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Terminus Planetary Guide: Xentha

Region: Coreward Terminus

Cluster: Maferath

System: Xentha

Local Relay: No

Nearest Relay: Relay 211, 37 light years

Classification: Garden World

Population: 2.02 billion (47% Turian, 38% Batarian, 11% Asari, 4% Other)

Moons: 3 (Population: 1.2 million)

Gravity: .97g

Day Length: 26 standard hours

Current Allegiance: Warlord Yan T'Ravt

Brief Summary

The capital of Lady Warlord Yan T'Ravt, Xentha hold the distinction of being the most heavily populated world in the Terminus Systems. A garden world highly receptive to dextro-amino crops, it is responsible for feeding much of the Turian and Quarian populations within the region. On a less wholesome note, pirates operating from it's major spaceports are responsible for nearly forty percent of the raids in the near Traverse, with some ranging as far as the Salarian Union and the Alliance colonies in the Skyllian Verge.


Initial Colonization

The isolated world of Xentha was first discovered and named by Salarian explorers in 89 BCE, as part of their ongoing efforts to secure more colonial worlds in comparison to the Asari. A small colony and research outpost was built on the northern continent, but never grew its population beyond ten thousand prior to the outbreak of the Rachni Wars.

While never touched by the insectoid invaders, the Union lost contact with the colony in 17 CE, and an exploratory mission revealed that it had been sacked and razed by Asari pirates operating out of the then barely explored spinward Terminus. Attempts to recolonize were frustrated by the system's distance from the Union, as well as the massive population losses that far more important colonies had suffered during the war.

Abandoned but not forgotten, Xentha was one of the many worlds offered to the Krogan during the 'Appeasement' century lasting from 360-450 CE (Itself part of a Salarian effort to create a 'buffer state' between themselves and in the increasingly dangerous Terminus). The Krogan established four separate settlements on the world, and began preparing support infrastructure across the cluster; these acts proving to be greatly alarming the Warlords then active in the region.

In a rare display of unity, the nine 'Great Warlords' then active met at the abandoned Asari outpost on Omega and agreed to a unified course of action after several months of fractious debate. Thousands of pirate vessels swarmed out of the spinward Terminus in 497 CE, quickly overwhelming the limited warships that the Krogan Empire had bothered to move into place. Xentha, along with nearly twenty other colonies, was overrun within days and the majority of its population exterminated or enslaved.

Despite the world's distance from the nearest relay, Warlord T'Sharea became enamored with it during the fighting, and established the first Terminus colony on the planet's northern continent. Largely populated by Asari pirates, the city of Hesheran was constructed on the southern coastline near the equator and quickly grew in size as its inhabitants realized that the world's galactic position made it an ideal base for raids upon the Union and independent colonies in the Traverse.

The population began to boom in the 10th century CE, due largely to the migratory waves of Turian outcasts that had begun to reach the Terminus in the wake of the Krogan Rebellions. Despite being slightly out of the way, Xentha was the nearest discovered garden world to the Traverse Relays, and so drew heavy amounts of new settlers.

While Hesheran remained the planetary hub and an Asari enclave, the new immigrants began constructing more typically Turian settlements across the northern continent. New births and migrants only barely kept pace with the deaths that began to occur as the various cities began to war upon each other as often as their ships were dispatched to raid other colonies.

Warlord T'Sharea was able to keep Hesheran out of the infighting until she fell in her legendary duel with Warlord Ganar Yulaz in 1411 CE. Her daughters quickly tore the city apart as each attempted to take their mother's position, and it was sacked nearly a dozen times over the following decades.

A further hit to the planet's inhabitants came from the Salarian Union's 'contraction' movement in the same century, abandoning the majority of their colonies in the outer Traverse and relocating their populations closer to Sur'kesh. Many of the more transient pirate forces relocated off-world, following their prey, and effectively gutting an economy that had become over-reliant on the materials they had brought in.

