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Doryu's POV

"So this is Class-B's dorm." I looked up.

I had been summoned by Poni, apparently, she was serious about those Japanese lessons.

"How should I go in?" I wondered "I don't have a keycard for this building."

"Hmm?" the door opened "Oh, hello."

"Uhh Hi." I nodded "Umm is Poni here?"


"Okay…could you get her?" I asked.

"I'm here!" the girl ran over "Thanks for getting the door Yui."

"Okay." She nodded "What are you doing with this boy?"

"He's going to help me learn more Japanese." She smiled.

"Like a Tutor?" Yui asked.

"Yeah!" Poni nodded "You know Doryu right, he's the one Kendo is friends with."

"Oh so this is him, right." Yui nodded "I see."

"You don't say much do you?" I asked her.

"No…I see no need to, unlike Poni I know when to speak and when not too."

"HEY!" the horse girl pouted.

"It's true." Yui sighed "Do be careful with this one."

"I'll do my best." I laughed heading inside and letting Yui close the door behind me.

I followed Poni inside, their dorm was basically identical to ours just mirrored a bit.

"Hmm." I tapped around a couch.

"YOW!" someone yelped.

"Sorry!" I gasped "I didn't see you…well I don't see much."

I looked up and saw two girls there that were about the same height, one had greenish hair and the other short smoky white hair.

"It's fine just tingled a bit." A girl laughed "Who's your friend Poni?"

"Doryu from Class 1-A." she smiled "Doryu this is Setsuna and Reiko."

"Oh Doryu, Kendo's boy." Setsuna laughed.

"I've been getting that a lot today." I sighed "Where is Kendo?"

"Out training." Reiko said softly "She and TetsuTetsu were working extra hard lately."

"That sounds like them." I nodded.

"Still I bet you're sad she ain't here." Setsuna laughed.

"I think you're reading too much into things." I told her.

"Am I?" she smirked "Well if you're saying the truth maybe I'll slid in and take her spot, I hear you're not shy about having more than one girlfriend."

"Take that up with the others." I told her "It's already a pain managing those four and that's without the trouble Nejire has been stirring up."

"Well I'm just saying, I'm always around." She playfully elbowed me "You two kids have fun, oh and watch your back Poni I hear this guy's got a mean streak."

"I trust Doryu lots." Poni pouted a bit pulling me along.

The two of us went to the quiet room in her dorm and I started helping her study. Poni was actually pretty good at learning this stuff, I realized that all the bad things she'd been saying had been taught to her intentionally.

"You're not bad at this." I smiled "Keep practicing with your dictionary and you'll be fluent in no time."

"Oh good!" she clapped "Do you need help getting back to your dorm?"

"No I can handle it." I smiled "Unless you need more help with something?"

"You've done enough." She said hugging me "Thank you so much! If I ever need help again I'll call right away!"

"Aww, thanks." I patted her head, I figured she'd like that since she was so horse like.

I gathered my things and got ready to head back out, I knew my way back, I passed some of the students on the way out.

"Hello." Ibara nodded.

"Hi." I nodded a bit.

"Doryu…" she turned as I was leaving.

"What's up?"

"Kendo, have you spoken to her about what happened to you?" she asked.

"I did once back when I was in the hospital why?" I asked.

"Ever since the Camp I've noticed Kendo is much more serious, quieter as well." She told me "I'm a little concerned that she may still be upset about what happened."

"I told her it wasn't her fault." I sighed "I'll talk to her about it next time I see her, hopefully she'll snap out of this funk."

"I'd appreciate that." Ibara gave me a smile "You are a good person."

I headed out the door and started to cross the campus, coincidentally I ran across Kendo and TetsuTetsu.

"Oh Doryu." Kendo looked up.

"Hey." Her training partner nodded at me.

"Nice to see you, just left your dorm actually." I said "Kendo, could we speak?"

"Uhh sure, TetsuTetsu you head back, I'll catch up." She told him before walking off to the side by a bench and sitting with me "What's up?"

"How have you been feeling?" I asked.

"Fine why?" she laughed.

"It's just, when I was at your dorm today some people said you haven't quiet been yourself lately." I mentioned.

"They're worried about nothing." She looked off.

"Kendo, I don't blame you." I said "What happened was an accident, simple as that, I chose to do what I did and this is the price I paid for it."

"Yeah you went blind…and I have to live with the guilt of being the reason that happened." She gripped her sweatpants "It's…should have just been me."

"Why do you think that." I ran my hand on her face "His you'd been hit with that acid it would have scared your face, I'd hate for that to have happened."

"Thanks, but I have to live with what happened." She said.

"And so, do I." I tried to talk to her.

"You don't have to live with being the reason the guy you like is blind!" she snapped before covering her mouth.

"Kendo…" I blinked a bit.

"I…ugh." She sighed.

The two of us sat there for a while not speaking.

"Sorry about blowing up like that." Kendo said "Look I know people are concerned but that's just not something I really like talking about you know, I'm sure it's not something you think happily about either."

"Yeah, I try not to think about it much." I told her.

"And that other thing…" she placed her hand on mine "That incident did make me realize something, I'm sick of living with worries and stuff bottled up. Someone said something to me recently that made me understand I need to take chances and take things I want."

"HM!" I gasped a bit as she kissed me quickly "Consider that a thank you…and more."


"I don't care about the others, if they have you whatever." She smiled "But I'm done just watching, at first I thought we were just friends but after you did what you did, it made me see you in a whole new light. I think I love you Doryu."


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