Nice try'. What does that mean?" he wondered, looking up.

It was Lieutenant Garcia who answered him, "Those two were detectives from my department, Fernández and Johnson. The only connection between the murders was their place of living: A gated community called Riveroak State, harbouring about 20 houses. We investigated them several times, but they appeared like an impenetrable wall. We couldn't get any information out of them, and wasn't it due to the victims' documents confirming that they had lived there, nothing would have pointed in that direction. We assumed the murderer to be among the residents, and two weeks ago we managed to get two of our detectives there, undercover as a young married couple, matching the other victims' personas. Unfortunately, three days later they were found like this. We don't know if they made a mistake and were debunked or if somebody gave the murderer a hint."

"You think there is a mole inside your department?" Lucifer asked curiously, having quickly put two and two together.

Garcia took a deep breath, shrugging his shoulders while shaking his head. "I don't think so, but I didn't want to take any risks. Supervision granted us one more try and we need to act fast. That's why we came here, asking for the detective's help." He pointed towards Chloe.

Lucifer tensed. He didn't like it at all that the lieutenant, coming from the vice division himself, had explicitly asked for Chloe, especially after two of their detectives had already been murdered. He sighed deeply, eyeing her with concern.

She quickly withdrew from his look, knowing it all too well: it was worry for her and a light rebuke, but on top of it all, that look made her heart beat faster, her lungs inhale sharply, and her cheeks blush brightly. She didn't want to reveal that he had such a strong effect on her; not to strangers, not to her lieutenant, and especially not to him.

He looked back at Garcia. "You need a couple for that operation and came to her because she used to be an actress, right?" he concluded, not needing the other's confirmation. "So, she has to put herself in danger to play house with who? That dude here?" He pointed to Anderson; his eyes, however, remained fixed on the lieutenant. "What makes you so sure that he's not the mole?" he asked sternly, turning around and looking directly at the man; his eyes turned dark with the anger and worry that built up inside of him.

"Fernández was my sister!" Anderson answered, holding his gaze. "I want to catch that killer as quickly as possible," he assured him sincerely.

"It's still too dangerous!" Lucifer retorted, turning his gaze back to their lieutenant. "How can you agree to that? How can you put the Detective in such great danger? They already exposed and killed two detectives," he reproached her appalled, adding, "And now you want to send her right after, nicely wrapped up with a ribbon around her neck?" He couldn't believe their recklessness. After all, it was Chloe's life that was at stake.

"No! Now is even more the right time," Garcia interjected quickly. "They don't expect us to send the next couple right away. This is the best shot we can get."

"By risking her life?!" Lucifer countered sharply, raising his voice.

"Hey! I'm right here," Chloe tossed in, barely holding back her anger about his behaviour. She slightly slapped his arm to get his attention. "Stop talking about me as if I were a kid. I'm a grown-up. I make my own decisions," she pointed out with a determined tone in her voice.

Lucifer looked at her, the anger in his eyes quickly changing to that of apology as he saw her piercing eyes staring back at him, but he wouldn't back down on that topic. It wasn't just that it displeased him completely that she would be going undercover to play the wife of someone she didn't even know, or someone he didn't know, or someone other than him, for that matter. But it was dangerous! Under no circumstances would he let her go there alone. "I'm your partner, Detective!" he stated determined, staring at her before he looked up to the lieutenants. "If you want to send her undercover, fine, but I'm going with her," he declared, making clear that he wouldn't change his mind.

"Are you... what?!" Chloe retorted, perplexed. For a moment, she was speechless but quickly found her voice back. "You have absolutely no expertise in going undercover!" she added, standing up from the chair to give emphasis to her argument, and to appear taller. She pointed towards Anderson as she declared, "He is a detective highly trained in undercover investigations." Pointing towards herself, she continued, "I've been a detective for over ten years by now, with an acting career before that, hence I am more than suitable for that job." Moving her finger towards him, she ended, "You are none of that! This case is highly risky. I can't watch your ass while I investigate the murders. I neither want any kind of distraction nor take any risks." She crossed her arms in front of her chest, certain to stand her ground.

"So, I'm a distraction to you?" he asked with a mixture of delight and consternation. He was about to argue with her on that part, as he quickly shook himself back to the core problem. "I'm not risking your life! This bloke over here is." He pointed at Anderson, who still sat in the chair.

"Watch it!" Anderson warned him, now standing up himself. With a height similar to that of Lucifer's, he could easily stare him in the eyes, if he hadn't been ignored by him already.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself down and to prevent the situation from degenerating into some preschool fight, she gave him a knowing look, raising one of her eyebrows. "Yeah. Like that one time at the player's convention, where it took you, what, 5 minutes, to reveal to everyone that I was a cop?" She shook her head again, making clear that he was out of this case. Putting on a more decent tone, she went on, "We can't allow any mistakes here. If we take just one false step or say one wrong word, we won't get thrown out." She grabbed the picture of the dead detectives from the table, holding it in front of him to underline her argument. "We'll get killed," she warned him.

Lucifer took the picture from out of her hand, tossing it back onto the table. "Precisely! Because it's so dangerous, you can't be serious about considering this man here," he pointed over his shoulder, "to play your husband. How long do you know him? One day? Two days? Everyone will see just by the look at him that he is a cop, and that you're not familiar with each other. We, on the other side," he gestured between the two of them, "have worked closely together for over a year now. We know each other inside out. We trust each other. Heck, we've already seen each other naked," he listed the things he believed to be beneficial in choosing him.

