Friday Night

Virgil felt nervous. He was standing outside of what he assumed was Black Lightning's house. He was wearing a full-sleeved, black button-up shirt, a clean pair of grey khakis, blue socks with black highlights, and a pair of navy blue converse. He felt slightly overdressed, but it was dinner so he felt it was necessary. Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door. A few seconds passed before Virgil heard footsteps and a hand turn the door knob. The door opened and Virgil's breath was taken away for a moment. In front of Virgil stood the most beautiful teenage girl he had ever seen. She was wearing hot pink full-sleeve sweater, black leggings, and no shoes, but white socks. There were a few moments of awkward silence between the two before the girl spoke up.

"Hi. You must be Virgil. I'm Anissa." she said.

"Hi. Nice to meet you." Virgil said, returning the remark.

Anissa invited him inside. Virgil took his shoes off and almost immediately, was greeted by another, older woman.

"Hello Virgil. It's nice to finally meet you" she said as she pulled Virgil into a hug, which he returned. "Jefferson has told us so much about you. I'm Lynn Stewart, his wife."

"Nice to meet you too." Virgil replied. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning shot at Virgil, but he caught it and absorbed the lightning into himself.

Virgil put his hand down and stared in the direction the bolt came from, and saw an seven-year-old girl standing at the end of a set of stairs. The little girl gave a toothy smile and hid her hands behind her back like she did nothing wrong.

"Jennifer!" Lynn cried out. "That's no way to treat guests. Apologize. Now."

"It's okay mom" Jennifer said back. "Dad told us about his powers. Can't get hurt by me."

Lynn glared at her daughter for a moment before Virgil spoke up. "It's okay Mrs. Pierce. I'm fine. Besides, she's right. I can't get hurt by electricity."

Mrs. Pierce still gave her daughter a disapproving look. Before she could say anything, her husband came in through the front door.

"Virgil!" Jefferson Pierce exclaimed. "Welcome to our home. Hope I didn't keep you waiting."

"Not at all" Virgil replied in the same cheery tone.

"Now that everyone is here, let's go eat." Mrs. Pierce said.

One hour later

Virgil and the Pierces sat at the table having a light-hearted conversation about school, personal lives, and superhero affairs.

"So then, Hotstreak flew through the air and landed sticking out of a billboard for a diaper sign. The best part is, his head was where the baby's face should have been." Virgil said, joyfully remembering the encounter.

The other laughed at his joke heartily.

"Sounds like you've been some fun adventures Static" Anissa said, wearing a huge smile on her face.

Virgil slightly blushed. He hoped no one would notice it. Fortunately, Mr. Pierce spoke up about cleaning the dishes. Anissa got up to collect the plates.

"Please, allow me." Virgil interceded. Using his powers, Virgil easily levitated all of the plates, dishes, and silverware off the table. Mrs. Pierce and Jennifer were both surprised by this, and stared in amazement. Anissa looked impressed as well, while Mr. Pierce remained stoic.

"That's so COOL!" Jennifer yelled in excitement. "Let me try"

Mrs. Pierce immediately looked worried, but fortunately, her husband saved the day.

"Sorry sweety, it's time for bed." Mr. Pierce said.

"Awww!" Jennifer started pouting, and the others couldn't help but slightly laugh at her adorable reaction.

Mr. Pierce lifted Jennifer up to take her to bed, Mrs. Pierce followed. "We're taking Jennifer to bed" Mr. Pierce said over his shoulder. "Anissa, can you clean up?"

"Sure dad" Anissa replied.

"I'll help" Virgil said, receiving a suspicious look from Mr. Pierce. Virgil probably shouldn't have said that, but both he and Mr. Pierce knew that was in his character to help, so Mr. Pierce let that statement go and continued upstairs.

"Have a good night Virgil. It was nice to meet you" Mrs. Pierce said as she followed her husband upstairs.

"Good night Mrs. Pierce. Thank you for the dinner" Virgil replied.

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce disappeared up the stairs, leaving Virgil and Anissa alone. Virgil set the plates, dishes, and silverware down in small, individual stacks so that they would not fall over.

"So Virgil" Anissa asked while they were cleaning the dishes. "What kind of stuff do you like to do for fun?"

"Besides the hero gig, I read comics, Call of Duty, hanging out with my friends and family."

"No one special in your life?" Anissa asked.

Virgil slightly blushed. "Could she like me? No! I can't think like that." "No. but there is someone I might have a crush on." Virgil decided to tip his hand a bit.

"Really?" Anissa said with a higher pitch. "What's she like?"

"Well. She is beautiful, kind, smart, and independent. She also knows my secret and she has powers of her own."

"What kind of powers?" Anissa asked, curiously, but there was a gleam in her eyes. She set down the plate she was cleaning and dried her hands Virgil wiped off another plate in his hands and followed suit.

"I can't tell you. Spoilers" Virgil replied cheekily, receiving a playful slap from Anissa.

"I love spoilers. Come on. You can trust me." Anissa said.

"Sorry I can't not yet. I just met her and I don't know if she likes me back." Virgil finished.

"I see." Anissa said cautiously.

The two didn't realize it right away, but they only a few inches apart and staring into each other's eyes. Slowly they both leaned in, but Virgil looked away. "I should probably go. It's getting late" Virgil said.

"Probably. Thanks for helping with the dishes" Anissa said a little timidly.

"You're welcome."

Anissa followed him to the door. Virgil put his shoes on and was about to leave when Anissa told him to wait a second.

"Yeah Anissa?" Virgil asked.

Anissa grabbed a piece of paper from a notepad near the door and scribbled something down and tore the note out, handing it to Virgil.

"My number. Maybe we could talk and hangout sometime." Anissa said with a smile.

"Yeah. I'd like that."

"Good night Virgil"

"Good night Anissa"

Anissa slowly closed the door. After a few seconds Virgil walked away and headed towards the Zeta Tube while Anissa watch him from outside the window. As Virgil was walking, he couldn't help but think about tonight's events, and that almost kiss. Then his mind drifted to Black Lightning's warning earlier. Virgil wasn't sure what to do, but he knew he felt something for Anissa. He'd just have to see where things go from here on out.