Quarian Colonization

The Quarian Federated State began colonization efforts in 1563 CE as part of their Terminus expansion program. While militarily powerful, the Quarians remained a low-population species confined behind the Perseus Veil by the Warlords. In order to remove reproductive restrictions, and present a more convincing case that they deserved a seat upon the Council, several high-profile worlds in the Terminus were targeted for colonization.

Xentha was to be the capital and crown-jewel of a full take-over of the Maferath cluster, acting as an independent district of the Federated State and a precursor to securing more territory in the Terminus. While the local population was already near four hundred million, they were entirely concentrated on the northern continent and had grown militarily weak after several centuries of continuous conflict.

Quarian colonial plans followed a rigid plan, beginning with a tight blockade by their Far Assault Fleet. Those pirates who did not choose to flee were obliterated and army forces, enhanced by Geth platforms, launched surgical strikes to destroy military and industrial targets on the ground. The majority of the population was left intact, as the Quarians had no desire to commit genocide, and hoped that peaceable trade could be established in the future.

Once they were militarily secure, the city of Celthani was founded on the southern continent. In typical Quarian fashion, it was built in a deep river valley, itself located in the heart of a mountain range so as to be nearly inaccessible except by air.

The following centuries were extremely peaceful by Terminus standards. While some levels of infighting continued on the northern continent, the constant threat of being drowned by the Federation's Geth army largely kept the peace. Despite keeping the locals under control by means of routine seek-and-destroy missions, the Quarian colony grew far more slowly than projected thanks the Terminus Warlords establishing blockades across the rimward Terminus and forcing the Federation to send ships on an extremely long trip across the Republics and then through Council space in order to reach the world.

The Morning War

When the morning war began in 1895 CE, Xentha was a world of two continents. The northern continent, inhabited primarily by Turians and Asari, had a population of nearly six hundred million spread across several dozen major cities. In contrast, the southern continent had only twenty-two million Quarians, with nearly half of them living in the now crowded hives of Celthani.

The panicked effort to shut down the Geth on Xentha fared even worse than it had on Rannoch, as the majority of the colonists elected to ignore or openly subvert the shut-down order. They were well aware that the massive Geth army was all that was keeping the resentful northerners and Warlords at bay. When the local governor attempted to send in marine forces to get the job done, he was removed in a military coup and replaced by a citizen's council.

Had that been the end of things, Xentha may have been spared what was to come, but unfortunately for everyone involved, the Federal Navy in orbit was less independent. Their officers followed the transmitted orders, and the attempts to shut down the Geth platforms on their ships and purge their run-times was met violently. Vessels seized by the Geth fired on ships that succeeded in eliminating them, leading to a chaotic free for all that lasted days.

By the end, a bare flotilla's worth of Geth controlled ships were left, and all had suffered battle damage.

The new government of Xentha quickly realized their hideously vulnerable position. They now had no fleet to prevent invaders from landing, and an army whose loyalty they could not rely upon. In their desperation they reached out to Warlord Raik Val, then ruler of Omega. If he would dispatch his fleet to protect him, they would grant massive economic concessions and effectively vassalize themselves to him.

While the old Krogan was quick to see the advantages of such a deal, he was also dealing with a myriad of other crisis brought on by the infighting in Quarian space. His fleets had just begun to shift to protect his colonies near the Veil, as well as into the spinward Terminus where Asari Warlords had already begun moving to seize Quarian worlds along the edge of the galaxy (closing the Quarian's trade-lanes with the Republics in the process).

Desperate, the Xenthan Quarians began barley polite negotiations with the remains of the Federal Government. Pointing to their own success in peaceably separating Geth and Quarian, they argued for a negotiated settlement to the war. Having already seen hundreds of millions of their own people killed in the fighting, the government dismissed them out of hand, with several of its members openly calling the Xenthan's traitors for not destroying their Geth.