Chloe's face went beet-red at that piece of information. She quickly turned to the others, wildly gesturing with her arm, forming an exclamation mark with her forefinger as she pointed out, "This was purely coincidental. In a totally non-sexual way."

At seeing her reaction, the smug smile settled back down on his face. He decreased the distance between himself and the detective by slightly bending forward, countering with a voice that was dripping with pleasure, "See! There clearly is a connection between us. A spark, a burning fire, so to speak."

"There is no burning fire between us!" she promptly shot back, her voice filled with a mixture of annoyance and embarrassment. "And my answer is no!" She was determined to hold her ground. Even if no one seemed to back her up in this regard. Not even the lieutenant, who had been so adamant in not informing the civilian consultant under any circumstances in the beginning, but was now watching them from behind her desk in silence. Once again, she found herself fighting on her own, and she didn't like it in the slightest that this time, it was against the only person who ever had her back.

"Just admit it, I'm perfect for that role," he replied cheekily, the smug smile widely stretching his lips and once again he licked his lips. Seeing the blush on her cheeks and having the little fight, somehow turned him on. He knew the situation was very serious, but it felt more like a bantering between them than an actual argument, and he couldn't help teasing her further.

Chloe shook her head once more, certain about her decision. Again, she listed the things that spoke against him as her partner in that particular case, imploringly hoping that he somehow would see reason, "Lucifer, you're a civilian consultant. Civilian!" she repeated the word to underline its meaning. "You always speak first and think later, if at all. You don't care if you hurt, upset or enrage someone else with what you say. But during this investigation, you would have to play a role and must not step out of line at any time. And I know you're not capable of that. You've already proven so on several other occasions. Plus, you always have to tell everybody that you're the devil," she whispered the last sentence to him to not let the others hear it.

Her points didn't lessen his grin in the slightest. To the contrary, they stretched his lips to a broad, cheeky smile as he saw them only as further support for his opinion. "I've already told you, Detective, that I like to play in general. And I don't even have to play much of a role in this investigation. I'm simply me. I'll turn on my charms and mesmerise the others to tell us who the killer is. Two days tops, job done, and we can go back," he countered assuredly. Leaning forward to her, he added, his voice equally a whisper, "And I can promise for that time to only let out the devil in the bedroom." He bit his lips to prevent himself from shouting out with joy as he saw her blushing deeply again.

"You can't even lie!" Chloe retorted, the embarrassment she felt at his last words quickly made room for the frustration that started to arise.

"Quite the contrary!" he objected. "I told you that I don't like lying and that I never lie to you, but I am very capable of lying myself."

Chloe squinted her eyes in anger, the fight started to jar on her nerves. "Lucifer! This is not some adults playing the kinky form of house. This is serious police work. 24 hours a day, several days or even weeks, until we catch the killer. People could get harmed. They even could get killed. You -." could get killed, she wanted to say but quickly trailed off. It wouldn't help now to show him the worry she felt about putting him in danger as well. Why couldn't he simply let her do her job, just this once? Why did he always have to make things so much more complicated? It made her furious that he didn't trust her in this regard.

"One more point to not let you go there on your own," he retorted confidently.

"I'm not on my own!" she hissed, her blood almost boiling in anger. "I have a partner there!" she pointed out, refraining from adding that it would be much easier to play the wife of someone she didn't feel emotionally attached to. After all, this job was just temporary. And she feared that she couldn't handle being so close to him for some days, maybe even kissing him, and then go back to being only professional partners afterwards. Let alone watching him again with other women, knowing that they would get from him what she couldn't have. She fumed at herself about that thought, quickly shaking her head to get rid of it. No, he was her partner, her colleague. She would not allow herself seeing anything different in him than that!

Lucifer shook his head. "No offence, but everyone sees that he's a cop from 10 yards distance," he argued and reduced the space between them a little further. "Plus, have I already mentioned that I'm much more suitable as your partner than anyone else?" he said the last words out loud to make a point.

"I think he's right," Lieutenant Garcia suddenly confirmed, his deep voice sounded calm and certain. The two of them remarkably resembled him and his wife in the beginning of their relationship, and his heart warmed up at the thought of his late wife. He hadn't even listened to their argument for five minutes and already felt their strong connection to each other. He was pretty sure everyone else could feel it, too.

"What?" Chloe and Anderson stated in unison, appalled. They had turned around and stared in bewilderment at the lieutenant. Chloe couldn't believe her ears. She didn't want to. Every fibre of her body wanted to scream at the man that this was a no-go, that she disapproved of it, but somehow the words didn't want to pass her lips. She could only stand there gaping at him in silent shock, hoping that her thought-to-be-husband voiced his deprecation.

But Anderson wasn't any better. Yes, he'd worked on this case since day one, and especially after his sister had been murdered, leaving his nieces motherless and his sister-in-law grieving behind, he was determined to catch the killer himself, but he not only trusted his boss to the fullest, he also couldn't deny that there was something between the two of them that made them predestined for the job.

"Oh, really?" Lucifer half singsonged, beaming with delight. It was a support from a really unexpected direction, but he didn't mind at all. With one lieutenant already on his side, he knew Chloe had no chance. After all, he knew how to make their own lieutenant give in on that very quickly.

