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Hope you all like it!


Book One: The Secret

London: 1940:

A man stood outside a two-story home, or rather, a Manor, however, this manor wasn't just any old Manor, this Manor was called the Noble and Ancient House of Black, the Blacks were always the first pure family.

The man, with his silver hair, casually snuck into the home, with a few spells, he was about to sneak passed the wards that were usually placed at night, but since it was in the middle of the night, the house's current occupants were fast asleep, unaware that the man was about to tear their family apart.

The house was so quiet, that no one noticed that the man had stolen all three baby girls, who were all fast asleep, and so the man left without a sound with the three young witches.

In that moment, the man called upon an old friend, who was not just an old friend, but who was more like a brother, the man handed over the oldest, a young witch named Bellatrix, to his friend, however, the man changed the blood statues of the three young girls, covering the dark side of them, which also included the appearance and birth name of young Bellatrix, who now was named April, the girl had red hair, blue eyes, and she was to be shipped off to America, unaware of her real parentage.

Next; the man changed the second oldest, a girl named Andromeda, who was like the splitting image of Bellatrix, but who now had dark chocolate brown eyes, chocolate brown hair, and who was now named Isabella, she too was to be shipped off to America with her sister, or so she thought who was her sister.

Last but not least, the youngest, Narcissa, who now had brown hair, brown eyes, and was named Hermione, she wouldn't be going out of the country, instead she was to be living with Muggles who couldn't have children, however, she would also be attending Hogwarts with a few students in the future, as for now, she would be in the care of the man himself, who will make sure that she's to be attending school in the future.

Once the arrangements had been made, the man decided to de-age all the children, making them into newborns, he placed a note in with the two older ones, with their names and date of birth, with that said, the old friend disappeared with the two older children, but not before the man placed a few blocking charms on the two, making them as innocent at possible, with was not that hard, as he was skilled at blocking and memory charms.

However, once at the Muggle's home, the man did the same, only this time, he went into the future, just before placing the girl who he had to de-age again, on the doorstep of the Grangers home, he'd placed a few blocking charms on the girl's magic, so that she couldn't unlock her true dark side, not to mention, he also used compulsion spells on her to make her hate the dark side, which included her own family.

Once that was taken care of, he went back to his own time and continued on with his life, he'd made sure that no one knew what happened to the three Black sisters.

His plan was simple indeed, he made sure that the three Black sisters would never ever meet, and if they did, then he'd be ready for them.

Only this time, they would be the ones who would get caught, not him.

As the years went on, the man's sanity begun to slip away from him, as he became more and more thirsty for power, he also made sure to have some sort of power in his hands, power was what he really wanted, power was everything, and power was what he craved for, more than anything in the world.

The man did have a name, and it was no other than Albus Dumberdore himself.