The Sack of Celthani

Xentha's end as a Quarian world came on 03.30.1896 CE. Having been tipped off by Aria T'Loak about Raik Vol's plans for Xentha, and the world's vulnerability, three of his rival Warlords combined their forces and launched a massive invasion.

The few remaining Quarian-Geth ships in orbit were brushed aside by the attackers, and landings began almost at once across the southern continent. Despite the Geth reaching a consensus to defend their former masters, the battle itself was brief in the extreme. After disgorging their troops, troop transports began shuttling northerners eager to pay back the Quarians. The majority of the smaller settlements fell within a matter of days, and Celthani itself collapsed when Warlord Ganar Ven lead his Krogan and Vorcha through mountain passes that the Quarians had believed impassible.

As was their wont, the invaders began to rape, pillage, and loot almost at once, with the infighting coming not long after. Over the next forty years, the various Warlords fought with each other and the locals over control of the planet and Celthani's advanced technology.

In the end, it was General Nexus Hakar of the Ragged Fang PMC who emerged as the victor, largely thanks to his ability to strike deals with the rulers of the various northern cities. Allowing them to retain personal control of their territory, and only requesting modest tithes to pay for a fleet to defend the world, he was able to rally them to finally drive the Blood Pack off for good.

Establishing his capital in Celthani, he wasted no time in gathering and isolating the remaining Quarian population in what had once been the colony's slums. By that point barely twelve million of them were left alive, a number that would continue to drop as he ordered the entire population enslaved and put to work. To counter the species' immunization problems, he authorized several of his Asari subordinates to begin eugenics and breeding programs, with a further order to stabilize the population at six million.

Warlords Hakar

In contrast with his deep-seated racism towards the Quarian population, Hakar heavily valued both his own culture as well as that of the Terminus Asari. Advertisements and lucrative offers saw heavy immigration begin once again, and females who bore multiple children in his cities were rewarded with cash payments.

By the time his son succeeded him in 1942 CE, the planet's population had reached one billion and was still climbing. While the industrial base was still catching up from the damage the Quarians had done in their efforts to keep the northerners under control, the sheer number of available recruits and conscripts allowed Hakar the Second to overwhelm and seize the other colonies located in the cluster.

The nascent Xenthan Empire began to 'boom' in the early 2000's as its industrial capacity began to match its growing population. Lunar shipyards began producing both light warships as well as freighters and transports, and local arms factories churned out more than enough weaponry to equip the Warlord's forces. Largely removed from his dependency on Omega, Hakar the Third began to further expand his nation's borders, focusing primarily on independent worlds not under Aria's protection.

This quickly brought him into conflict with both the Blood Pack as well as the Lady Warlord Yan T'Ravt, who was undertaking a similar expansion plan. By Terminus standards the fighting remained fairly low-key, largely consisting of heavy raiding and only occasionally punctuated by full scale invasions.

While their armies and navies campaigned, both Hakar the Third and his son the Fourth also attended to matters at home. The mountains around Celthani were hollowed out in order to free up additional space for the increasingly confined inhabitants, and the heavy fortifications surrounding the city were finished.

Although Hakar the Fourth finally ended the immigration and birth incentives begun by his great-grandfather, the planet had found a new means of increasing it's population beyond simple growth: Batarians. As the situation in the Hegemony worsened, and as exile increasingly became a political tool, the natives of Khar'shan began to grow increasingly common inside of Terminus space, and on Xentha in particular.

The Lady Arrives

The Hakar family's dominance as one of the major Terminus Warlords continued into the early 2100s before meeting an unexpected end. While the Seventh Hakar, and the only female, had been an extremely able ruler, her only child and heir was less so. Worse, her son had met the family's primary rival, Yan T'Ravt, on Omega and become smitten with the elegant Asari on sight.

Hakar the Seventh's death in battle against the Blood Pack in 2122 CE is typically viewed as the marker when the Hakar name was removed from the list of Great Warlords. Her son, Hakar the Eigth, formally bonded with Yan T'Ravt a year later, and the two set about creating a joint government based upon the Xenthan system largely as a means of avoiding any civil unrest.