Garcia nodded clearly to highlight his certainty. "Yes, I can see that spark between you." He used Lucifer's exact word. "Plus, you already fight like an old couple," he teased them, earning another glare from the detective. Turning to his colleague, he elucidated further, "Don't get me wrong, Olivia. I don't want to risk both of your detective's and consultant's lives, but this is the last chance we have to get the killer. I want to get the best out of it as I can. And right now, I think your detective and her partner are totally fitting for the roles."

Monroe looked at him with a wary glance, thinking it through, but then nodded her approval. "You're right. You two go." She pointed at Chloe and Lucifer, making clear for the detective that her battle was lost.


"So, this is the secret identity section," Lucifer exclaimed loudly, stepping into the storage room that harboured huge piles of different clothes, sorted by size.

Chloe rolled her eyes at his made-up name, suppressing the smile that wanted to spread her lips. She was already standing in between the clothes, looking for those that could be considered higher class fashion when her partner approached her, stopping right behind her.

Lucifer eyed the items that hung loosely over her arm. He felt delighted at the prospect of seeing her in a breath of nothing but also felt disgusted at the low-cost material. His gaze wandered around, and he walked up to the suits. He briefly touched the sleeves to feel their texture and took a quick glance at their labels, which revealed that all of them were the cheapest clothes of the cheapest. His feeling narrowed down to a very distinct disgust and he wrinkled his nose snidely, walking back to her. "I'm not wearing these things. Can't I use my own clothes? My skin needs a certain level of comfort, and these fabrics clearly don't have that," he complained, looking over her shoulder to get another sneak peek at her choices.

"Well, maybe going undercover isn't really your thing after all. That's OK, we can still get Anderson down here," she teased, allowing the smile to finally settle down on her face.

He shook his head, determined. "Sorry, my dear. Cheap clothes won't keep me from doing my duties as your partner." He bent forward, whispering into her ear with a sneaky grin on his lips, "And your husband!"

The way he spoke the last word sent a shiver down her spine and instantly reminded her of why she didn't want to work with him in that particular case in the first place. She dug her head deeper into the piles, hiding the blush that heated up her cheeks and hoping it would quickly disappear again.

A door was being opened and shut from the other side of the room and heavy footsteps resounded on the floor, making clear that someone was approaching them. Chloe was relieved about the distraction and quickly looked in that direction, walking a couple of steps ahead as she spotted Garcia, thus putting Lucifer behind her.

"I've got your documents," the lieutenant declared in a friendly manner, stopping in front of her and handing her a file that contained all the necessary certificates, IDs, and background stories for their cover.

Lucifer's grin turned to an impressed smile. If he'd known the police was able to get fake identities in less than 24 hours, he would have gone directly to them when he arrived in L.A. He had to bit his tongue to prevent himself from speaking that thought out loud.

"Great! Thank you," Chloe replied, sending the elder man a warm smile, and opened it, quickly looking over the pages.

"I'm definitely not wearing these hessian sacks you call clothes!" Lucifer audibly repeated his complaint, stepping next to the detective. The smile on his face had disappeared, leaving only a mixture of certainty and distaste behind. "According to the living standards of the four victims during the debriefing yesterday, Anderson pointed out that they all had a high-class fashion sense. No wonder your detectives were exposed when they've had to dress themselves up with these things." He gestured around to make his point.

Chloe's head whirled around. "That was way out of line, Lucifer!" she rebuked him sharply.

Garcia smiled warmly, shaking his head as he replied, "We had a budget for them, so their clothes were exquisite, I assure you. That money, however, has already been spent to the last penny. I'm sorry, but these clothes you see here are everything we can provide you with."

"Very well," Lucifer replied, sending him an apologetic smile, accompanied by an acknowledging nod. "So would it be OK if I wear my own clothes then?"

"Yes," the lieutenant confirmed and quickly added, "But we won't refund anything in case they get damaged."

The devil's eyes beamed with delight at that piece of information. "Perfect!" he purred, satisfied.

"Please memorise all the facts of your background story and carry nothing but the new documents with you," Garcia explained, pointing towards the file in Chloe's hand. "We decided to stick to the truth as much as possible so it will all be more authentic. We even kept your first names, but the last name had to be changed. Please don't make a mistake on that, Mr and Mrs Moran," he addressed them, adding towards Lucifer, "We also decided that you came from London, in accordance with your accent."

"Thank you, I appreciate that," Lucifer replied with a big smile. Taking the ID Chloe handed him, his mood instantly dropped southwards. "Really?! Samuel Lucifer Moran?" He huffed angrily.

"Since it's not allowed to give your child the first name Lucifer in Great Britain, we thought this was more comprehensible. You can still go by the name Lucifer, though. Just be aware that they will ask questions," Garcia explained calmly.

"I understood that. But really? Out of all possibilities, you had to pick that name?" His eyes turned dark in anger.

Chloe glanced over at him in surprise. "What's wrong with that name? My grandfather was called Samuel as well." Seeing his eyes piercing at her, she quickly added, trying to soothe him, "Lucifer, it's only temporary. You don't even have to mention it on your own. I'm pretty sure no one will look at your ID."

The hint of a fright he saw flashing up in her eyes quickly brought him back to his senses. He sighed, composing himself and sending her a warm smile. "Well, guess I have to put this under 'things I do for my wife', then," he mumbled to himself, taking another breath.

Chloe rolled her eyes again as she heard his remark, but couldn't hide the smirk from spreading her lips.

