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Chapter 40 - Jess

Jess was unpacking the box of Rory's book that had been delivered to him earlier in the day when he got the call. He had been busy and had wanted to enjoy the process of reveling in her success. He was so proud of her. Despite the pregnancy and all of the emotional drama, she had gotten it all done. Addressing the editing with the rewrites, the clarification, cover selection. Plus arranging all of the details for after the baby came. Truncheon published her book, but because they had made a personal deal, the middle man had been cut out in terms of an agent or manager. Therefore, Rory had been handling all of the details with Jess directly; he preferred it that way.

After the night they had spent together and the craziness of the next morning with the appearance of Logan, things had settled into a routine for them as they started their relationship. It had been five weeks of relative calm. Jess spent his weeks in Philly and on the weekends he would drive into Stars Hollow. It was a long drive, but well worth it. They would work on business, talk books, he helped with the last details for the nursery. He was trying to figure out a way to spend more time with her, but right now, it was just enough that they were together. He could pick up the phone and text or call her whenever she crossed his mind. It was a huge disparity from the years of forcing her out of his head whenever a shiny haired brunette crossed his path.

When the call came in, he dropped the box, ran upstairs to his apartment, picked up the bag he had packed the night before, and yelled to his partners! "Rory is in labor, not sure when I will be back, I will call you."

It was Friday, so he was ready to head out the minute he was done for the day. He tried to finish as early as possible to beat the traffic he was sure to hit in New York on his way north. All of the city dwellers headed out for the weekend. This was a little sooner than usual, which was good. According to the map app on his phone, the trip to Hartford was three and a half hours. Which he knew since he drove it for every doctors appointment. But he did not want to take any chances with his little girl arriving before he got there. My little girl, the thoughts invaded his mind. Yes, she was his, if not by blood than by the fact that he had been there to see her heartbeat for the first time on that monitor and every ultrasound, and the fact that he was in love with her mother, always had been, and always would be.

He thought of Luke's rushed call, he got little information, except that Rory was in labor. Ten minutes had passed since then. He needed to talk to her, to make sure she was ok.

After their brief conversation he felt a little better. He knew he needed to remain calm for her, to reassure her instead of sharing his fear that he might miss the most important event in their life. He knew the drive was more than three hours, but he meant what he said, he would be there in three even if he had a break a few speed limits. The plan had been for him to spend the week she was due in Stars Hollow, this early arrival had surprised them all.

Jess only had to drive and he couldn't help but think as he did. The relationship that was developing between Rory and himself were things he could only have dreamed of. It was like playing house every weekend, it was something to look forward to. Since that first night, they had cooked together, read together, enjoyed music. He had helped her bring all of the gifts home from the baby shower and hang up the little clothes. She still hadn't settled on a name, but he knew that she would pick the right one when the time came. Jess enjoyed the little memories of the weekends. The way she looked sitting on the couch reading a book while tucking her hair behind her ear, or the way her brow creased when she was focused over the computer screen. The mile a minute way she talked with her mother, and the admirable way she seemed to know every song, every movie, and every book that came out in the last sixty years. He smiled at the fact that he came home every weekend to find her stashes of junk food, and in a very Luke like fashion, replace them with healthier food. But more than anything, it was the nights. Making love to her was amazing, in more ways than he ever thought possible, but that was not exclusive to the nights. The best part was sleeping with her cuddled against him. Feeling her next to him, or just waking in the morning knowing that she was within arms reach. In a short time he had already developed the habit of finding her, even when he was half asleep and on the nights he spent alone, a profound disappointment enveloped him, at whatever point in the night he realized that she was not there. Yes, life with Rory, had been exceptional, except for the little glitch with Logan, it was near perfect.

Logan, Jess thought, they should be seeing an announcement of his wedding in the paper any day now. And though Rory tried to hide it, he knew that she was looking for said announcement when she poured through the papers every weekend. As much as he wanted to believe in his little fairy tale, he also knew that at some point the fact that Logan was the true father of this baby and not him, would have to be dealt with.

Shaking the negative thought from his mind, he thought of the happiest moment he had lived with Rory in these last weeks. It had been two weeks after the first night. They had been sitting at the little table having breakfast. It was Saturday morning and they had two long days in front of them and Jess had looked up, there she sat looking like the goddess of fertility, literally glowing in her abundance and without a thought of hesitancy, he had said the words that were in his heart.

"You know I love you right?"

Rory looked up from her plate, she seemed to be a little surprised by the declaration, stated as a question.

"Yes, I know, it isn't the first time you have told me. You know I love you, right?" she said with emphasis on the "I" and a slightly mocking tone.

"I wasn't sure, you haven't said," Jess explained with seriousness.

Rory had stood up and walked over to his side of the table, she stood before him and looked down into his eyes.

"I have said it… many times."

"In the heat of the moment, in bed, yes, you have said it, but, I don't know, it just seems…kind of…maybe…I don't know, maybe just easy to say it, when we are…you know."

"So…" she suggestively intoned, "just because I said it in the heat of the moment, you think that I am being insincere?" She had her hands on his shoulders and was practically in his lap as she tried to make her point.

"Well, just to make sure we are clear, and so that you are not confused by the environment of my profession, I, Lorelai Leigh Gilmore, aka Rory, love you, Mr. Jess Mariano." As the last of his name came off of her lips, she leaned down and kissed him, a passionate kiss, full of love and lust equally.

Jess lost himself in the memory of what the did after she told him, how he felt hearing those words come off of her lips with security and assuredness, the same way that she approached most things in life. The immense sensuality that she had, even as far along in this pregnancy as she was. His imagination took him through the memories one by one. It had been an amazing five weeks. The woman he loved, loved him back and they were working their way toward a life together and a little family.

Jess knew that things were going to change once the baby came. He knew the stresses and demands of motherhood would make things different for them. But he had faith that it would all turn out well, that they were well on their way toward happily ever after. If anyone deserved it, it was him and Rory. After all they had been through to get back to where they were, Dean, Logan, Dean, who knows who else, Logan and fifteen years in between, it was their time.

"Down here it's our time, It's our time down here…" he spoke out loud and laughed as he recalled that they were lines from the 80's cult classic Goonies, they had watched last weekend.

It was their time, it was finally their time.