Despite the majority of the vassal Ha'diq and Governors being unhappy at the merger, the Lady Warlord did have one powerful fact on her side: She loathed the Blood Pack as deeply as they did. Coordinated military action between her forces and those of Xentha quickly seized nearly a dozen Krogan colonies, and raids put an equal number to the torch, and did much to ingratiate her with the planet's military establishment. Hakar's death by assassin in 2130 CE caused a brief hiccup in relations until Ganar Yulaz claimed credit, starting off a short reprisal war that ended inconclusively.

Shifting her capital from Antiva to Xentha, T'Ravt immediately began making severe changes to how Xentha operated. Building her new palace within the surrounding mountains rather than inhabiting the Hakar family's palatial fortress, her first acts saw the exterior walls around the Quarian Old District torn down, all eugenics programs immediately ended, and all Terminus Quarians in military employ were released at once.

Her arguments that the Quarians' constant sabotage was not worth the benefits carried most of her new vassals, but her allowing the Old District's Elder to join her conclave was too much for the hardliners. Several Northern cities openly revolted against their new ruler, starting a ground war that would least better than three years. To ensure that she was seen as a Xenthan ruler, rather than a foreigner, T'Ravt relied entirely on local troops and assets rather than bringing in forces from her own colonies.

Modern Era

If Omega is the black heart of the Terminus, and Illium its brains, then Xentha is the right arm of those who inhabit it.

Its factories and farms feed and equip the common citizens and pirates alike, and its lunar shipyards are the fourth largest in the region after the Stormwall, Conquest, and Omega's own. Batarian and Human growth in the Traverse has once again made the world a hub of piracy, further increasing its stature as loot and slaves flow through the markets of Celthani and Hesheran.

The massive size of its army and attendant navy act as a bulwark, blocking Humanity or the Salarians from attempting to breach the Terminus to chase down those same raiders who pillage their worlds before fleeing.

For its ruler, Xentha is the core of the Lady Warlord's empire. The massive army she can draw from its warlike population allows her to fight even the Vorcha hordes of the Blood Pack, and tithes from her many vassals on the world pay for her ever expanding fleet.


Xentha possess two inhabitable landmasses (Unimaginatively referred to as 'North' and 'South') and a myriad of island chains, with a third continent currently consumed by a polar glacier.

The northern continent is the more heavily populated of the two, laying just north of the planet's equator. Largely tropical as a result, much of the landmass is occupied by verdant jungles filled with rusting war-machines and abandoned settlements from past wars. Thanks to the tidal effects of its three moons, the majority of its cities lay well inland, with the sole exception being the Asari-dominated city of Hesheran on the equatorial coastline.

The southern continent is located in the southern hemisphere's temperate band, and possess a wide variety of features. Flat tundra near the antarctic circle gives way to broad mountain ranges and temperate forests, eventually filling out in rolling savannas and plains.



Native Xenthans tend to be a breed apart even by Terminus standards, thanks largely to the large periods of relative isolation that its population has evolved under.

Its Asari are a callback to a time to when their species were the only pirates operating in the Terminus, preying upon the nascent Citadel. The Turians who came later brought their traditional honor and values and found them influenced the coldly aristocratic Asari, a combination that all too eagerly accepted Batarian obsession with power and position.

To someone native to Council space, most Xenthans come across as unusually civilized and oddly cultured compared to what they expect from the Terminus... at least until they open their mouths. Most non-Asari Xenthans have little tolerance for word games or verbal fencing, and prefer to settle matters quickly and bluntly before moving on to other things. Even the Asari are far less social than those from the Republics or elsewhere in the Terminus, and though they do enjoy a bit of word play and mind games, they will very rarely lie outright.