"Speaking off," Garcia stated and opened the box he had held in his hand all the time, revealing one type of wedding ring in several different sizes. "May I now announce you, husband and wife," he joked, flashing them a wide grin.

Chloe chuckled lightly, taking a ring and trying it on. It was slightly too big and she put it back, taking one size smaller and placing it on her ring finger. It fit perfectly, and for a split second the moment of her own wedding with Dan flashed back into her mind. The joy she felt when they made their vows to each other. How she was certain that this would last a lifetime, that she would be with him till the day she died. Sadness overcame her at the memory, and she bit back some tears that threatened to leave her eyes. Mentally shaking herself back into reality, she sighed deeply and put on a smile.

Lucifer looked into the box, warily eyeing the rings. "Is this even real gold?" he asked doubtingly, gazing down at the rings that certainly had been put on way too many fingers. "And where are the diamonds?" he added, sceptically looking up.

"Not in the budget," the lieutenant only answered, shaking his head.

"Still! Couldn't you buy something more classy?" He raised one eyebrow to accentuate his reluctance and straightened himself, putting his hands in his pockets and making clear that he wouldn't take one of these.

"Lucifer! We're a police department, not a jewellery," Chloe countered, rolling her eyes once more at his behaviour. She was sure that by noon she would feel giddy at all the eye-rolling if he kept on complaining about everything.

"Not even in the evidence room?" he suggested, turning to her and adding with a smile, "I bet there lies something nobler."

Chloe narrowed her eyes, suppressing the growl. "No! Because that would still be evidence!"

"Sorry, these are the only ones available," Garcia replied, his warm smile remaining on his face. He really liked that young lad, who reminded him so much of himself when he was still young.

Lucifer grunted grumpily and picked one that could fit his finger. He put it into his pocket, determined to not let this piece of metal touch any more skin of his before it'd get disinfected thoroughly.

Garcia smiled pleased and closed the box, informing them further, "Tomorrow morning is the official moving. Please make sure to put everything into the removal van until tonight. Also your clothes, Mr Morningstar," he reminded him.

The smile went back on Lucifer's lips, and he countered smugly, "Pardon, you must confuse me for this very handsome looking owner of LUX. I'm Lucifer Moran, nice to meet you." He held out his hand in an overly playful manner.

Garcia let out a hearty laugh as he played along, shaking his hand. "Very good!" he praised him, before putting on a more serious tone. "Please learn your personal background and your background as a couple. Stick to the truth as much as possible without revealing too much," he cautioned them. Nodding his goodbye, he turned around again and walked away.

Chloe took her bag from the ground and stored file and ring away. She was about to add the already selected clothes as well, when suddenly Lucifer took them out of her hand and tossed them back onto the pile. "Why did you do that?" she asked puzzled, eyeing him suspiciously.

"We're faking a rich, classy couple. I'm not letting you wear these second-hand clothes," he explained to her, adding with a cocky smile, "Especially not next to me."

"What? You don't think I look good in them?" she asked him teasingly.

"To the contrary!" he objected quickly. "You could wear a potato sack and would still look stunningly beautiful. Or wear nothing at all," he added, teasing back. "But I don't want any lecher sizing you up in your birthday suit. Therefore, come on, we two go shopping." He offered his hand to her, tilting his head a little as she didn't grab it right away.

"I'm a police officer! I'm in a completely different salary class from you," she pointed out.

Lucifer raised his eyebrow at her. "I know," he stated matter-of-factly. "That's why I'm paying." Seeing her hesitation, he added, "Just so you know, we'll return them after the case is done. So, no harm's done on that part." He winked at her and smiled as she finally nodded, agreeing.


Lucifer stepped out of his car and jogged towards Chloe's house, ringing the bell. The door was instantly opened and a pair of long legs greeted him. He sized them up, his eyes big with surprise and delight, and his mouth half open in astonishment. His gaze wandered upwards and he got sight of the very short pair of shorts and the oversized shirt which ends were knotted together loosely around her belly, underlining her slender waist. The sleeves were rolled back to the elbows, revealing arms that were folded in front of her chest, adding more volume to the small but perfectly shaped breasts underneath the shirt. He looked further up and finally caught sight of the annoyed look she had put on her face, which was accentuated by some loose strands of her hair while the main part was knotted together into a bun. "You really should wear that to work," he suggested teasingly, flashing her a bright cheeky smile.

Chloe rolled her eyes, sparing a reply as she turned around, walking back to the counter and commenting nonchalantly, "Do you come in or are you glued to the spot?" Having him at her back now, she finally allowed her own smile to stretch her lips, feeling victorious at his stunned reaction. The day before, they had spent several hours inside this clothing shop he'd taken her to. And the two saleswomen were more than happy to supply him with more and more of their newest fashion. Him! Not her. She was parked inside one of the changing cubicles as soon as they had entered and he had declared that he was looking for some appropriate clothes for his wife. They were handed her inside, and after each set, she had to come out, present them to him so he could decide 'yes' or 'no'. It had made her a little angry that he seemed to enjoy it thoroughly to dress her up like a doll, and she needed to remind herself more than once, that not only he was paying, but also that he obviously had more taste in high-class fashion than her. Still, seeing the gobsmacked look on his face now gave her a feeling of satisfaction, that she could elicit this from him with only such average clothes.

