Rory looked at him from across the altar. He was her Luke she thought. Her soul mate, her perfect fit. The little girl holding both her and his hand was proof of that. She smiled at him, radiant in her off white dress. Family and friends looked on, proud to be a part of such a momentous day. Rory could hardly believe she was here.

It seemed like an eternity ago that she had been on these same steps at Lorelai's wedding, the real one, the night before the party. But it was only four years ago and when she had told her mom the news, she felt like being happy with the man of her dreams was a dream she would give up to be a mom.

As she said "I do", and he said "I do" and the little girl also said "I do" when asked if she would accept him as her Daddy, Rory smiled a sad smile at her 32 year old self. If she only knew the happiness that was in store for her Rory thought. She would have had a much different perspective. As she stood to face her guests and was introduced as the new Mrs., Rory started down the steps of the gazebo and her memory faded into the night she told her mom."Mom"

Chapter 1 - Rory


"I'm Pregnant"

Rory looked at her mother with fear in her eyes, but the joy she saw in her mother's gaze said everything. It was going to be ok. She didn't know how, but it was going to be ok.



Rory watched Lorelai ponder her as a smile slowly creeps across her face.

"Mom, you are scaring me with that smile."

Lorelei pulled Rory into a hug

"I am happy Rory. You are going to have a baby. And I get to be a grandmother." Lorelei pulled back and looked Rory in the eye.

"You are not freaking out, you not freaking out is starting to freak me out because I just told you I am pregnant. I am not married, the baby's father is engaged to someone else, I have no plans to marry him and I am having a baby and you are not freaking out." Rory rambled when she was nervous. Her usual bearing lost in a tirade of stream of consciousness that flowed like a roaring rapid that only her mother could follow.

"I am happy because the first thought through my head when you told me was NOT the freak out like I had that night of that dance when you and Dean fell asleep. I am not my mother. Sometimes, no matter how much I tell myself I am different, I fear I will turn into my mother. But I am not. I am not Emily Gilmore. My unmarried daughter just told me she is pregnant and instead of instinctively pulling an Emily Gilmore, I am happy. For you, for me, for us, our family is growing and I am happy."

Hearing her mom share with her her thoughts and why she was happy calmed Rory. Her outburst was over and she was able to return to a civilized tone.

"Thank you Mom. I was actually thinking about that night of the dance when I thought of how I was going to tell you. I know I am 32 years old and not 16. But the idea of having to say that out loud to you made me feel 16 again."

"Yeah it was a kind of Freaky Friday moment there. But it will all be ok. We have 9 months to figure it out. We have 9 months right?"

"More like eight, but a while."

"It will be enough"