The trade off is that, like many Turian criminals, they tend to rely very heavily on exact wording and lies by omissions; the human and Asari notion of the 'spirit' of an agreement is entirely meaningless to them.

With that being said, there is such a thing as Xenthan Honor that nearly all of the planet's inhabitants live by, though it is brutally simple. A Xenthan will, nearly always, stand by the letter of their word once given, and will always seek to repay a favor owed. As a consequence they do not typically offer either unless the situation is dire enough to warrant such an promise.

Once again, the trade off is you would expect. Breaking your word or refusing to return a favor to a Xenthan is extremely inadvisable as they are likely to react poorly, immediately, and violently.

The Cities

Nearly all of Xentha's city-states can state that they have their own unique culture, though the level of divergence is fairly small. Natives from Hesheran are far more likely to defer to Asari as a matter of course, while those from Celthani are more likely to be both respectful and wary of Terminus Quarians (And dismissive of their Flotilla cousins).

Overall, a Xenthan is far more likely to be loyal to their city and its ruler than to Xentha and T'Ravt (unless they are from her territory). This can be a severe drawback in combat, and often leads to conflicts between individuals from different regions. It is slowly changing as the Warlord focuses on promoting the notion of a Xenthan Empire as an actual nation rather than a simple term, but it will likely be sometime before the planet is anything more than a powerful collection of city-states.

Terminus Quarians

Current estimates put the Terminus Quarian population at roughly six million, of which the vast majority still lives upon Xentha. Cliquish in the extreme, they do not speak of their culture to outsiders, except in the broadest of strokes.

Celthani: Places of Note

The captial city's primary places of interest are T'Ravt's palace complex, the Old District, and the Cove. The former is built onto one of the small plateaus overlooking the valley. Like the other buildings in the area, it was built with the Turian emphasis on practicality and defensibility, and is much a command center as it is a palace. While the perimeter may be decorated with bunkers and automated defenses, the interior is as extravagant as Sederis's more traditional mansion in Nos Astra and even includes a grand ballroom where the Lady Warlord often hosts fetes for her captains and important members of Xentha's population.

For it's part, the Old District is the largest single collection of Quarians outside of the Migrant Fleet, with nearly a million of them living near the Warlord's palace in their own enclosed compound. Outsiders who aren't members of T'Ravt's personal army are rarely welcomed, and those stupid enough to enter without permission can find their life expectancy measured in minutes and pieces of themselves taken as trophies to warn away further attempts to encroach. Those few who are welcomed find the place incredible from a historical perspective, and their hosts congenial if rough around the edges.

The Cove is the city's largest draw for offworlders, especially pirates and slavers returning from runs to the Traverse. Essentially a massive cul-de-sac attached to the city's largest starport, it is filled with vendors hawking everything that a Terminus Captain could want, from weapons to supplies, from slaves to entire starships. The surrounding buildings hold stores more aimed at purchasing the loot being brought back, giving T'Ravt's people their cut before either filtering the goods to be sold to other captains or elsewhere in the city. Not far away are several hotels and resorts aimed to cater to the same pirates and their like, part of T'Ravt's concentrated efforts to make her world the next best option to Omega to conduct operations from.


Zones and Vassals

Xentha is currently divided into forty-seven distinctive zones of control, with the Lady Warlord herself controlling Celthani and most of the southern continent's eastern seaboard. Each of the other forty-six zones is controlled by one of her vassals. Each of said vassals is required to swear allegiance to her, and to pay yearly tithes of conscripts and taxation, but apart from those requirement are largely free to manage their own affairs... Provided she does not catch them attempt to usurp her power, or violate the very few laws she lays down.

While the Halak family had a basic level of taxation that applied equally across their vassals, the Lady Warlord instead introduced a 'ranking' system. The higher the Vassal's ranking, the more credits and manpower they must provide, but in return they also tend to receive broader internal discretion.