He cocked his head to the side as his eyes fell onto the perfectly shaped butt cheeks, lightly bobbing up and down with every step she took. His mind wandered off, and he repeated under his breath, "Definitely wear that more often." He had to concentrate strongly to not let his mind drift off too much into kinky-land like it had happened the day before during shopping. At first, he had felt delighted at the two saleswomen practically clinging to his neck like the women used to before he met Chloe. Somehow, after that, his appeal on women seemed to cease, and he'd enjoyed their sparkling eyes and the light rivalry between them to please him with each further set of clothes. He had stood directly by the three big mirrors, waiting for Chloe to come out to have a closer look on whether they suited her or not. And yes, he did struggle with deciding on them. Chloe simply looked too good in whatever she was wearing, and he mainly used two traits on whether he gave a thumbs-up or not: Did Chloe come out with her lips compressed in any way or one of the corners of her lips pointed faintly southwards, then it was a definite 'no'. Did she come out with a smile she tried to hide really hard, then a 'yes'. And did the saleswomen stare at her, green with envy, then it was a definite 'yes and keep it'. Somehow the length of the chosen clothes, especially the dresses, seemed to decrease with every further hour they'd been in there and he'd enjoyed it to the fullest. From time to time he stepped up to her, laid his arm around her and lightly pressed her into him to admire the look of them together as a couple, and at first he didn't notice, but more and more he addressed her as 'his wife' or 'darling' or 'love', especially when the saleswomen were around. The words just seemed to roll easily from his tongue, and he wanted to make them aware that the beautiful woman right next to his arm was his. A thought that confused him, and he would have preferred to discuss this with the doctor later, but unfortunately, she wasn't there. At one point he had to walk back to the big cosy chair that was there for exhausted partners while their wives did the shopping. He would have preferred to stay close to Chloe, but the short dresses which left little to the imagination and their light fabric that felt as if he was touching her actual skin whenever he put his arm around her started to stir up an arousal inside of him he couldn't stop hiding any longer. He'd taken a seat in one of them, crossing his leg over the other to make sure no one got aware of the light bulge that had formed in his trousers and dug his fingers into the material of the armrests to stop himself from touching anything else. He wouldn't have minded giving both saleswomen a show, but he definitely didn't want to upset Chloe or make her feel uncomfortable around him. And right now, the clothes she was wearing had the same effect on him. He'd wanted to leap forward, wrap his arms around her, press her close to himself and feel her bare skin, and he wanted to kiss her, pushing his tongue into her mouth and taste her.

"Lucifer!" Chloe shouted for him.

He swallowed audibly, quickly shaking himself out of his mind and taking several deep breaths to compose himself. He quickly checked down on himself to make sure everything was still in its appropriate place and smiled relieved at the confirmation. "Right!" He stepped inside and walked after her.

"Do you have your ID?" she asked, squatting down and putting her purse into the Gucci bag he had insisted on buying her as well, adding all the other things that still were on the ground: the documents, carefully sorted, a picture of her and Trixie, and several other personal items.

He averted his gaze from her frame, hastily shaking away the thoughts that started to play certain movies in his head again, to not lose focus, and answered, "Yes, and I also learned our background stories."

"Good," she praised him, smiling, and looked up at him. Standing up, she hung the bag over her shoulder and was about to grab the ring from the kitchen counter when he stopped her immediately.

"You don't need that!" he objected. Seeing her looking puzzled at him, he took a little box from out of his pocket, opening it, and showed her the ring that matched the one he was already wearing. "I took the liberty to buy a pair with more class," he explained and showed her his own.

Chloe stepped forward, her eyes wandering from the one on his finger to his eyes, to the one in the box, and aback. "You're crazy!" she stated, astonished.

His smile widened even further as he saw her sparkling eyes. "I'm married now. But that's the same, isn't it?" he teased her.

Chloe chuckled and playfully slapped his arm. She admired the ring for a little longer: It was made of white gold, a little diamond was edged into it with two yellow golden rays on each side, forming an X. It looked as if the diamond was the light of a lighthouse and the golden parts its rays. She found it quite fitting for someone whose name was the light bearer. She gazed back to his own ring, it was almost identical to hers, just a little bigger.

Lucifer took the ring out of the box, holding it towards her as he asked, "May I?"

She couldn't keep the wide smirk on her face from spreading even further and she held her hand out to him in anticipation.

He took her hand in his left one and was about to put the ring on her finger as he halted, looking up into her sea blue eyes with a sly grin appearing on his lips. "Want me to get down on one knee first?" he teased her again, swiftly licking his lips.

The question coloured her cheeks in a light pink and she hastily shook her head, refusing with a grin, "No thanks! That would be too much."

Without further words he put the ring on her finger, and then bent his head in a lord-like behaviour, kissing her hand and stating in a deep English accent, "May I escort the lady to her carriage?"

Chloe giggled at his acting. "You may," she answered, sweeping a curtsey to join the game. She quickly grabbed her jacket as they exited her house and went to the car, getting in.

"Just one more thing," he stated suddenly, taking out his mobile and leaning over to her. He grabbed around her waist, gently pulling her into him while holding the phone in front of them.

Chloe eyed him sceptically. "What's the point of that?"

"We're a married couple now," he answered matter-of-factly. "We need pictures together."

"You're taking this way too seriously," she countered jokingly, shaking her head. She leant into him, smiling into the camera, as he took the picture.


The ride already lasted for some time and they enjoyed their togetherness in silence. Lucifer mainly concentrated on the road in front of him, only glancing over to her from time to time to get a sneak peek at her bare legs, while Chloe mostly looked out of the window, enjoying the view of this part of L.A. she hadn't had the opportunity to get to know before, while mentally going through the facts of the case, her background, his background and their background together.

As he turned into a rather private looking street and she spotted the large white gate at the end of it, she instantly knew they had reached Riveroak State. How he had memorised all the turns and streets without even once using a navigation system or map, she didn't know. She had looked up the way to the gated neighbourhood the evening before, and even with taking notes she found it rather confusing. It had appeared to her like a maze with identically looking streets being arranged almost chequered.

Lucifer slowed the car down as they came closer to the guardhouse that was situated on the left side of the street. The security guard on duty looked at them warily from out of the window but then nodded towards them with something that could count as a smile. Lucifer nodded back, smiling widely at him, while Chloe waved one hand.

"Alright! Let's start with the game," she announced under her breath, sighing quietly.

Lucifer nodded but remained silent. He turned the car in the driveway of their new home, stopping the engine. The removal van was already there, and several movers were busy carrying some furniture and boxes into the house.

Chloe gaped in amazement as she got sight of the house. She went out of the car, grabbing her bag and walked several steps ahead, stopping again to adore the view a little longer. They hadn't shown them any real pictures of it, only the layout. And now that she was standing right in front of it, she couldn't believe that she would live in such a fancy home, even if it was just for short. Her mind flipped back to the case that lay ahead of them, and she squinted her eyes, sighing and calling herself to order. Fancy or not, somewhere in this neighbourhood was a killer on the loose, and she was determined to put a stop to his activities.

Lucifer exited the car as well, his own excitement neatly hidden under a smug smile. He stepped next to Chloe, putting his arm around her waist and pressed her lightly into himself. "Could have been worse," he declared, playing it cool. His fingers fiddled slightly with the fabric of her shirt and suddenly he found a spot where the hem ended but the shorts hadn't started yet. He dipped a finger into the spot, then added another and slightly moved his fingertips across the warm skin, relishing the sensations the touch caused inside of him.

Chloe looked down to his hand as she felt his fingers on her skin, wearing a smile on her face. The caress felt really good and she enjoyed it thoroughly, but as he added a third finger and started to move against the waistband of her shorts, slightly increasing the pressure on her skin and trying to get beneath it, she decided he had toyed enough. She playfully slapped his hand and turned around, leaning into him to take a glance at the other houses while whispering into his ear, reminding him, "We have a job to do."

Her breath tickled his ear and quickly brought him back to his senses. Shaking the thoughts off of his mind, he firmer pulled her into him, his hand carefully placed on her back to bring enough fabric and distance between his fingers and the place they actually wanted to be in right now. "At least wait until the movers are gone, before you start investigating the neighbourhood," he teased her, placing a tender kiss on her cheekbone.

Chloe nuzzled her nose against his cheek, taking a deep breath to keep herself from snuggling closer into him, and admitted, "You're right. Let's check out the rooms, shall we?" She leant her upper body away from him to better look him in the eyes, awaiting his response.

Lucifer smiled at her, nodded, and let go. Taking her hand, he led her inside to explore their temporary residence.


At some point, between them entering the house and her starting to open the boxes that were placed in each room according to their tag, the movers must have left. She hadn't even realised it. The house just was so overwhelming. They had a huge bedroom with windows spanning across the whole wall and a balcony going around the corner. But what was the best of it, the two had their own dressing rooms reachable through a door on each side, and their own bathroom attached to it. Chloe had firmly declared that the larger one of the bathrooms was hers as soon as she spotted the sublime bathtub in the middle of it, which was increased on one side, providing perfect support for her neck and head, and she couldn't wait to test that little container later.

Lucifer hadn't minded her decision as he spotted the beam in her eyes. He'd preferred that cosy double shower in the smaller one anyway and had started to move the mobile clothing rails his suits hung on into the appropriate dressing room, removing the covers that were neatly put around them, he hung them in the closet. When he stepped back into the bedroom, Chloe was nowhere to be found, her clothing rails still standing there. He moved them into her dressing room, quickly stowing them away in her closet before he went looking for her.

He promptly spotted her in the entrance area, rummaging in boxes as he leant against the handrail, looking down. He smiled in amusement at the sight of her and quickly grabbed his phone taking a picture before he tucked it away again and walked down the stairs, asking her nonchalantly, "What are you looking for?"

"My stuff," she explained absent-mindedly, her eyes fixed to the box in front of her. When she was done searching through it, she glanced up at him. Seeing his puzzled face, she explained in a hushed voice, "Police stuff. Gun, Taser, handcuffs."

His eyes sparkled at that piece of information. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind for later use and warily narrowed his eyes. "I thought we weren't allowed such things?"

Chloe stood up, sighing deeply and putting her hands into the pockets of her shorts, taking a step towards him. "Just in case," she cleared herself. No matter the orders, the detective in her would never go anywhere without proper protection. That's why she'd hidden them in one of the boxes when they were still unlabelled, and she mentally scolded herself for not secretly marking that one. "Could you look into the boxes upstairs?" she asked, sending her best pleading smile to him.

"Sure!" Lucifer replied with a grin. He turned around, walking back up, and disappeared into the bedroom, starting with the boxes that were in front of him.