Below the Lady Warlord herself is her only known daughter, Shiri Avar, who currently rules the city of Hesheran and its surrounding lands. As T'Ravt's designated heir, Avar spends nearly as much time as her father overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Warlord's government.

Beneath these two Asari is the 'First Ranking', consisting of the fourteen next largest cities and the territory that their rulers control. Provided that they do no damage to critical infrastructure, and follow a few very basic rules of war, vassals at this ranking are allowed to wage war upon each other and those beneath them; an allowance that all of them abuse in order to expand their power.

The Second Ranking covers thirty-one of the remaining thirty-two local Warlords and Ha'diq. Ranging in size from mid-sized cities with little space around them, to broad swathes of farm land defended by mobile caravans, their numbers have been slowly dropping over the past several decades as the Lady Warlord seeks to consolidate power on world into fewer hands.

Apart from the First and Second Rankings is the Quarian Elder from the Old District. The only vassal not required to provide men and women for her armed forces, and the only one given an entirely free hand to act as they see fit within their borders.

Day to Day Operations

Xentha's planetary government is extremely lean, largely because of the Lady Warlord's reliance upon her vassal's ability to govern themselves. Each vassal's zone of territory possesses a single branch office, and is responsible for collecting the appropriate tithes at the end of each standard year.

Staff rotate from one office to another on a random basis, as determined by the main offices in Celthani, in order to minimize the chance that a vassal is able to buy off or otherwise subvert the officials responsible for taxing them. Corruption and graft are common and tolerated so long as it pertains to 'petty' affairs (such as speeding up the processing of applications), but any attempts to subvert the Lady Warlord's tithes are dealt with severely.

The vast majority of the 'core' government is compromised of Terminus Quarians hired from the Old District, as part of the Warlord's ongoing efforts to secure the loyalty of its inhabitants. Their acerbic and untrusting nature serves them well as government officials, and the Lady Warlord is careful to turn a blind eye to any additional funds that happen to be used to improve the Old District.

Military and Defenses

After her takeover, the Lady Warlord elected to continue to use the Hakar family's military organization, eventually reforming all of her forces along the same lines. In the last several decades she has begun to make some changes, breaking apart regiments raised entirely from a single city or zone and instead ensuring all of her regiments are compromised of troops from across the planet.

Despite the planet's size, the actual numbers of both volunteers and conscripts hovers around a single percent of the planetary population. This is mostly a matter of logistics and transport capacity rather than any other concern. Her vassals are allowed as large of armies as they are capable of raising, but are prevented from possessing warships, ensuring that she retains total control of the planet's orbitals (with the threat of planetary bombardment to keep them in line).

At any given time, the Warlord herself has roughly two million men and women under arms as a garrison, with millions more available as a reserve that can be called up in case of an emergency. This garrison army is typically sequestered in military compounds scattered across the planet, with the majority of these fortifications scattered within and throughout the same mountain range that houses Celthani.


Any attempted invasion of Xentha would be met with massive barrages of GTS weaponry, particular from GARDIAN laser batteries. Unlike most other groups, the Xenthans prefer a mixture of both short and long wavelength turrets, utilizing them in different roles. The long range ultraviolet beams are used to engage vessels in high orbit and to attempt to intercept incoming capital ship fire, while the more reliable infrared beams are used to defend the longer weapons against bombing runs or landing efforts.

Most Xenthan fortifications would be recognizable to any native of Palavan, and tend to follow the same principles as the Hierarchy's ancient bases. Built into mountains or underground whenever possible, and featuring numerous redundant systems in order to ensure that they can hold long after being surrounded.

Assuming that any landing did occur, any invader could expect to find themselves fighting for every meter of ground. In addition to the Warlord's modern army, they would have to contend with the, lower tech but highly professional, vassal armies that would be all too eager to war upon someone besides one another. If the invaders could reach the major population centers, the fighting would only grow worse as the local population would undoubtedly join in the defense, turning them into meat grinders that not even Krogan would enjoy.

Celthani itself is an ideal example. In addition to being located within a deep mountain range, the city is surrounded by three concentric rings of fortifications. All of these forts are themselves built deep into the natural rock and bristle with artillery, GTA, and GTS weaponry. More of both are located within the city itself, centered around the Warlord's palace as well as the former fortress of the Halak family (now a military academy).

Realistically any invasion of Xentha would require either one of two actions. Option one involves extreme levels of orbital or nuclear bombardment, and the casualties wrought by such tactics would still be fewer than those suffered from attempting a conventional campaign. Unsurprisingly, this is the known Hierarchy plan in case of any conflict.

The second Option is favored by the other Council Races, and involves exploiting the planet's peculiar government. If T'Ravt, and potentially Avar, were killed, the planet's numerous lesser rules would likely continue to fight amongst one another rather than seek to avenge her.

Naval Defenses

The lack of a Mass Relay in system, and thus the lack of an obvious approach vector for attackers, has rendered any kind of defensive station largely pointless. For most of its history Xentha was reliant on whatever pirates happened to be present to defend it, and then upon the Quarian's Far Assault Fleet during their tenure as its rulers.

Halak the First began the first efforts at creating a professional navy, a process that his descendents continued, eventually culminating in the construction of broad shipyards on the planet's largest moon. Originally only capable of building lighter vessels, by the time of Halak the Eighth they had been expanded to be able to construct copies of the Hegemony's successful heavy cruiser designs.

Yan T'Ravt began construction of the first orbital shipyards shortly after her takeover of the planet, with a specific emphasis on their capacity to build capital sized warships. Though the effort took decades thanks to continuous sabotage (Largely from STG actions, though the largest setback was caused by a daring raid by Spectre Arterius in 2167), these yards finally began construction of Stormwall-pattern light dreadnoughts in the 2170s, with the first two expected to be completed by 2185.

The planet's primary defensive fleet rarely operates in the system itself, instead locating itself in the Utheri system to watch Relay 211. But as there are often several hundred independent pirates in the system at any given time, the Warlord is not so bold as to leave her capital directly defenseless, and typically ensure that there is at least a single dreadnought battlegroup in orbit (More often there are two, plus her flagship when present).

Private Military Corporations

While not at the level of Illium, Xentha is currently the headquarters of three major PMC's. The largest of these remains the Ragged Fang, still run by a distant branch of the Halak family. Headquartered in the southern city of Dorma, they generally recruit only among Turians and Batarians but have a respectable reputation. Unusually for a PMC, they prefer to act in as a professional military force and would rather operate in large numbers rather than take smaller missions. As a result, they are most often contracted by the Lady Warlord to supplement her army operations, though they have also been known to involve themselves in the infighting amongst her vassals.

The similarly large Elegant Death operates out of Hesheran, and is one of the oldest remaining such organizations int he Terminus. Founded in the wake of the Rachni Wars, and compromised entirely of Asari and Krogan, they prefer to accept long-term bodyguard contracts or short-term commando missions over open battle. As the only Xenthan group that regularly deals with Citadel natives (They are often hired to protect trading missions), they tend to be closely watched by the Lady Warlord's Talon Commandos.

Establishing themselves near the coastal city of Merdaine, the newest major PMC is the Silver Blades Corporation. While still establishing themselves, their initial recruitment requirements are set extremely high; only combat veterans need apply. Unusual in that their upper leadership is compromised of both Humans and Batarians, they have no known species restrictions beyond the usual Xenthan disdain for Vorcha. Much like the Ragged Fang, their initial contracts subordinate them to the Lady Warlord, but they also have been given permission to take a few of the Eclipse's smaller contracts.

The next chapter will be my first from the Lady Warlord's perspective, and will look at how she governs the planet. Currently I have plans to also look at Illium, Redcliffe, and Theodosius in a similar fashion, with more perhaps coming later.

Addendum; credit to Tusken1602 for naming the star cluster.

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