He squatted down, opened the first one, and was greeted by a broad variety of different panties, thongs and those you could barely count as such. His eyes widened in delight and he wondered when she had bought them. Rummaging further through them, he slowly got aware that she didn't buy them for the case. Some were already washed-out, indicating that they were her very own and his smile widened even further at the realisation of finally knowing what she was wearing underneath her long pair of jeans for work. He stopped in mid-movement as a thought struck him: He had forgotten to go lingerie shopping with her! He would definitely catch up on that later and wrote himself a mental note as he turned around to the second box, hoping that there were the matching bras inside.

He opened it, but only found several things of office supplies. "You definitely don't belong in the bedroom," he whispered to himself, further rummaging around in it.

Chloe was about to open the last box in the entrance area when a knock resounded. She quickly stood up and stepped to the door, opening it.

"Hey, I'm Patricia," a woman her age greeted her friendly. "I'm living right next door and wanted to welcome the new arrivals to our beautiful little neighbourhood."

She held out her hand and Chloe quickly took it, greeting her back with a bright smile, "Hello. I'm Chloe. Chloe Moran. Nice to meet you."

Their nice little chat was suddenly interrupted by Lucifer's loud voice shouting from out of the bedroom, "Detective! I've found your little tools."

Chloe froze in mid-air. 'Alright, think, cover up. I could still come up with a reasonable explanation for that,' she thought to herself, her eyes getting bigger in dismay. It was her luck that her cheeks at this moment also decided to colour her face in a bright pink, making her seem rather embarrassed than caught.

Not hearing anything from her, Lucifer took the handcuffs out of the box to tease her a little and kill some time, and stood up, stepping out into the hallway and looking down. The door was wide open, and Chloe stood in front of it stiff like a deer caught in headlights, she clearly must have been talking to someone. "Oh, bugger!" he mumbled to himself as he got aware of the hairy situation he'd just put her in.

"Oh, you're a police officer?" Patricia asked her curiously, her smile hiding the little wariness she felt instantly.

"Well, no. Actually not," Chloe replied sheepishly, trying to figure out what reasonable explanation would not bust their undercover work before it had even started.

Suddenly she felt a firm arm around her waist, pulling her into a well-defined chest looking out from beneath an unbuttoned shirt. She looked up and found herself staring directly into the dark eyes of Lucifer.

"Didn't you hear me, darling? I've found the handcuffs," he told her in a husky voice, holding them above her head like a mistletoe. "You really need to come and arrest me, Detective. I've been a very, very naughty little thief." He whispered the last words against the sensitive skin of her neck, feeling the goosebumps his breath had caused there as he lowered his lips, kissing the spot and nibbling on it. He pulled her further into him, his free hand wandering directly to her bum, his fingers digging deep into one of her cheeks and lightly lifting it up.

Chloe turned beet-red, she didn't know what to think or how to react. "Lucifer!" she called him to order, her voice slightly shaking. The tingling sensation that ran through her body like a fire, caused by his mouth that kissed and sucked along her neck, moving up and down, and his hands on her body that seemed to be everywhere around her almost made her mind stop working. She needed her concentration back, especially with the bystander that was looking directly at their show. "Lucifer!" she called him again, her voice more urgent, but the only reaction she got was him pulling her even closer to his body. "Lucifer!" she called loudly, using both her hands to push against his chest, trying to get at least his lips away from the very sensitive spot they were currently nibbling at and causing her a rush.

Finally, his mouth let go of her and he looked up, strictly ignoring the open door. "Chloe, you're killing the mood," he countered, his voice a mixture of disappointment and rebuke.

"We have a guest!" she pointed out, visibly out of breath. She grabbed his chin and turned his head towards the direction, feeling relief as he instantly let go of her.

"Oh!" Lucifer exclaimed, beaming with joy. He stretched the hand out to her that still had the handcuffs encompassed. "Hello, love. I'm Lucifer Moran. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Chloe spotted the handcuffs and quickly grabbed them out of his hand before their guest could shake it, stowing them away in the back pocket of her shorts.

"Patricia Clarkson. Nice to meet you, too," she replied and flashed them a wide cheeky smile. Her eyes locked on Lucifer, getting big, and her smile stretched even further.

Chloe knew all too well that look this woman was sending him. She didn't know what possessed her, but all of a sudden she found herself grabbing around his waist, holding tight and snuggling her cheek against his chest, demonstrating the woman that he was hers.

Lucifer looked down to her, smirking broadly at her possessive move, and he put his one arm back around her body, pulling her towards him, and ran his other hand over her back. "Is there something we can help you with?" he asked nonchalantly, his eyes fixed on the woman in front of him while his hand explored its newly acquired territory, moving south and once again getting in contact with her butt cheeks, teasingly digging his fingers into them.

Patricia stared at him for a little bit longer before she shook herself out of her daze. She quickly glanced down at their hands, making out the matching rings and repeated in her head like a mantra 'married', 'married', 'married' to stop herself from leaping forwards and sucking on that handsome man's chest. "Oh, no! I just wanted to welcome you in our neighbourhood and invite you to my pool party tomorrow evening," she replied in a friendly manner, turning her attention back to Chloe to stop herself from drowning again in those deep, dark brown eyes of her husband's. "This way you can also get to know some of us," she explained and pointed towards her house, adding, "It starts at eight. No need to knock, just go through the wicket gate into the garden."

"Oh, thank you very much," Lucifer purred, kneading his fingers deeper into the smooth but firm flesh of his partner's bottom. He smirked with delight as he felt her nails digging into his side in hope they would cause him to stop with his teasing.

"Is there something we can bring along?" Chloe asked, putting a big smile on her face while she held herself back from slapping his hand off of her.

Patricia shook her head, unaware of the silent fight between the pair in front of her. She flashed them another warm smile as she answered, "No. You'll be my honoured guests."

"Alright. Thank you so much," Chloe replied, trying to keep the forced smile on her face looking natural.

A moment of silence fell between them and Patricia suddenly got aware that the man called Lucifer had only eyes for his wife, staring at her with an expression she knew all too well from her own husband, while he seemed to eliminate even further space between them that hadn't been there in the first place. She slightly tapped with her feet to overcome the awkward feeling that spread out inside of her. "Well, then I'll let you continue unpacking your stuff," she quickly stated, taking several steps towards her own home, before she added, "Till tomorrow then," she flashed them another big smile, waved her goodbye and turned around, letting the wide knowing grin settle down on her face now as she went back to her house.

Chloe hastily closed the door and Lucifer instantly let go of her as he heard it fall shut.

"That was close!" Chloe whispered, taking a deep, relieved breath.

"Do you think she still thinks you're a cop?" Lucifer wondered, lowering his voice to not be possibly overheard by anyone.

"Well," she started, turning to him to lock their eyes. "Either that or she thinks we're into some kind of bondage role play sex," she countered, the fright of the near-exposure still visible on her face. "And I actually don't know what's worse."

Lucifer chuckled loudly and gripped around her again, his hands aiming for her behind, but Chloe quickly stopped him in mid-movement. "Oh, and by the way: If you ever grab my bum again that way -"

"Will you put me over your knee and spank me?" he interrupted her, a wide smug grin on his face as he lowered himself down to her.

"No," she flashed him a threatening smile, grabbing his chin to stop him from leaning further. "I'm gonna break each and every single one of your fingers, honey," she answered, pecking his cheek. Turning around, she made her way up to the bedroom to get the rest of her stuff and put it away safely.

Lucifer stared at her, chuckling with delight and awe.


Chloe sat in the big cosy bathtub, relishing the hot water and the smooth foam around her, breathing in the pleasant scent of the bath supplement. She sighed deeply, breathing out the stress of the day and relaxing her muscles.

Soft tones of the melody Lucifer was playing downstairs came to her ears, only adding up to the relaxation she felt. A faint smile appeared on her face as she thought back to the moment a delivery van drove onto their driveway. 'Count on Lucifer to bring a grand piano with him even during a police investigation,' she thought to herself and chuckled lightly.

She relished the water around her some more before she felt it was time to get out. Wrapping herself in a big, cosy towel, she walked to the washbasin. Clearing the mirror from the steam with her hand, she looked at herself. Her eyes widened in shock as she spotted something, and she quickly bent forward, moving her head slightly to better make out the love-bite on her neck. "Lucifer!" she growled under her breath. She was about to shout out her anger at him as she stopped herself. After all, he only did this to rescue her out of that near-exposure moment, a moment he had put her in in the first place, but still, at least this way no one would assume that they were faking the marriage. She sighed again, deciding to leave it at that, and opened the cupboard, getting out her toothbrush.


Lucifer stepped into the bedroom, his hair still damp from the shower, a towel tightly wrapped around his hip. He stopped as he saw Chloe getting out of her dressing room, wearing a long pair of pyjama trousers and a tank top, and making her way to the king size bed.

"I hope you have some sort of pyjama pants yourself," she stated nonchalantly, removing the covers from the bed. "I'm not letting you sleep naked next to me." She looked up, revealing with her expression that she meant what she said.

Lucifer narrowed his eyes, a grin widely stretching his lips. "Prude!" he mocked her and disappeared into his dressing room; only to emerge from it a moment later, in one hand holding up a flannel pyjama set that had been in vogue during the late 80s, and some sort of pyjama shorts in the other. "You even get to pick what you prefer," he purred, flashing her a teasing smile.

Chloe looked up and fell across the bed, laughing so hard she had to hold her belly. After she'd caught her breath, she commented, still grinning widely, "I think I can live with the shorts."

"Splendid!" he replied with a cheeky grin and disappeared back into the dressing room.


They were both snuggled into the bed, each one on their side, the room only enlightened by the soft shine of the moon outside, when Lucifer turned to her, half whispering, "Chloe?"

The woman in question turned around, locking her eyes with him.

"I'm sorry that I've almost burst our cover," he admitted quietly. He had thought about it all day but couldn't bring up the courage to go directly to her and apologise. Still, he did feel the need to do so and found it quite easier with the room almost dark.

Chloe smiled warmly, leaning over a bit further. Her hand reached up to his hair and she ran her fingers through it, lightly scratching his scalp. "Is OK. I know you didn't do it on purpose. We need to be more careful from now on, though. You're not Morningstar, the devil," she teased, "and I am not Decker, the detective. Alright?"

"Yes, my lovely wife," he answered, the wide grin back on his face.

"Now try to get some sleep," she whispered softly.

He would have preferred to relish her caress a little longer, but she quickly pulled her hand away, and turned back around, leaving him with the sight at her back. He sighed and rolled onto his back, staring at the ceiling. First the look at her bare legs, then the feeling of her body against his own, her soft skin beneath his fingers and the taste of it on his lips, and now the feeling of her hand running through his hair, he still felt all of that as if it had happened just now.

How was he supposed to fall asleep now, with the ghost of her body still lingering on his?

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